Translation of double-quick in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˌdəbəlˈkwɪk//ˈdʌb(ə)lkwɪk/


  • 1informal

    in double-quick time en un periquete


  • 1informal

    volando informal
    • But the Scottish champion didn't seem bothered by such trifling details, opening up an early five-point lead to close out the opening set in double quick time.
    • But the next 200 wickets have come in double quick time as he claimed the 500th wicket in Colombo in early 2004.
    • Our news is dominated by politicians and shock jocks who constantly reduce complex issues to goodies and baddies in double quick time.
    • You could be the envy of your fellow commuter if you whip out your Sudoku on the tube and complete the grid in double quick time.
    • But given some commons sense and better planning, a lot of these difficulties could be overcome in double quick time.
    • We finished our drinks quickly and left double quick before the face eaters got any closer and just as one denizen of the night started to give Chaz the evil eye: Cyclops style.
    • Maureen was always available to help out with the running of the Club and could be relied on to get the scores totted up in double quick time and was never out in her calculations.
    • But her home is now the small screen, better put a lock on that recording studio and get her back on the telly double quick.
    • It was a long row to the start line - the course was about 3500 metres and our opponents seemed to get there in double quick time.
    • Totally focused, he has a single-minded approach to his trade and showed tremendous character to come back in double quick time from the cruciate knee injury he sustained in January last year.
    • Even those of us lucky enough to receive a pay rise are bound to find that it disappears in double quick time!
    • Then pain will be finished double quick, no problem.
    • His early tackling was nothing short of woeful and they found themselves 16-0 behind in double quick time courtesy of three tries and two conversions.
    • A combination of irrepressible talent and burning ambition saw him reach his goal in double quick time.
    • Although the forecast for the weekend is partly cloudy, that can change in double quick time.
    • He even scored nine goals in double quick time in his brief spell with Milan in 1961 in just 10 games.
    • Our washing is now drying in double quick time since we installed a pulley over the Rayburn.
    • So if you are looking for a tried and tested destination where you can start operations double quick, you come back to Bangalore.
    • Given the circumstances, I recovered in double quick time but worse was yet to come.
    • They were buying the best rams to improve their breed and made headway in double quick time.