Translation of draconian in Spanish:


draconiano, adj.

Pronunciation /drəˈkoʊniən//drəˈkəʊnɪən/


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    • These hard facts indicate real motives behind enactment of this draconian law.
    • It is madness to suggest the draconian speeding laws we have should apply here.
    • Of course, it won't sell over here because we have some of the most draconian censorship laws in the world.
    • Mr Banks said that the legislation was draconian in its approach.
    • They have called it the most dangerous and draconian legislation ever proposed.
    • Imposing draconian laws that restrict civil liberties will not prevent terrorist attacks.
    • It's about time we sorted a sensible compromise and not a draconian law.
    • This awful, draconian law has not been used to safeguard copyright, however.
    • I believe that draconian laws are always wrong and the best society is one with the least legislation.
    • No amount of naval ships or coastguards or draconian laws will stop it happening.
    • In this way such Treaty Articles are prevented from becoming too harsh or draconian in their application.
    • No matter how draconian the laws become, Europe is not capable of shutting its borders.
    • Had we been caught, we could have faced two years in jail under draconian new media laws.
    • There was worrying talk about it not being possible to repeal the draconian anti-trade union laws.
    • There was a time when I would have argued that our libel laws were draconian and should be amended.
    • As we look through this part, the question we need to ask is whether it is draconian legislation.
    • This draconian legislation included provision for flogging, curfew, and internment.
    • New laws are being passed, draconian laws that destroy lives and syphon happiness.
    • The penalty imposed by law is not draconian, and serves more as a reminder to perform a common sense action.
    • He has supported open prisons and opposed unnecessarily draconian anti-terrorism laws.