Translation of downhill in Spanish:


cuesta abajo, adv.

Pronunciation /daʊnˈhɪl//daʊnˈhɪl/


  • 1

    (run/walk) cuesta abajo
    to go downhill ir de mal en peor
    • Starting downhill we encounter a bear hole, dug in pursuit of a ground squirrel.
    • Follow the cobbles downhill and through a gate to reach the canal's lower level on the left.
    • Stile to path at 1 o'clock which then zigzags downhill via posts.
    • Police said the landslide had swept seven houses some 30 meters downhill in the hilly residential area of Candi after a retaining wall broke early on Saturday.
    • When skiing downhill the bindings are locked, and skins and crampons removed.
    • Anyone with half an inkling knows that water traditionally runs downhill, after all Newton and his love of apples determined that fact.
    • Now, you know when an avalanche goes downhill it gains momentum.
    • The trail eventually takes a few short and steep upturns, but for the most part just flows downhill like water.
    • I'm not even sure whether I'm heading downhill or not.
    • Shaped like a big horseshoe, this place starts with a bowled off mini ramp of sorts and runs downhill.
    • A funicular railway scales the mountain to the jumping-off point for the sledge run, which winds five kilometres downhill back to the railway terminus.
    • After a few yards downhill we could see the roofs of Thoralby and a few minutes later were strolling its old street to The George Inn.
    • Also, when I am going downhill the car will pick up revs, but on uphill gradients loses almost all power.
    • There is no question that the bigger wheels are faster downhill and considerably more stable.
    • The original Glencolumbkille House was located on a lower site 100 yards downhill.
    • Obviously the logical answer is that it always flows downhill, and it is an illusion that the road's length slants upwards.
    • If hitting the ball uphill, you had to calculate how far back downhill it would roll, and at what angle.
    • Right at tracks T-junction, 200 yards downhill, left between farm buildings.
    • The route drops to a dead-end road called Smearbottom Lane further uphill, but downhill it becomes Hawthorns Lane and we took its very steep and metalled surface.
    • The ice-encrusted cairn eventually appeared through the gloom and I was glad to retrace my steps downhill to a little niche where I could find some semblance of shelter.


  • 1

    (path) cuesta abajo
    a downhill slope una pendiente
  • 2

    (in skiing)
    (race/racer) de descenso contra-reloj
  • 3

    (easy, pleasant)
    it's all downhill from here de aquí en adelante todo va a marchar sobre ruedas / todo va a ser coser y cantar


  • 1

    (in skiing)
    the downhill el descenso contra-reloj