Translation of dominion in Spanish:


dominio, n.

Pronunciation: /dəˈmɪnjən//dəˈmɪnjən/


  • 1literary

    dominio masculine
    to have / hold dominion over sth/sb tener / mantener algo/a algn bajo dominio
    • I was filled with fantasies of my new life, a life of travel, financial laissez-faire, and total dominion over my own space.
    • For half a century the Queen has graced the throne of Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and her other dominions as well as performing her duties throughout the Commonwealth, to which she is so devoted.
    • The revisionists' dominion over the domestic side of Cold War history has been even more total.
    • Humans can labour with their hands and brains, can plan and develop productive techniques, and have amassed centuries of culture and knowledge that have enabled them to control and hold dominion over the rest of nature.
    • It identifies the restoration of dominion over the powers in the new humanity.
    • We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees.
    • To consider work and the worker in the light of humanity's dominion over the earth goes to the very heart of the ethical and social question.
    • War itself brought changes as the status of self-governing dominions moved toward de facto independence.
    • You grit your teeth in pride as the machine roars to terrible life, proclaiming your dominion over all who dare to get in your way.
    • That is when the state takes dominion over the highways, treating them as their own.
    • But of course, not everything in the garden is lovely, and there are times when nature's dominion over the humble gardener can be infuriating.
    • Expectations that wild animals be seen and not heard, that they not get too close, reveal that we still believe we hold dominion over animals and nature.
    • There's no sign that any monarch would have recognised the concept, given that throughout history they'd a habit of claiming dominion over many nations.
    • The British North America Act created the Dominion of Canada by 1867.
    • Self-governing dominions in the British Empire - such as Canada and after 1947 India - also had one vote each.
    • Such dominion, already established with the water mill and other mechanisations, became part of the perspective of the new intellectuals.
    • From public schools to elementary schools, the history of the empire was still little taught, while for most young people Empire Day meant an extra holiday rather than a commitment to dominion over palm and pine.
    • The cells reduced all other species to near elimination, and established dominion over the corporeal plane of the entity.
    • All activities by which we shape and maintain our world, in all of its many complexities, also are an expression of the power of dominion over the world.
    • In truth they are animated by nothing but their own lust for power and their desire for dominion over others.
    • To further empower corporate dominion over nation-states, it gives private corporations and investors ‘legal standing’ to sue sovereign governments.
    • Traditions teach us that we should have dominion over nature, and not be a part of nature.
    • By the time Orwell returned to England in 1927 he had a hatred not just of colonialism, but of ‘every form of man's dominion over man’.
    • In 1907, New Zealand was made a Dominion of Great Britain.
    • Those who advocate corporate dominion over broadband services dismiss the notion that consumer choice will be curtailed.
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    dominio masculine