Translation of downhill in Spanish:


cuesta abajo, adv.

Pronunciation /daʊnˈhɪl//daʊnˈhɪl/


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    (run/walk) cuesta abajo
    • Police said the landslide had swept seven houses some 30 meters downhill in the hilly residential area of Candi after a retaining wall broke early on Saturday.
    • When skiing downhill the bindings are locked, and skins and crampons removed.
    • The trail eventually takes a few short and steep upturns, but for the most part just flows downhill like water.
    • Now, you know when an avalanche goes downhill it gains momentum.
    • The route drops to a dead-end road called Smearbottom Lane further uphill, but downhill it becomes Hawthorns Lane and we took its very steep and metalled surface.
    • Shaped like a big horseshoe, this place starts with a bowled off mini ramp of sorts and runs downhill.
    • Also, when I am going downhill the car will pick up revs, but on uphill gradients loses almost all power.
    • The original Glencolumbkille House was located on a lower site 100 yards downhill.
    • Follow the cobbles downhill and through a gate to reach the canal's lower level on the left.
    • There is no question that the bigger wheels are faster downhill and considerably more stable.
    • The ice-encrusted cairn eventually appeared through the gloom and I was glad to retrace my steps downhill to a little niche where I could find some semblance of shelter.
    • Starting downhill we encounter a bear hole, dug in pursuit of a ground squirrel.
    • I'm not even sure whether I'm heading downhill or not.
    • Anyone with half an inkling knows that water traditionally runs downhill, after all Newton and his love of apples determined that fact.
    • After a few yards downhill we could see the roofs of Thoralby and a few minutes later were strolling its old street to The George Inn.
    • If hitting the ball uphill, you had to calculate how far back downhill it would roll, and at what angle.
    • Right at tracks T-junction, 200 yards downhill, left between farm buildings.
    • A funicular railway scales the mountain to the jumping-off point for the sledge run, which winds five kilometres downhill back to the railway terminus.
    • Stile to path at 1 o'clock which then zigzags downhill via posts.
    • Obviously the logical answer is that it always flows downhill, and it is an illusion that the road's length slants upwards.


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    (path) cuesta abajo
    a downhill slope una bajada
    • When the history of a once-great company is written, they'll be able to point to this defining moment as the start of the downhill slide.
    • I prefer starting on a downhill slope because the car moves on its own and any jerkiness of the clutch is irrelevant.
    • Perhaps a little too far, as it happens, as the downhill slope was fairly shallow and didn't even come close to hinting at the ferocity of the climb back up to the top.
    • Finally, we reached the downhill portion of the hike, towards Hanakapiai Beach.
    • This was the start of the downhill road that is his health.
    • But on a road, even a long one, even a long downhill one, 80 is your realistic top whack.
    • We topped the pass as the first drops of rain fell, and then beat the storm in a reckless 20 kilometres downhill dash.
    • This month begins my annual downhill slide into neurotic freneticism.
    • There are subtle inclines and subtler downhill slopes.
    • The shorter races also make for real spectacles, especially on the five-furlong track, which has a downhill slope and sees some of the fastest sprints in the world.
    • Stockholm to Copenhagen, with lunch at Vadstena Castle, was the downhill slope of the rally.
    • No one wants to mess with a large bus on a downhill slope.
    • Eyewitnesses said the 17 horses stampeded over a tiny bridge on the steep downhill path then tried to get around a sharp left turn.
    • Seventy-four and a half per cent of this province's college faculty have voted to strike in protest of the downhill slide of the quality of college education.
    • It's downhill from there, a situation not helped by the BBC constantly reviving it because they feel the need to get a Christmas blockbuster.
    • Her students, as cruel as they are beautiful and privileged, treat her as a curiosity while they try to decide if she's cool or on the downhill slide into spinster misery.
    • The route took the participants around a course which was a mixture of uphill and downhill slopes, cross country terrain and hard surfaces.
    • The downhill slide of the state do not seem to be either visible or of concern or worry to the key political parties, ever at each other's jugular vein.
    • He lost control on a gentle downhill slope approaching a bend.
    • He said the battery kicks in automatically when sensors in the pedals pick up that the rider needs help and cuts out when it is not needed such as on downhill slopes.
    • With a few hours of ski lessons, many beginners catch on well enough to find themselves hooked for life on a downhill descent.
    • A four-cylinder 77 BHP engine did most of the work, with a good downhill slope doing the rest.
    • The danger is that the attacks - and the potential threat of more - harm consumer confidence and tip the economy into a downhill slide.
    • ‘There is no chance that any new downhill slopes will be developed at any of the existing centres or at any new locations,’ he says.
    • Now, consider that - on a good day with a downhill slope and the blessing of some higher power - the Rickshaw can hit 30 mph.
    • There are a fair amount of details, such as snow in the bobsled run and mini-trees on the downhill slopes, which help create a sense of realism throughout the game.
    • The directional arrow pointed to a downhill slope, surrounded in bushland.
    • A boy on a skateboard, on his way home from a friend's place, tripped on a slight downhill slope on a quiet suburban street.
    • And the next pages show the same downhill slide even under conditions of the most optimistic scenarios.
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    (in skiing)
    (race/racer) de descenso contra-reloj
    • While many Bozeman locals love downhill skiing, most college students prefer snowboarding.
    • It's been a long time coming for British skiing, but the young Scot is proving a credible downhill challenger
    • For some sports like downhill skiing and gymnastics, they're eight times more susceptible.
    • Favorite winter sports include cross-country and downhill skiing, and long-distance skating.
    • And when exactly was general downhill skiing and snowboarding considered an ‘extreme’ sport?
    • Most beginning snowboarders find the learning curve faster than for downhill skiing, but don't plan on learning everything in one day.
    • At school that's exactly what Matti excelled at: downhill skiing and soccer, sports and languages.
    • If we liked congested slopes and long lines and battling for parking spaces, we would've become downhill skiers.
    • As with downhill skiing, the kick turn is essential for climbing.
    • Ski Sunday has entered BBC commentator and former international skier Graham Bell in a Skier X competition - a fusion of motor cross and downhill skiing!
    • She also enjoys downhill skiing and backpacking with friends and family.
    • Vail Cascade boasts 4,000 acres of incredible downhill skiing and snowboarding right outside your door.
    • With more than 25 ski areas dotting the peaks around Lake Tahoe, the region is rightly touted as a Mecca for downhill skiing and snowboarding.
    • Most injuries occurred while the patients were engaged in downhill skiing or snowboarding.
    • Ice hockey, downhill skiing, ski jumping and even the speed skating make for compulsive viewing.
    • I used to really enjoy water skiing and downhill skiing - but not anymore.
    • Injuries are most common in contact sports, such as football, or sports that involve falls, such as downhill skiing or soccer.
    • According to my mother, downhill skiing was for rich people who didn't mind breaking their legs.
    • And over the holidays, I went downhill skiing for the very first time in my life.
    • We hadn't given the most dignified demonstration of downhill ski technique.


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    (in skiing)
    the downhill el descenso contra-reloj
    • Being the type of person I am, I like the thrill - that's probably why I like downhill.
    • The beauty of the older cable bindings was their usefulness for both touring and downhill.