Translation of dollar in Spanish:


dólar, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɒlə//ˈdɑlər/


  • 1

    dólar masculine
    five US/Hong Kong/Australian dollars cinco dólares (estadounidenses)/de Hong Kong/australianos
    • to be (as) sound as a dollar estar (fuerte) como un toro
    • top dollar el mejor precio (or sueldo etc.)
    • dollar bloc bloque del dólar
    • dollar days días en que los artículos de un negocio se venden por un dólar o por una cantidad fija de dólares
    • You wouldn't be able to tell whether a web page costs a penny or a hundred dollars to visit.
    • It raised six million dollars, the manuscript today being in the Library of Congress.
    • The Australian dollar is the strongest it has been in years and is likely to remain that way for some time.
    • Six out of every seven dollars of the tax cut will benefit big corporations and a tiny layer of the very wealthy.
    • If it costs too much he is likely to sell it for two cents on the dollar in an effort to remedy the error.
    • Perhaps that is the reason why no one knows where the billion dollars in aid money went.
    • My view is that the pound moves more closely with the dollar than with the euro.
    • Bargaining with management became a matter of dollars and cents, not life and death.
    • I don't care if this investment comes by way of the dollar, the euro or the yen.
    • Between the three networks, the producers had a budget of three million dollars.
    • Since the peso and the dollar were worth the same, there seemed to be no risk.
    • It then slashed its funding by around about a half a billion dollars over four years.
    • To attract dollars to this parched economy, he is forced to open the country to tourism.
    • Chronic diseases account for billions of dollars in annual medical expenditures.
    • Trade too between the two countries is worth many billions of dollars a year.
    • Given the strength of the euro against the dollar, few had expected exports to do so well.
    • Does this mean oil prices haven't risen as dramatically in pounds or euros as in dollars?
    • The amounts by which they do each of the above are decided in terms of dollars and cents.
    • Go and sponsor him now, and remember to donate in pounds, and not dollars like I did.
    • They withdrew hundreds of dollars each day and bought the children new bikes for Christmas.