Translation of draftsman in Spanish:


(British draughtsman)

Pronunciation /ˈdrɑːf(t)smən//ˈdræf(t)smən/

nounPlural draftsmen

  • 1

    persona que redacta un anteproyecto de ley
    • The parliamentary draftsmen in 1996 widened the classes of people not eligible, so the clause now covers anybody who contested general elections.
    • The loophole that led to the collapse of the ban had escaped the gaze of the legal draftsmen, the Attorney General and the Cabinet.
    • Those authorities will have been consistently acted upon by draftsmen, receivers and others.
    • If they had wanted legal advice, then they should have appointed a legal assessor, not a draftsman and made that clear to the parties.
    • She said: ‘Nobody is infallible, including parliamentary draftsmen.’
    • Even if the documents had been with the costs draftsman the Respondent could have gained access to them or could have obtained a copy.
    • On an ethical issue we depend far more on professional integrity than on text cobbled together by the parliamentary draftsman.
    • He said there were two clear organisations - a supporters group and a political party - and while it may not have pleased a legal draftsman it was the way the party chose to establish itself.
    • Last night, a Government spokesperson insisted the bill was put together by the parliamentary draftsman's office and the Attorney General.
    • Fortunately, the draftsmen of the ICC Statute made a significant contribution, when they endeavoured to define as precisely as possible the various categories of crimes.
    • Among those attending the meeting were all key draftsmen of the Nepad plan.
    • This is too complex a matter to be left in the clandestine care of legal draftsmen.
    • The parliamentary draftsman would have had in mind the speech of Lord
    • The legal statement of rights is, in some respects, a codification of the rule of law by lawyers and legal draftsmen.
    • It seems to me that words have been used intentionally by a draftsman in a field where authority has laid down what those words will be taken to mean.
    • This argument is based on the proposition that where a draftsman of a document has expressed himself differently in two places, there is a presumption that he did so because he intended two different effects.
    • Now, it does not matter whether they have said that or not, because it is implied by federal law, but it is a little unfair to the Victorian draftsman, or the general draftsman, to say that the section in some way conflicts.
    • The documentary advertisements that the draftsman of the Act had in mind would have had some quality of permanence.
    • Also among the first band of swimmers was a legal costs draftsman.
    • If your Honours look at the terminology, your Honours might have a view as to what the draftsman was concerned to guard against in coming to draft section 476.
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    • 2.1Architecture Mechanics

      dibujante feminine
      delineante feminine

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      dibujante masculine

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