Translation of double agent in Spanish:

double agent

doble agente, n.


  • 1

    doble agente masculine
    • He joins a multinational corporation in order to spy for them and is persuaded to become a double agent for a rival corporation, even though he doesn't know what they do, or what they want.
    • Is the tailor an agent, a double agent, an innocent or a fantasist?
    • That's why, when she was accused of being a double agent, she felt the betrayal of the real traitor so deeply.
    • From time to time, every spy agency falls victim to a mole, a traitor, or a double agent.
    • Their efforts were much hindered, as SOE's had been, by the prevalence of double agents.
    • A spy reveals secrets to a trusted friend who is an unsuspected double agent.
    • If we have done our jobs correctly, Lee should be nearly ready to betray us as a double agent.
    • The double agent recognises that intelligence can never be perfect, and those who hold intelligence cast a malign, powerful shadow.
    • From this came his fictional landscapes, where splits always stand out, and his empathy with figures who cross frontiers: outlaws, refugees, sliders across ideological lines such as spies and double agents.
    • That's because Jack is a double agent in an intergalactic spy ring responsible for the toppling of many planetary governments.
    • I am not going to be telling my secrets to double agents like you.
    • Much of what he sold involved US counterintelligence and electronic surveillance techniques, information on active double agents, and documents related to nuclear weapons technology.
    • What can this statement be but a lie, the action of a traitor, or a double agent?
    • One, he sort of accused me of being a double agent, that I was sort of trading off secrets between both sides.
    • And while they described their own roles in some detail, the question of how they were recruited as double agents after their capture in England was not treated with specificity.
    • What about a mole being a double agent who establishes a cover long before beginning espionage?
    • It was when I challenged him about the double agent who remained his friend despite betraying his country and causing the deaths of many of their fellow spies.
    • His activities may have accounted for up to 40 murder victims, including other double agents and informers.
    • The task of counterintelligence is to figure out what the other side is doing, how they are deceiving us, what double agents they have planted in our midst.
    • It turned out that we were fed false information by a double agent and walked straight into a trap.