Translation of double-stopping in Spanish:


doble cuerda, n.

Pronunciation /ˈˌdəbəl ˈˌstɑpɪŋ///


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    doble cuerda feminine
    • This is an excellent performance though, with soaring lines and some impressive double-stopping, especially in the Kochanski cadenza, and Daniel Harding and the LSO draw lots of detail from the vivid, colourful score.
    • He makes his oboe seem capable of double-stopping; the separate, aquatic or breathing voices of Narcissus are so well defined and independent [listen - track 5, 0: 00-1: 25].
    • Singer studied in Spain and Israel, and is currently at Yale with Paradiso, has a refined and focused tone, with clear gestures, and virtuosity, as in the double-stopping of the finale.
    • Every technical trick in the repertoire of the virtuoso string player was on display: double-stopping, flying spiccato, glissandi, glissandi harmonics, rapid string crossing arpeggios and more.