Translation of dozen in Spanish:


docena, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdəzən//ˈdʌz(ə)n/

nounPlural dozens

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    docena feminine
    three dozen tres docenas
    • four dollars a / per dozen cuatro dólares la docena
    • eggs are sold by the dozen los huevos se venden por docena(s)
    • I got dozens of cards recibí montones de tarjetas
    • I've told him dozens of times se lo he dicho miles de veces
    • to do one's daily dozen hacer su (or mi etc.) gimnasia diaria
    • Our collection spans hundreds of models, dozens of manufacturers and infinite gadgetry.
    • Scores dead, hundreds wounded, dozens of television networks scrambling to find an angle.
    • All this makes for a very close finish with hundreds, if not dozens of votes deciding the third seat.
    • They were booing and throwing their programmes, and dozens, if not hundreds walked out screaming in protest at the stage.
    • As dozens of people crowded on to the gangway, the structure collapsed.
    • They come by the dozens, laborers swarm this vehicle hoping to be hired for the day.
    • When you travel overseas with television gear you sometimes have to pay hundreds of pounds for dozens of extra kilos.
    • In cyberspace you can win big every day as dozens of poker sites pile up the prize money to tempt us to try our ‘hand’.
    • They have so far left 22 dead and hundreds injured, including dozens of UN police and Nato troops.
    • But we have had dozens, if not scores, of calls from youngsters who are obviously worried enough to phone us.
    • Doubtless dozens, if not hundreds of other celebrities do the same thing.
    • We made our way over thousand-year-old bridges, dozens of hills and slippery dams.
    • The lane petered out to track, the rain increased to torrential and dozens of lambs crowded under thorn trees, bleating.
    • The 80 pages and dozens of questions gave plenty of food for thought.
    • Then the news started pouring in: four bombed trains, dozens of casualties, hundreds of injured.
    • The hostile crowd included dozens of placard-waving children who stamped their feet and called for the pool to be saved.
    • Hundreds of people and dozens of vehicles had arrived at the Dome by this time.
    • A city centre church verger has the power to summon scores of police and dozens of security guards at the touch of a button.
    • Kodak decided to invest dozens of billions of US dollars globally last year to expand its business.
    • There are literally dozens, if not hundreds, of variations and combinations of tattoos.


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    docena de feminine
    a dozen/two dozen eggs una docena/dos docenas de huevos