Translation of draw in Spanish:


descorrer, v.

Pronunciation /drɔː//drɔ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(move by pulling)

      (drapes/bolt/curtains) (open) descorrer
      (curtains/drapes/bolt) (shut) correr
      (bow) tensar
      I drew my belt tighter me apreté más el cinturón
      • A few moments later someone drew the curtains, shutting the light down to a soft dim.
      • She shut the windows and drew her curtains, letting her gaze linger on the moon for a while.
      • The waitress shuts the windows and draws the curtains.
      • When it came to the end of the day, though, I was more than happy to draw the curtains and shut the day out.
      • I drew open the curtains on a glorious day, the light even, clear, and merciless.
      • We draw open the curtain and emerge from the cubicle together.
      • A little girl drew the curtains open to reveal a window to the street outside, where people walked by, seeming to be part of the performance.
      • She drew open the shower curtain and closed the shower.
      • The nurse drew the curtain shut again and walked off.
      • She pulled the heavy window shut, drew the curtains, and fell sleepily onto the bed.
      • I drew open the curtains, let white light wash through the before dark room.
      • She tightened her robe and drew open the curtains.
      • I closed the door behind me and drew the curtains open so the moonlight could beam into my room.
      • She walked over to the window and drew the curtains, shutting out the inquisitive glare of the moon.
      • He drew the curtains shut silently and turned around, not offering a word.
      • The windows upstairs were shut, the curtains drawn.
      • The curtains were drawn so I moved quickly over to them to see what kind of view was behind them.
      • I switched off my bedside lamp and drew open the curtains.
      • He tried to spy Claire behind one of them, but as always the curtains were drawn shut.
      • Without her knowing, the man had shut the windows and drawn the curtains.

    • 1.2(in specified direction)

      draw your chair up to the table acerca / arrima la silla a la mesa
      • he drew his cloak about him se envolvió bien en la capa
      • her hair was drawn back into a bun llevaba el pelo recogido en un moño

    • 1.3(pull along)

      (sled/cart) tirar de
      (sled/cart) arrastrar
      the cart was drawn by a horse un caballo tiraba del carro
      • He introduced ambulances volantes, light, two-wheeled, sprung vehicles, drawn by two horses, for the rapid evacuation of the wounded.
      • Aunty Miss left her entire property to a mysterious young man who arrived in a brown carriage drawn by brown horses from the east a week after her death.
      • The princess and the fairy mage were bound by ropes as prisoners on a covered wagon drawn by two horses that didn't seem quite normal.
      • Sometime later it was adopted as a funeral carriage drawn by two horses.
      • The rarely-used Scottish state coach, drawn by four white horses, was escorted by two squadrons of the Household Cavalry.
      • He looked up to see a richly garbed carriage rumbling slowly and carefully toward him drawn by two dappled horses.
      • The path is just wide enough for a horse drawing a single cart.
      • All of them were taken to a large area, once the Town Square, which was filled with large carts, drawn by black horses.
      • The hapless Christians mixed burning limestone and drew carts like horses, in between brutal beatings, from dawn to dusk.
      • He followed the same method as the Philistines when they sent it back to Israel and put it on a new cart, drawn by oxen.
      • The former soldier's coffin was draped in a Union Jack and carried to St Bartholomew's Church, in Park Lane, on a carriage drawn by two horses.
      • Steam engines were then made portable so that they could be drawn by horses.
      • Her glass carriage was drawn by four white horses decorated with pink plumage and two coach men dressed in white suits, pink ties and top hats.
      • Although the roads were busy, this was mainly of vehicles drawn by sheep or goats or ancient bicycles.
      • Prince Rupert of the Rhine drove to the battle of Marston Moor in a coach drawn by six horses.
      • Behind him, drawn by two milky oxen, was a cart laid with cloth of purple.
      • Horses drawing carts clip-clop along the unsurfaced roads and gypsy children run barefoot in hot pursuit.
      • In 1990, authorities in Florence decreed that horses drawing carriages in the city must wear a form of nappies.
      • The peasant I had seen on my way to Evora that morning, trudging a field behind a hand-plough drawn by a pair of bullocks, might have been his father.
      • Twelve enormous carved wheels appear to support the temple-chariot which is drawn by seven galloping horses.

