Translation of doom-laden in Spanish:


fatídico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdum ˌleɪdn///


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    • The first half feels like the end of the world: a procession of motorcycle helmet-wearing models wearing the darkest black, satinised cotton and leather, walking to the growl of doom-laden bass.
    • The use of hand-held camera and jump-cut editing, combined with the ever-constricting sense of disaster in the story line, creates a doom-laden mood that is very sad and disturbing and ultimately moving.
    • In one sense, the doom-laden reports have a point.
    • It's a doom-laden prediction, with the overall number of trips on the ring road expected to rise by 20 per cent in the morning and 16 per cent in the afternoon peaks.
    • Really, however, I'm just going through the motions, because it was - as exams go - quite unsurprising, especially given our expectations, and doom-laden predictions.
    • The additional worry, however, is that a severely inhibiting caution appears to be spreading far beyond the ranks of those for whom relegation is a doom-laden possibility.
    • The media have taken their cue from these doom-laden predictions of disaster.
    • It's just tongues placed firmly in cheek, perfectly executed, doom-laden heavy metal with Beatle-esque overtones brought to you by these really nice fellas from Brooklyn.
    • After all, there must be some unwritten rule saying that war to a musical accompaniment - no matter how suitably doom-laden and apocalyptic that music may be - is simply not in very good taste.
    • Having explored different directions, most recently the doom-laden troubadour swathed in strings, he has clearly taken a look at his audience and decided to give them what they want.
    • A vast industry of mendacity has a vested interest in scaring people witless with front-page shock, TV cops and doom-laden moral panic editorials.
    • The predisposition to believe that things could only get worse was as infectious as the virus - and as the doom-laden predictions blew on the wind, it was only a matter of time before they became a self-fulfilling prophecy.
    • He has already filled half a dozen albums with his tunefully doom-laden songs.
    • It certainly exceeds the doom-laden predictions of the No campaigners, who were predicting less than 20 per cent.
    • A kind of existential film noir, the movie seems to belong to the doom-laden era of post-war Hollywood, where shadowy streets concealed murderous acts and fate was always breathing down the neck of a scurrying rat.
    • But the contrast between the dire warnings and doom-laden predictions of the late 1990s and the present careful conditions hedged around the figures could not be more marked.
    • It continues to grow at an awesome rate, and contrary to doom-laden talk from certain quarters that crops up from time to time, shows no sign of being replaced by anything or running out of steam.
    • He treats the material with intelligence, letting the paranoia build through the use of extreme close-ups, off-kilter camera angles and a suitably brooding, doom-laden musical score.
    • A recent Polish stage version turned the story into doom-laden Shakespearean tragedy.
    • As the wind picked up, the tent poles began to creak and the drizzle degenerated into a downpour, the young Englishman scuttled off into the clubhouse hoping that doom-laden forecasts would work in his favour.