Translation of doodad in Spanish:


cosa, n.

Pronunciation /ˈduˌdæd//ˈduːdad/



  • 1

    cosa feminine
    cuestión feminine informal
    chisme masculine Mexico Spain informal
    coso masculine South America informal
    vaina feminine Colombia Peru Venezuela informal
    • An ancient Russian weather satellite has worn out and will plummet Earthward unless its out-moded equipment and doodads are repaired sufficiently to send the bird in the direction of infinity.
    • Give people a reason to respond - 10% off in the next 24 hours for example, or a free doodad or thingamabob.
    • Waterproof watches with smiles that look like they really smile, compasses and doodads aplenty adorn watches these days.
    • I love the conflicting ‘expert’ opinions on what the doodad actually is.
    • I have one of those insurance thingy doodads so that if one of my kitchen appliances throws a dicky-fit then someone comes out and fixes it.
    • The slide projector advances to a picture of the doodad.
    • I am aware that there is a problem with the border on the bottom of the slideout doodads…
    • I'm guessing the card holder is so that you can maintain professionalism in the office by having a misogynist doodad to pluck your business cards from.
    • The hum of these newfangled doodads drowns out any conversation in the house.
    • There are so very many features, thingies and doodads that it sometimes feels like you need a Michelin guide to find your way around.
    • They lugged in the shelves, all the knick knacks and doodads, and started setting up.
    • Consider how many little doodads dangle from the cellphone of a stereotypical schoolgirl.
    • The human brain is a complex organ, filled with many widgets and doodads that all have to be firing all the time for everything work right.
    • He admits that he's a novice and asks us to bear with him as he gets the hang of his new doodads.
    • He lead me off into their vast collection of dohickeys, doodads, and thingamajigs.
    • I think what has really cemented it is the large selection of after-market add-ons and doodads available for the thing.
    • There are few retail environments with more to store than a frame shop, with its equipment, artwork, materials and countless tools and doodads.
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    fulano masculine informal
    fulana feminine informal