  • 2

    (bring to specified state)
    the chairman drew the meeting to a close el presidente dio por terminada la reunión
    • it has been drawn to my attention that … se me ha señalado que …
  • 3

    • 3.1(pull out)

      (tooth/cork) sacar
      (tooth/cork) extraer formal
      (gun) desenfundar
      (gun) sacar
      (dagger/sword) desenvainar
      (dagger/sword) sacar
      to draw water (from a well) sacar agua (de un pozo)
      • he drew a $100 bill out of / from his wallet sacó un billete de 100 dólares de su cartera
      • He moves ever closer, drawing a dagger, with a smile on his face.
      • He heard the whine of steel on scabbard and drew his two swords, barely crossing them in time to intercept her drive.
      • The blond drew a spiked chain, while the other drew a nefariously shaped sword.
      • Aluminum wire, drawn from rolled rod, may be stranded into cable of any desired size and type.
      • I bit my lip in concentration and drew an arrow, pulling the bowstring taut.
      • Cecil quickly drew his other sword, and took a defensive stance.
      • There was also the chilling sound of a sword - several swords - being drawn.
      • The doc drew off a lot of fluid - then it was up to Kris.
      • The guards with the torches came running back and joined the other six in drawing swords and moving for the shadow that was pulling the gate open.
      • The others stood, not questioning Jim's direction, and drew their guns for the second time in less than an hour.
      • The two other figures moved forward and drew their swords, then broke into a charge.
      • Women wash their hair in the water and householders draw some out to sprinkle in their doorways for a good harvest and fruitfulness to come.
      • It was like leeches they used back when, to draw off bad blood but in this case they drew off fat.
      • She quickly drew her knife, pulled him in by wrapping an arm around his neck.
      • He held the knife threateningly in his left hand, and drew his black ruby sword in his right.
      • The other acted immediately, drawing his gun and pulling the trigger.
      • A violent row broke out between the four men at which stage the two attackers drew Samurai swords and attempted to slash their victims.
      • The naturally occurring well is renowned for the purity of its water, which is drawn with the aid of a mechanical pump.
      • She tensed and sprang up, drawing her two swords.
      • And he drew off the contents of the cyst with a needle.
      • The structure of heavily drawn wire or rolled sheet consists of very long interlocking grains.
      • Even when the idea of justice is interpreted in a positive light, one should refrain from drawing one's sword indiscriminately.

    • 3.2(cause to flow)

      to draw blood sacar sangre
      • to draw breath respirar
      • They wanted a reliable, low-cost and easily managed system supplying potable water to a complex of delivery points across town, eliminating the need for people to draw their water from suspect sources.
      • As he drew some of the clear liquid from the bottle into the syringe, Mercury tried to read the label over his shoulder but found it plain.
      • In his hand that had not been crushed, he gripped the jagged shard of glass even while it pricked him and drew more red liquid.
      • The liquid is drawn into a nebulizer, which breaks it up into a spray of tiny droplets.
      • He mercilessly sunk his teeth into her delicate skin and drank the red liquid that he drew.
      • Vacuum filters often use cloth or wire screen to hold the solids as the liquid is drawn through.
      • The liquid drawn off after the salted fish had fermented for about two months was garum or liquamen; allec or allex was the name of the solid residue, which also had culinary uses.
      • As the tall man walked over to Shacago, the nurse drew some almost translucent liquid out of a bottle and into a thick needle.
      • A critical water shortage has hit Luwingu district following the continued strike by council workers forcing residents to draw their domestic supply from suspected contaminated sources.
      • The oil container draws the oil into the wicks so they will burn continuously.

