Translation of double-dip in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˌdəb(ə)lˈdɪp//ˌdʌb(ə)lˈdɪp/


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    double-dip recession doble recesión feminine
    • It came as a new poll showed that more London firms are now predicting a double-dip recession.
    • But the reality of a real employment shock that would accompany a double dip global slowdown, and the impact it would have on confidence, could be nasty indeed for the banks.
    • So unless there is a deep double-dip recession, the future for traditional commercial television looks less grim than it has for some time.
    • Is a dreaded double-dip recession in the offing?
    • Look at how consumers and businesses say they feel about the future, and the economy seems headed for a double-dip recession.
    • "If the consumer deserts the US economy, then the outlook will be pretty grim and a double dip slowdown is on the cards," said Mr Dunne.
    • Even if the modest signs of improvement develop into rising output by the autumn, there is still a strong risk of a relapse into a double-dip recession.
    • As long as we don't get a double-dip downturn, investors may look back on this quarter as a turning point.
    • US economists expect growth to fall again in the third quarter, with some warning that a double-dip recession remains possible.
    • Should November's figures show a significant drop, it would suggest that a double-dip recession had become more likely.
    • Despite 11 cuts in interest rates last year, the American economy is poised on the edge of a double-dip recession.
    • But Mr Chester was less optimistic about Euro-zone economies and said Germany is in danger of suffering a double-dip recession.
    • Markets are now driven by whether the US will go into a double-dip recession, or whether we are in a new cycle lasting three or four years.
    • Most analysts expect the US to avoid a "double-dip" recession, according to a survey by the National Association of Business Economists in the US.
    • A double-dip recession is still a potential threat that must be avoided at all costs.
    • The specter of a "double-dip" recession, or worse, looms.
    • This pushes the prospect of a rate rise further back into the autumn - just as evidence of a 'double dip' downturn has pushed a US rate increase well back towards the end of the year.
    • Besides, a double-dip recession remains a distinct possibility.
    • A weak economy or double-dip recession would be highly negative for both residential and commercial real estate prices, and thus for banks' asset quality.
    • The possibility of a double-dip recession remains, but if most forecasters are right, unemployment should begin to fall.
    • Plus, we could well be on our way into a double-dip recession three years from now once the fiscal and monetary stimulus is withdrawn.