Translation of downshift in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈdaʊnˌʃɪft//ˈdaʊnʃɪft/


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    (change to lower gear)
    cambio a una velocidad inferior masculine
    • Even if it did produce lovely vroom-vroom noises on downshifts.
    • You can flick up and down the box with a flex of the fingers, the downshifts including a perfectly-timed throttle blip.
    • These gearboxes are a lot different, and I probably didn't do a complete downshift.
    • Perhaps an electronic ‘blip’ of the throttle on the downshift would have helped.
    • The peak torque of 200Nm occurs at 1500 rpm, and it will pull cleanly from 1200 rpm or so, whereas the PSA HDi unit would hunt and demand a downshift.
    • They had recently taken some fuel out to reduce the two foot long gobs of flame exiting the exhausts on each downshift, introducing some kangaroo factor at pit exit speed.
    • We did a good job and the car worked well apart from a slight problem with the downshift, which cost me a little bit of time.
    • These changes mean downshifts and upshifts: If you have a loss of principles in practice, your society will decay.
    • In tow haul mode it will even perform multiple downshifts for controlled deceleration, all of which tested well on the loaded trucks we tried.
    • We tested it at VIR and, again it's so easy to shift, but I think that's part of the problem is that the thing is so easy to shift that maybe you're over-confident and you're not matching the revs on the downshift.
    • In this mode, the vehicle senses when increased engine braking is required and automatically schedules a downshift.
    • This is a slightly detuned, more refined version of the 147/156 GTA motor, and its easy, creamy power delivery lets you amble at low speeds without demanding a downshift if the traffic suddenly vanishes.
    • Best of all, the engine revs joyously through downshifts, providing a great exhaust note while telling the world this isn't your average TT.
    • Acceleration for this vehicle is found to be ample despite occasional transmission delays in full-throttle downshifts.
    • Unlike traditional transmissions, the 7-speed will skip up to three gear ratios if necessary during downshifts, providing quick, smooth acceleration.
    • For example, if the system detects a drop in vehicle speed prior to entering a turn or a lane change, up to two downshifts can occur to provide the driver with maximum engine response.
    • Although the motor blipped perfectly under load such as when doing a heel and toe downshift, blipping the throttle at idle often produced a big hole in response before the motor picked up.
    • On the up shift, you lift (off the gas) and shift; on the downshift, you blip and shift.
    • Like the V8 it mates to a five-speed automatic with adaptive shift control and a manual mode that matches engine revs on downshifts.
    • Depending on the vibrational motion, it could be either an upshift or a downshift.
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    (reduction in tempo)
    ralentización feminine
    • This goes back to careful thought around the future and what you hope to attain through the downshift.
    • But these downshifts do not bring you any closer to full-time Downers because they are voluntary moves that form a legitimate part of a self-chosen life project.

intransitive verb

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    (change to lower gear)
    cambiar a una velocidad inferior
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    (slow down)