    • 3.3Games

      (domino/card) sacar
      (card/domino) robar
      she drew the winning number sacó el número ganador
      • Two other Zambians at the championship, Jere and Mwali drew their game after being matched together in the third round.
      • And to rub salt in the wound Rovers completed the job at the Reebok Stadium after drawing the first game at Prenton Park.
      • Bucks are yet to win a game in six matches, having drawn three which takes their points tally to only three - a point above bottom of the log, Jomo Cosmos.
      • Eagles, who last season grabbed most of the silverware on offer, won all their five games while Buffaloes and LCC won three and drew one game each.
      • Sandeep seemed to be happy with the silver, after quickly drawing his final round game against compatriot K. Narayanan, who won the bronze with five points.
      • But he hung on, and drew the next 17 games before losing yet again in the 27th game.
      • If you look at it, we have been 2-0 up in two or three games this season and we've thrown it away because teams have come back at us and they've either won or drawn the game.
      • We drew the game 1-1, but they are an excellent footballing side and I'm not surprised to see them up near the top of the table.
      • This looks like being a record season for games being drawn at halftime - I may well come back to revisit this subject in April or May when we'll know if the trend has continued.
      • After that game, the talk was about Nchelenge who out of their four preliminary games lost only one and drew three games against Sikalongo, Kasama and St Johns.
      • The player who drew the trump card keeps it and begins phase two.
      • But during a week of brilliant sunshine the Carlow Town lads also shone brightly as they went from strength to strength, winning six games, drawing one and losing one.
      • Along the way they have won 29 and drawn one, scoring 193 goals and conceding just 34.
      • Any player who draws a card of the trump rank during the deal may place it face up on the table, and its suit then becomes trumps for the hand.
      • If the name of the game was to draw games Greengates would have won the league already.
      • The declarer then draws an equal number of cards from the top of the heap, including the face-up trump card if the contract is vuelta.
      • Passage won five of the six games played and drew the other.
      • If you draw a card of the trump rank during the deal, you are not obliged to expose it immediately or at all.
      • A player who cannot play may be penalised by having to draw one or more cards from an undealt stock.
      • It was in Nancy that I had my biggest spat with a team-mate, who came on as substitute and twice got caught in possession so that we drew a game we had led 2-0.
      • Albion Sports made it through to the last four of the West Riding County Sunday Cup but Queens Athletic will have to wait until the weekend after drawing their game.
      • Simutowe lost his seventh game before drawing his eighth at the seven-round tournament where two extra rounds were added.
      • Both had won five of their previous six games, drawing the other, but the Third Division side dominated possession for much of the match.
      • He lost twice and drew three games to finish a distant 31st with 7.5 points.
      • Yorkshire showed several changes from the side which drew their Championship match against Lancashire at Old Trafford last week.

    • 3.4(in contest, tournament)

      Italy has been drawn to play France a Italia le ha tocado en el sorteo jugar contra Francia

  • 4

    • 4.1Finance

      (salary/pension) cobrar
      (salary/pension) percibir formal
      (check) girar
      (check) librar
      to draw money from / out of the bank retirar / sacar dinero del banco
      • He said the bank would not draw or demand any money from the client as the bank would only claim insurance when one was fired.
      • In the normal course customers pay their credit card accounts on time by drawing against deposits at banks on which effectively no interest is being paid.
      • Akzo subsidized these low prices by money drawn from the plastics sector.
      • Less money will be available to government, and that money will be drawn more heavily from those who have the least.
      • My mother has never paid a bill, written a cheque or drawn money from the bank in her life.
      • What is interesting is that all private sector industries are being run with money drawn from publicly owned banks.
      • You put off buying an annuity, invest the money, and draw some of it off as a pension.
      • First, is this a situation in which money can be drawn down merely because there is a bona fide claim?
      • Money has been drawn away from deposit accounts to unit trusts, life assurance, and pension plans.
      • We were afraid that if we opened the door on treatment at all, then all of our money would be drawn away.
      • When so much importance and security is given to draw one's own money from a bank, why not show similar care for one's health?
      • The money will be drawn using a card and a PIN at a post office.
      • No Money shall be drawn from the Treasury, but in Consequence of Appropriations made by Law.
      • The value is subject to the normal income tax on the money drawn down from the fund or annuity.
      • The MPs decided that the money drawn would be taxed by 16 per cent instead of the present 20 per cent.

