Translation of drain in Spanish:


sumidero, n.

Pronunciation: /dreɪn//dreɪn/


  • 1

    • 1.1(pipe)

      sumidero masculine
      resumidero masculine Latin America
      the drains (of town) el alcantarillado
      • He says he has campaigned for better drains along the busy route for more than 14 years.
      • The poor state of storm water drains in the city became evident after the first spells of heavy rain last month.
      • At a hardware store, I laid the fittings out on the floor of the plumbing aisle and began to design our drain, waste and vent systems.
      • The system must also provide for waste flow to drains.
      • It is good that the BMP has started work on removing silt from storm water drains before the onset of monsoon.
      • But now we can't even use the plumbing because the drains are all backed up.
      • Close the water valves and disconnect the water lines just above the valves and the drain piping at the trap.
      • When sewage builds up too quickly it can block the system's outlet pipe and clog the drain, causing a backup.
      • This may indicate that roof leakage is occurring where the drain vent pipe penetrates the roof flashing.
      • Rat-tailed maggot larvae may be found in drains, waste waters, liquid manure, slurry tanks or ditches.
      • It was no longer possible to flush out waste down the drains.
      • Gas had built up and seeped through pipes, drains and cable ducts into the bungalows.
      • The room's toilet pipes and shower drains carry this waste to a holding tank.
      • They were primitive small cylinders, not hooked up to water pipes or drains, with no spin dryers or wringers.
      • An effort is also on to kick off work to cover open storm water drains like the one in Jeevan Bhima Nagar - where a youth was drowned earlier this year.
      • Clogged drains and pipes problems will prevent the bathtub from drying and may indicate serious problems beneath the bathtub.
      • Look around the sink, slow draining pipes indicate a blocked drain.
      • This allows there to be fewer drains and narrower down pipes.
      • First try the liquid drain products that are compatible with your home plumbing system first.
      • Plugged and or restricted drain lines need to be snaked out using a plumber drain cleaning snake.

    • 1.2British (grid)

      sumidero masculine
      resumidero masculine Latin America
      • We are going to set this right first by making a uniform carriageway of four lanes, fit pre-cast drains and asphalt the roads.
      • A drain constructed from sheet metal guttering was installed at the foot of each plot to intercept the runoff.
      • Run-off from roads and farmland created some problems, blocking drains and gullies.
      • Residents don't need to mow their grass, clean drains or worry about painting window frames.
      • They blamed blocked road drains being unable to cope with the torrential rain held back by road humps.
      • Staff at the centre spent Tuesday night rescuing more than 200 toads which had jumped down drains in the road, attracted by the water below.
      • The road drains here were flushed out not too long ago, and the drainage system out on the fens seems more than able to cope with the rain we've had and a lot more.
      • The man lies dead in a drain after a security guard reportedly shot him during a robbery at a liquor store yesterday.
      • And so the Ravenscar Estate Company set to work with hundreds of men, laying drains and building roads and offering building plots for sale at auction.
      • With high tides and gale force winds the drains alongside the road were unable to take the flow of water which caused severe flooding on the road.
      • Straight roads, sanitation, drains and fountains offered a clear and ordered view of the world.
      • It was recovered from a drain in the Road, barely a mile from his home.
      • Some 300 men were employed to lay drains and construct new roads.
      • Metal drain grates on a number of roads have gone missing and are not only a danger to pedestrians but also cause damage to cars and motorcycles.

    • 1.3Medicine

      drenaje masculine
      • They experimented by omitting the use of dressings and, instead inserted drains using bactericidal fluids.
      • It may also present with signs of sepsis, or increased drainage output from previously placed chest tubes and drains.
      • Skin protection is the common denominator linking the management of tubes, drains, fistulae, and draining wounds.
      • All patients have a number of drains, plastic tubes left under the skin and fat to collect tissue fluid and blood, left in place for one to two weeks.
      • Two drains were placed in the largest abscesses in the right and left lobes under ultrasound guidance.
      • The subcutaneous drain is removed within the first few days or when the output is less than 50 cc's per day.
      • The surgeon removes the drain 24 hours after surgery if no increases in intracranial pressure are noted.
      • A tube or strip of rubber called a drain may be left in the abscess to stop it from healing over.
      • Tubes, sutures and drains cover his body from nose to abdomen.
      • You may also be given a drain, to remove any blood and fluid that accumulates around the wound.
      • The doctors therefore simply inserted two abdominal drains under local anaesthetic, and about 50 ml of fluid drained from each.
      • The first lymph node into which fluids from a tumor drain is called the sentinel node.
      • Her lumbar drain and indwelling Foley catheter was removed the morning after surgery, and she ambulated in the hall later that morning.
      • Tubes called drains may be used to remove any build-ups of blood in an area of the body until healing occurs.
      • At completion of the procedure a single chest tube drain is placed.
      • Note drain and second abscess in segments VII and VIII
      • Little has been reported on the painfulness of the removal of (non-chest tube) wound drains.
      • The PACU nurse monitors the compression-bulb drain from the abdominal cavity for the type and quantity of output.
      • The wound is closed in layers over a drain placed in the subcutaneous space.
      • The surgeon places a closed-suction drain tube, which remains in place at least two days postoperatively.

