Translation of draft in Spanish:


corriente de aire, n.

Pronunciation /dræft//drɑːft/


  • 1British draught

    (cold air)
    corriente de aire feminine
  • 2

    versión feminine
    (resolution/version) (before noun) preliminar
    the first/final draft of my speech la primera versión/la versión final de mi discurso
    • a rough draft un borrador
    • he presented the project in draft (form) presentó el anteproyecto
    • draft bill anteproyecto de ley
    • I checked the draft contract revisé el borrador / la minuta del contrato
    • It is hoped that each will complete a preliminary draft of a new play by July 2005, with a view to five new works being created for possible production over the next few years.
    • WR participated in data collection and interpretation and in writing of the first draft.
    • In response to my early drafts of this article, the following analogy was proposed.
    • The committee readily accepted the plan, and the education specialist began to work on the preliminary draft of the program.
    • At most he's guilty of modestly sloppy wording in the first draft of his initial piece about the memo a week ago, a mistake that he quickly corrected.
    • It was announced that last week's paper was only a preliminary draft.
    • There was much writing to be had, resulting in a first draft of my book.
    • On yet another occasion, Laurel did all the writing of an initial draft, utilizing feedback and editing from Amy and Kate.
    • Until then, I'm just going to push myself like a madman to finish the first draft of this new piece before I leave to go home next Thursday.
    • The Commission also has the budgetary initiative, and therefore originates the preliminary draft budget which is put before the Council.
    • The study was still undergoing substantive editing in order to incorporate the suggestions of the lawyers and public policy analysts who reviewed its preliminary drafts.
    • Since a job description for this office could not be found, I generated a preliminary draft of such a document.
    • The writing of the first draft has been argued by recent scholars without reference to Barrett's testimony.
    • Both texts are drafts of final versions and would almost certainly have been burned when no longer needed.
    • Deep inside, I knew that Holmes's threat had expedited the writing of my first draft of this story.
    • The first draft of the documents was unveiled last September, following an extensive consultation process.
    • New Zealand Post had a preliminary draft of that report.
    • Maybe later today I'll post my edited version of the draft.
    • It is to be supplied with a summary of the case and the preliminary draft decision, on which it delivers an opinion.
    • Art Business News has obtained a preliminary draft of the report.
  • 3British draught

    calado masculine
  • 4British draught

    tiro masculine
    (horse/animal) (before noun) de tiro
  • 5

    cheque bancario masculine
    efecto bancario masculine
    • My instructing solicitor has written out that further order as indicated by your Honour, so the draft order I am handing up is with the original conditions in it.
    • In the end he persuaded them to pay £40,000 in a banker's draft.
    • Hibernian was granted an injunction last Wednesday, continuing a restraining order against the cashing of bank drafts at the centre of the fraud.
    • Pound cheques and cheques or drafts drawn in other eurozone currencies should be lodged or cashed before February 9th.
    • How could Dunlop walk into the AIB with cheques or drafts made out for large sums of money to a company of which he was not a director or shareholder or officer, and walk out again having converted them to cash?
    • The branches paid out their own notes and drafts when discounting, but they accepted local bank notes as payment.
    • The U-First account has no bank fees for transactions, such as cheques and drafts, and pays interest for accounts in credit, said Mr Wilson.
    • You may send in your contributions in the form of cheque or draft or money orders directly addressed to.
    • Kader Khan realises his mistake - and immediately gives a draft for the bounced cheque!
    • The signed agreements will remain held in escrow until Neil receives the banker's draft.
    • The reason for this is that bankers' drafts are made payable to the payee's order, which means that transfer can be effected only by means of the payee's genuine indorsement.
    • Cheques and drafts are used internationally, but not extensively.
  • 6US

    the draft el llamado a filas Latin America
    • before noun draft card cartilla militar
    • draft deferral prórroga del servicio militar
    • draft quota cupo