    • 4.2(derive)

      (strength) sacar
      the painting draws its inspiration from nature el cuadro se inspira en la naturaleza
      • she drew comfort from the fact that … se consoló pensando que …
      • they were drawn from all sections of society provenían de todos los sectores sociales
      • It draws its inspiration from Norway, where the government started phasing in smoking restrictions in the late 1980s, stipulating that 25 per cent of all tables in bars and restaurants must be non-smoking.
      • Should they be more discerning about the sources they draw their information from?
      • While in England, he noticed that many of those working for the abolition of slavery drew their inspiration from the Bible.
      • They also drew an inspiration from what they learn in the classroom, informs one of the art teachers who supervised the ambitious, annual project.
      • Most ancient kings were attributed to the highest order of priesthood, and drew their authority from a divine source, for whom they acted as a living representative.
      • The collection of poetry by the Kilkelly man, who draws his inspiration from real life events, is available in Newsround, Main St., and Caulfield's, Upper Main St. Ballyhaunis.
      • The Carlow Brewing Company draws its inspiration from the history of the surrounding area to produce traditional Celtic recipes.
      • The operating budget draws its funds from three sources: tuition dollars, alumni gifts through the annual fund and a portion of the return from the endowment, Aase said.
      • Performing in the traditional Irish style, he draws his inspiration from another age.
      • Historians now drew their inspiration from indigenous language sources and local colonial archives.
      • Thy drew their inspiration from a group of women who decided to walk around London in aid of breast cancer.
      • Evans draws her inspiration from an old-growth forest on Vancouver Island.
      • That extra man proved to be a hindrance to Laois however and it was Dublin who drew most inspiration from the situation.
      • Other fountains drew their inspiration from various Greek legends, thus infusing a sense of mystery to every sight that one laid one's eyes on.
      • While he and his once-youthful collaborators have become modern icons, Baldry draws his inspiration from the masters of an even earlier era.
      • He often draws his inspiration from animals and examples of his latest work use a study of lizards as a starting point.
      • Even some of the government hospitals draw their supplies from the same source.
      • These four talented musicians draw their inspiration from widely varied sources of music.
      • Assu draws his inspiration from his friends, family and mixed-cultural upbringing.
      • In contrast, civilization's three previous historic forms of government drew their power from different sources.

