Translation of downright in Spanish:


descarado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdaʊnrʌɪt//ˈdaʊnˌraɪt/


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    (lie/insolence) descarado
    (rogue/liar/crook) redomado
    (rogue/liar/crook) de tomo y lomo informal
    (madness) total y absoluto
    • But there appears to have been a sudden change of heart by the tax authorities, chucking the whole process into doubt, delay and downright despair.
    • There's a fine line between risqué humour and downright bad taste.
    • I too am one of your ilk, and I know the pain, suffering, stress, frustration and downright anger that comes from driving in this place.
    • There are many obscure and dubious mathematical assertions, as well as downright errors.
    • Each result was not only an embarrassment, but a downright disgrace.
    • Beyond that, there lurk the problems of a slender majority, vulnerable to prima donnas, by-elections and downright blackmailers.
    • It was downright bad marking that allowed Dermot Shields head past Larkin from six yards for the lead goal.
    • Trucks pump out far too much pollution and the buses where I live are a downright disgrace.
    • One panel of figures alone gives cause for concern, if not downright alarm.
    • His documents portrayed evidence of downright fraud, as well as real estate law violations.
    • No other night of the year manages the unique combination of misery, discomfort, expense and sheer downright unpleasantness.
    • First, this is a repertoire book, but there are key parts of the repertoire that are drawish at best and a downright forced draw at worst.
    • In view of above-mentioned I feel the recount was pure nonsense and downright contempt of our democracy.
    • There are good solutions, okay solutions and downright very bad ones.
    • November 5 may still be more than three weeks away but already the nuisance, fear and downright danger caused by the firework season is in full swing.


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    it was downright dangerous! ¡fue peligrosísimo!
    • that's downright stupid ¡eso es una soberana estupidez!
    • he's downright mean es tacañísimo
    • he wasn't so much impolite as downright rude! ¡no estuvo descortés sino de lo más grosero!