Translation of doorman in Spanish:


portero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɔrˌmæn//ˈdɔrˌmən//ˈdɔːmən/

nounPlural doormen

  • 1

    portero masculine
    • Stern-looking doormen can now be seen guarding the entrance to certain exclusive establishments, just to keep the riff-raff out.
    • The waitress was too upset to listen and called over three doormen to assess the situation.
    • Within seconds of the attack he was attended to by a club doorman, who was trained in first aid.
    • Here she was safe, for the building had a doorman, and the doors had secure locks.
    • There was a scuffle which the doormen could not resolve, so they ushered the supporters out.
    • The building had a doorman and for a moment I worried that he and I would not be allowed into the building.
    • He was on duty with three other doormen when the tragedy happened.
    • When he got to the entrance a doormen pointed him towards the Observatory where he could see a group in the distance.
    • We arrived at the apartment block and we wrangled our way past the doorman on duty.
    • The doormen barricaded the club's entrance as the soldiers allegedly tried to get to him.
    • After considering other factors, he laid the blame on the doormen in their apartment buildings.
    • The doormen of my building have adopted me as I can speak Spanish.
    • On leaving the priesthood, he worked in a number of jobs including a doorman, a handyman and a janitor.
    • They entered a hall, beautifully decorated with painted cloth, and followed the doorman up two flights of stairs.
    • The doormen, bar staff, chefs, waitresses and management all participated in the training.
    • You too will have to be walked out in a shuffle, the doormen now more like sanitarium orderlies than bouncers.
    • Local authorities currently vet their own doormen, meaning bouncers have different licences depending on where they work in the country.
    • It's definitely going to be a major issue for doormen in Ireland.
    • One common technique is the employment of official border guards, doormen or bouncers.
    • The doormen and waitresses are splendid in their gold-braided outfits.