  • 5

    (distinction/analogy/parallel) establecer
    he drew the conclusion that … llegó a / sacó la conclusión de que …
    • there's a lesson to be drawn from all this de todo esto podemos sacar una lección / aprender algo
    • Now, it is our submission that the conclusion which the trial judge drew based upon those inferences was a proper one and well open to him in the circumstances.
    • No distinction will be drawn between the commercial and leisure sectors and the limits will apply to anyone who is flying or working with aircraft in their free time.
    • A distinction might be drawn between a culture and a belief system (religious or otherwise).
    • But there is a distinction to be drawn after you have proceedings on foot.
    • The Court drew a somewhat uneasy distinction between documentary evidence and oral explanations.
    • I do not think there is any distinction to be drawn between these different categories (nursing care and child-minding).
    • Theres a moral or parable or some sort of conclusion to be drawn from that there…
    • So Rushton's use of this data to draw the conclusions he reaches about hereditability is sound in my opinion.
    • What conclusions could we draw under these circumstances?
    • This involves a consideration of the reasonableness of the inferences to be drawn from the circumstantial evidence.
    • It depends upon inferences to be drawn from various circumstances.
    • Firstly, there must have been some overt act by the land owner or some demonstrable circumstances from which the inference can be drawn that permission was in fact given.
    • The Court's opinion draws no such distinction.
    • But the only moral conclusion we can draw from this is that we shouldn't be cloning humans yet.
    • For the writer, there's a fine distinction to be drawn between caption text and speech bubble.
    • A distinction can be drawn between ‘superstitions’ and other kinds of folklore belief.
    • In my view, the law draws a clear distinction between fiduciary duties and other duties that may be owed by a person in a fiduciary position.
    • There is as much a need to remind the jury of the circumstances in which a proper inference may be drawn under section 34 as under section 35.
    • I can see that there could be circumstances where one would draw that conclusion.
    • Putting it that way, of course, would have made it far more difficult to draw simplistic moral conclusions.
    • The Committee supports the need for a distinction to be drawn between such party-political activities and other types of lobbying activity.
    • I am wholly unable to draw any such inference or conclusion.
    • A broad distinction may be drawn between interpretive and non-interpretive approaches to ethnographic inquiry.
    • Current research also confirms that important distinctions are to be drawn among different suicide criteria.
    • A crucial distinction has been drawn between reproductive and therapeutic cloning.
    • Let me detail this a little, and then draw some broader conclusions at the end.
    • It's a fine distinction to be drawn, clearly - but we know that governments have more information than the general public.
    • That case which was Weisensteiner, the court said that in the circumstances of the case, an adverse inference should be drawn.
    • I can see the reasoning, but don't think it draws clear enough distinctions.
    • Some Western leaders are drawing a sharper distinction in the debate of freedom of speech.
    • To make it clear, South Australia draws no such distinction.
    • In the circumstances, a negative inference cannot be drawn against the Bank as a result of its failure to produce the transaction slips.
    • Third, if a distinction is to be drawn between the law as it applies to packaging and to advertisements, precisely where does one end and the other begin?
    • It is too late to point all this out now that the distinction has been drawn.
    • However, William James also drew a further distinction which is not strongly represented in modern studies of attention.
  • 6

    • 6.1(attract)

      (customers/crowd) atraer
      I was soon drawn into the argument pronto me vi envuelto en la discusión
      • may I draw your attention to the fact that … permítanme señalarles que …
      • to draw attention to oneself llamar la atención
      • to be drawn to/toward sb/sth sentirse atraído por/hacia algn/algo
      • The event drew a huge crowd, as this sport gatherers greater and greater interest amongst the locals.
      • Soaring temperatures brought Lewisham residents out in force to enjoy two annual events which always draw a huge crowd.
      • In other words, their attention has been drawn to a stimulus, without any knowledge or appreciation of the significance of the stimulus.
      • This eagerly anticipated annual event once again drew the crowds and this time there was the added attraction of an extra race on the town centre circuit.
      • But it is the idea of introducing new innovative transport schemes, such as a mass transit system, that will draw the most attention.
      • But it was the opening event that had drawn a healthy crowd of onlookers.
      • Now our attention has been drawn to a magazine item, ominously headed ‘Coppergate row continues’.
      • The event drew an enthusiastic audience of 1,100 on a Saturday evening.
      • But none of these accomplishments would draw the attention Birthday Letters did.
      • When they finally came onstage, my attention immediately was drawn to their pants.
      • The groups have wanted to use park space for this cultural event, which draws visitors and participants from all corners of the United States.
      • The monsters and other sci-fi characters are the attractions that draw people to our events, and help us raise money.
      • Both girls were chanting, causing more attention to be drawn to them as they drove along in the cherry red sports car.
      • I draw the Court's attention to the fact that the intent of this application was for the imprisonment of me, as the respondent to the application.
      • But what's drawn everyone's attention of course is the high, the highest tax rate.
      • His funeral will be at the National Cathedral, an event likely to draw world leaders.
      • All nine drivers deserve the highest praise for performing faultlessly throughout the event, which drew a total crowd of nearly 100,000 over the three days.
      • It attracts advertisers by drawing a large audience of users to its service.
      • During argument, my attention has been drawn to certain decisions on the duty to give reasons in a planning context.
      • Since attention has been drawn to dog fouling there has been no dog mess in the verge.
      • In this city, fashion events always draw excited crowds.
      • The event drew record crowds for the three day festival with 150,000 in attendance.
      • Perhaps then, attention should be drawn to the aspects that the team does have.
      • Not since the Getty Center has a new Los Angeles building attracted the attention drawn by the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels.
      • Though more public attention has been drawn to homeworkers, eight years later, their situations have barely improved.
      • Such events often draw crowds of several hundred people and are well covered in local and regional newspapers.
      • The Thursday before the two marquee events drew a crowd of 23,630.
      • The English department held a teach-in that, like other such events, drew a crowd.
      • Although Friday was cloudy and blighted with intermittent rain, the weather proved kind on Saturday with sunshine and warmth drawing crowds to the event.
      • Of late, though, my attention has been drawn away by a new game, scheduled to be released early next year, called Freedom Force.
      • Here, luxuriously confined, they drew crowds of visitors attracted by their boisterous commentary.
      • A great variety of attractive gifts drew everyone's attention for purchases at the cake stall, toys, raffles, bric-a-brac.
      • Attention was first drawn to the flat when workers in the bakery below reported a brownish-coloured fluid staining their walls on Tuesday.
      • It glittered with the intensity of the sun, then brighter, drawing everyone's attention to her instead.
      • We create attractive cost efficient websites that will draw visitors and customers to your business or personal web pages.
      • Not only does he brew the tsipouro, he's also a talented singer, and was ‘in concert’ for guests one night, an event which also drew a large audience of locals.
      • Angelos caught her hand, which muted her thoughts and drew her attention instantly in alarm.
      • It drew the Government's attention to the economic benefits of giving the Western Bay the same priority as Auckland's urgent needs.
      • By the way, can I draw everyone's attention to my overuse of parentheses in the last paragraph?
      • Over the years, no event ever drew such crowds to town and it was a day of days that never failed to give people a day out and of course it will jog old memories.