transitive verb

  • 1

    (document/contract) redactar el borrador de
    (speech) preparar
    I've already drafted the letter ya he redactado el borrador de la carta
    • The quotation documents were drafted using the quantities and units of measurement we estimated earlier.
    • If he is the person who drafted the documents, I am afraid he has a very poor understanding of legal matters.
    • The Assembly has already set up a 55-member committee to draft the document.
    • It is very difficult, I think, for those who draft the document at the end of the process to stand back and reread it with the eyes of the judges who will come to it completely afresh.
    • The preliminary survey questionnaire was drafted on July 13, 1997.
    • Some states will respect the different laws of the state where the document was drafted.
    • Cine and the WHO are drafting a document that will serve as a guide for researchers and communities in health research projects.
    • Half a century ago, a document was drafted that's still highly topical: a Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    • They were one of the earlier draft versions prepared by the Crown Prosecutor to assist the judge in putting the case before the jury in the summing up.
    • In the rest of Italy, both clerics and laymen drafted documents, without any precise distinction of function or activity.
    • Nor have they established that, even leaving it until the last minute, he could not have drafted these documents and prepared them prior to the expiry of the four month period.
    • Your legal department should be able to draft a document called a nondisclosure agreement, or an NDA.
    • On the other, he was never officially involved in the council, never having been appointed to any of the commissions that did much of the work of drafting the eventual documents.
    • I am drafting this document just after completing a commercial novel of about a half-million words, and I enjoyed every one of them.
    • I go there to prepare speeches, or draft articles and letters.
    • Those documents were generally drafted later and reflect social democratic ideas arising in the 19th century.
    • The delay is widely blamed on the prosecutors in his case, who have so far only prepared draft versions of their reports into each group member.
    • I attach hereto draft documents which I hope will form a satisfactory agreement in respect of services on the above Estate.
    • He does, however, warn against drafting the document oneself.
    • Administration officials tell CNN this 20-plus page document was actually drafted back in 2003.
  • 2US

    llamar a filas
    her son was drafted into the army su hijo fue llamado a filas
    • After two years there, he and other American Japanese male prisoners of the appropriate age were drafted for military service.
    • However, in March 1916, he was drafted for military service to the Reserve Officers School near Sofia.
    • An army serial number must be assigned and issued to an Army or Navy inductee by a relevant military draft office on the day when he is drafted into service.
    • Accordingly, in March 1863, Congress passed the Conscription Act to draft men into military service.
    • As a youth he had no intention of pursuing a military career, but he was drafted into the revolutionary army in 1793.
    • A state effort to enlist new voters calls on people to make a choice between being drafted for military service or registering to vote.
    • The Russian Czar, Peter the Great, devised the system in which young men were drafted to serve in the military for prolonged terms.
    • Unable to pay 20 gold napoleons for his stay, the poor man was thrown into debtor's prison before being drafted into service in the emperor's army.
    • Attending college allowed him to avoid being drafted into the military.
    • Worse, so many doctors, scientists, and lab technicians had been drafted into military service that civilian operations were hamstrung.
    • After graduating from high school, he was drafted into the Military Officer Training School.
    • After the main drummer from Machito's famous big band was drafted into the military, he was recruited to play drums and performed excellently.
    • Up until 1994, Honduras drafted children into its military.
    • He was drafted into the Royal Army Service Corps shortly after and saw action throughout the war, including the D Day landings.
    • The boys were about to be drafted into the military.
    • However, the authorities had other ideas, and Chris was drafted into the Swedish Army for his National Service.
    • Unfortunately, two years later, he was drafted into the French military, and he lost his prime slot at the company.
    • In Algeria, for example, men were drafted into service.
    • At this point, I'll also note that he was drafted for military service in the Vietnam War.
    • It's his homeworld and he says he lives in fear of being drafted back into their military yet again.
  • 3

    • She was given so many flowers that three policewomen were drafted in to help the Queen's lady-in-waiting to carry them.
    • The first rescue attempt was made by a team of firemen, but the current was too strong, so by 6pm a specialist civil defence team were drafted in.
    • I was drafted in from head office to ‘facilitate the streamlining of resources in middle management’.
    • Local people were drafted in as casual workers to clean up the contaminated factory.
    • It suggests senior teachers took classes, staff were drafted in from other schools and disruptive children were being taken out of lessons.
    • I was supposed to go onto university when the lead of a musical, that was due to be staged by my old drama teacher, dropped out and I was drafted in.
    • Dozens of extra officers were also drafted in from across the force, and senior officers even flew to the US to meet members of the FBI to help with the investigation.
    • A team of Hampshire police officers was drafted in last night as a murder investigation was launched.
    • Taxi drivers were also drafted in to scour parts of Bolton.
    • Extra police officers were drafted in to patrol a peace march after word of a rival, impromptu pro-war demonstration was circulated.
    • More volunteers are drafted in just in time as the ferry spills out the first swell of festival-goers who immediately target our ticket office en-masse.
    • Pupils who are able to turn up for lessons face disruption as stand-in teachers are drafted in to provide cover for staff members who are not able to start work.
    • Security measures had been dramatically stepped up at Heathrow airport with extra police officers being drafted in from surrounding areas and forces.
    • About 20 officers were drafted in - some from Bradford - to deal with the incident at 9.17 pm.
    • A month later union leaders were drafted in following fears the firm's wood mill was facing imminent closure, with more finished products being shipped in from abroad.
    • Extra staff were drafted in to cope with the demand.
    • Extra officers were drafted in from all over the county to cope with the gathering crowds.
    • Extra officers were drafted in from other US cities.
    • Now she is quite happy to do the designing and planting, but when it comes to the heavy stuff I'm drafted in.
    • Hundreds of police officers were drafted in to monitor yesterday's march, which passed off peacefully with no arrests.