  • 2British

    (in street)
    alcantarilla feminine
  • 3

    desagüe masculine
    that's money down the drain eso es tirar el dinero
    • 20 years' research down the drain veinte años de investigación tirados por la borda
    • to laugh like a drain reírse a mandíbula batiente
  • 4

    • 4.1(cause of depletion)

      a drain on sth
      • a drain on the country's resources una sangría para el país
      • his drinking was a constant drain on his wages gran parte del sueldo se le iba en bebida
      • the extra work is an enormous drain on my energy el trabajo extra me está agotando
      • ‘It was very successful but when the problems died down the project became a big drain on resources so we stopped it,’ he said.
      • The report, by a Washington research group, said both groups are victims of malnutrition and a drain on national resources.
      • Conferences are a huge drain on time and resources, taking the best and brightest away from their work implementing the agreement.
      • If you're looking for the culprit responsible for most of the drain on your batteries, it's that big LCD display on the back of the camera.
      • Ongoing legal battles continue to be an economic drain on the resources of the Mohawk community.
      • To support this expansion increasing demands were made on economies, adding a further drain on resources.
      • Single slot transmission will avoid excessive heating and battery drain, but will limit the speed of, for example, video phone output.
      • Too often, what may seem to be another ‘great idea’ can become a distraction or even a drain on resources.
      • In fact, they are a drain on its resources, creating a deficit of over Rs.12 lakhs a year, despite the huge income that tours generate for their promoters.
      • It only gives them one more mouth to feed and one more drain on their meager resources.
      • They believe that diagnosis is a neglected problem which allows conditions to deteriorate, placing further drains on NHS resources.
      • Cellphones and palmtop organisers can now play louder ring tones and MP3 music with less drain on the batteries, thanks to a new way of radiating sound from the screen
      • Another day he hopes will come is when the network ceases to be a drain on the budget and becomes a revenue producer for the city.
      • This is expensive, so that neonatal care provides a significant drain on scarce resources.
      • Buttons on the camera body let you change most settings without turning on the color display and drilling through menus, a battery drain.
      • It is a major drain on police resources in Swindon, and the newspaper has recently reported problems in Toothill, Freshbrook, Stratton and Highworth.
      • To suggest that, in the recent past, cities were widely perceived otherwise - as a drain on resources - is disingenuous, to say the least.
      • ‘Policing of this one premises represents a substantial drain on my resources,’ said the inspector.
      • The reduction in funding means some families will now have to apply for respite, which will mean an alternative drain on the government resources.
      • It is a known fact that road haulage apart from the massive costs involved, is a drain on national resources, as the network regularly needs repair.
      • Demands from the NSW Government for higher dividends are creating a drain on resources within the power entities.

    • 4.2(outflow, loss)

      fuga feminine
      • Without that recognition, current problems cannot be addressed, and the drain of musical talent from the church will continue.
      • Now U.S. taxpayers are tired of the drain on local schools, hospitals and other services.
      • Police pensions continued to be a drain on the budget and support systems had been stripped back to such an extent that it would be ‘dangerous’ to go further.
      • The company has consistently said that funding the continuing trading losses is the biggest drain on its cash flow.
      • They have drafted in a former first team coach to co-ordinate a new youth policy which, they hope, will stop the drain of talent away from the town.
      • Oh sure, the on-campus businesses went about their usual routine, with some making money and the ones that historically are a budget drain continuing to be so.
      • Even worse, these utilities are often a continual drain and national budgets, thus the need to go to the IMF or World Bank for bailouts.
      • Dobbs' task will be to stem the viewership drain, and he says he harbors no illusions about the difficulty of the job at hand.
      • The report revealed that unless there is a fundamental change in visitor numbers, the Centre will continue to be a drain on the Council purse.
      • The introduction of upper division programs will result in new expenditures, which cannot help creating a drain on existing resources.
      • However, it makes no sense to keep the project alive at the cost of a massive, continuing drain from consumers and public finances.
      • This drain on financial resources limits the region's ability to continue to grow and create wealth.
      • Some experts believe the crisis will be particularly severe in Scotland, because the continuing drain of departing youth multiplies the effect of an ageing population.
      • As long as people can pursue their economic interests by going where the opportunity is, that drain will continue.
      • Is it the appalling language, the irregular sleeping patterns, or the continual drain on your bank balance?
      • However, the constant drain of talent can be a vicious circle.
      • The former controller of BBC Radio Four wants to halt the drain of Caledonian talent dripping away to London in his new role in Scotland.
      • The other significant drain on Garda resources continued to be public order offences, many of which were alcohol-related.
      • The drain of talent could be heightened even further next year after the chief executive revealed they may be forced to scrap their Academy team.
      • A pattern has emerged, and one that highlights a worrying talent drain.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (tank/container) vaciar
    (swamp/land) drenar
    (land/swamp) avenar
    (blood) drenar
    (water/sap) extraer
    to drain the oil from the engine vaciar el aceite del motor
  • 2

    (pasta/vegetables/rice) escurrir
    (pasta/vegetables/rice) colar
  • 3

    (abscess/bladder) drenar
  • 4

    (channel/river) desaguar
  • 5

    (drink up)
    (glass/cup) vaciar
    (cup/glass) apurar
    (beer) apurar
    (beer) beberse
  • 6

    (consume, exhaust)
    (strength/resources) agotar
    (resources/strength) consumir
    too much work has drained his energy el excesivo trabajo ha consumido sus energías / lo ha agotado
    • the war is draining the nation of its resources la guerra está sangrando al país

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (food/dishes/cutlery) escurrir(se)
    leave the dishes to drain deja que los platos (se) escurran
  • 2

    the blood / color drained from her face perdió el color de la cara
    • all the strength seemed to drain from my limbs los brazos y las piernas se me quedaron como sin fuerzas
  • 3

    (river/pipes) desaguar