There are 2 main translations of don in Spanish

: don1don2


profesor universitario, n.

Pronunciation /dɑn//dɒn/



  • 1

    profesor universitario masculine
    profesora universitaria feminine
    • Some evenings he chose to dine with the other dons and professors at high table in college.
    • There was a furore amongst senior conservative dons, outraged at the possibility that they might assist a former youth offender and performance poet.
    • It was largely built in the second part of the nineteenth century when the university's dons were allowed to marry for the first time.
    • In a colourful ceremony the scholars, who were robed and gowned in full academic dress, were presented with their award by the president in front of the deans, doctors and dons of the college.
    • The indication that Oxford might have to consider implementing similar measures has been greeted with caution by University officials, dons, and students alike.
    • Having enjoyed Harvard so much, she has even thought of becoming a Cambridge don.
    • He's a neurophysiologist and a don at Magdalen College, and I always felt I was stupid because I couldn't get anything like the same results as him.
    • Opinion polls showed that most students supported him in his clashes with senior dons who were trying to force him out.
    • The club put me up at the house of ‘the Professor’ - a don of sorts at the university, and something of a legend in German basketball.
    • Above all, dons represent the university and must abide by its regulations.
    • Tall, bespectacled, fleshy, although in reasonably good shape, he has the self-effacing air of an old-fashioned university don.
    • Oxford dons see it as the best solution to the funding crisis afflicting Britain's universities.
    • As a don at the local university, he reviewed regularly for the Glasgow Herald.
    • He found the college stuffed with dons hard in pursuit of their own lines of consultancy with industry.
    • He worked easily with the many newcomers into his department, most of them university dons.
    • Oxford dons - furious with the student hacks' actions - had already instigated disciplinary proceedings.
    • Students, dons and members of the public gathered outside Balliol College in the centre of the city.
    • Most interesting of all, Oxford don JRR Tolkien stayed at the college in the 1940s while his eldest son was studying for the priesthood.
    • The hall was packed with around 400 undergraduates, while heads of colleges, or dons, sat on the front benches as they do in Parliament.
    • I did not have the rich reading repertoires of my fellow English dons and I had a much stronger social-political awareness than most of them.

    esp en Oxford y Cambridge

There are 2 main translations of don in Spanish

: don1don2


ponerse, v.

transitive verb

  • 1literary

    (put on)
    • He also joked to the assembled dignitaries that he would be donning the riot gear before visiting the police authority in future.
    • But there is also a time for donning the hard hats and digging in.
    • But he was nevertheless disgruntled that he himself would not be donning the shirt.
    • I woke up bright and early on my first morning, rising with the LA sun and donning my jogging gear from a trip to Venice beach.
    • By growing out his beard and donning a wig, he took on a remarkable physical resemblance to Ludwig.
    • An Alsatian dog proved he really was man's best friend, by donning a bow-tie and acting as best man at his owners' wedding.
    • Most fans are content with donning a replica shirt and attending the odd game.
    • I don't mind donning my sou'westers for my daily medicine walk but cycling in the rain doesn't appeal at all.
    • The other two had donned red jerseys, with dashes of gold and blue along the sleeves.
    • He only took up donning the white overcoat and cap by chance, and after a less than auspicious start he has grown into the role.
    • At this rate we'll be donning scarves and gloves on the big day.
    • It is believed some gangs have posed as workmen to disguise themselves, donning donkey jackets and carrying tools.
    • At the last minute, Armstrong considered donning his helmet to fend off any bottles or rocks.
    • No amount of accessorising can bring you out of the style challenge you would be confronted with by donning these in daylight.
    • His performances since donning the captain's armband have been wonderful and he is, like it or not, a sporting and cultural icon.
    • So if you want, you can have your child donning the latest in designer rips, paint splashes and oily patches.
    • I embarked on a flight to the United States donning the guise of a student.
    • At his urging, I donned protective clothing and headed off in search of this tragic new affliction.
    • Once each day, you leave the park, every time with a greater reluctance for donning your shirt.
    • He even donned his special summer shirt and shorts in celebration as the sun came out.
  • 2formal

    I was forced to don the role of critic me vi obligado a asumir el papel de crítico