    • 6.2(elicit)

      (response) obtener
      (praise) conseguir
      (protest/criticism) provocar
      (protest/criticism) suscitar
      (applause/laughter) arrancar
      to draw tears/a smile from sb hacer llorar/hacer sonreír a algn
      • we finally drew the story out of him finalmente logramos sonsacarle lo que había pasado
      • I asked him about it, but he wouldn't be drawn se lo pregunté, pero se negó a decir nada
      • Based on the data, the company buys additional time on stations that draw the best response.
      • What kind of world is this that when a person states the obvious, it is so counter to the deceptive spin of the media and the government that it draws the strongest applause of the conference?
      • I write to address criticisms drawn in response to my call for a secret ballot.
      • ‘As the law concerns almost everyone, it drew a bigger response than any other amendment,’ Zhang said.
      • Another cover version drew a more mixed response from both these listeners, however.
      • It became clear, however, that the play drew a rather different response from much of its audience.
      • It's an olive branch sheathed like a blade, but it draws the largest applause of the night.
      • The biggest hole in the first draft of the bill, and which drew the heaviest criticism was the failure to mention the right to a Gaelic education.
      • That should draw the largest applause in the Old Vic.
      • This was one of the aspects of ‘Patriot II’ that drew the most criticism.
      • This aspect of homeopathy draws the most criticism because it's difficult to understand and has no scientific explanation.
      • It is in this vein that economics draws the most criticism from the ‘hard’ sciences.
      • The comments represented a break from earlier determined predictions of victory, and drew an immediate Democratic response.
      • Any suggestion of a major disturbance in the temple precincts would have drawn an immediate vigorous response.
      • In each particular case, the appropriate response must be drawn from prayer and grace.
      • The USA drew the loudest applause of the day at the Pond, which was open to the public.
      • However, pure air drew no enhanced response from this region.
      • Yet her first aria as Liu drew the first overwhelming applause of the evening.
      • While the paragraph on the Holocaust draws the most emotional responses, other points have also sparked criticism.
      • The exhibition drew such a strong response from visitors that Cartwright Hall decided to have a permanent collection of calligraphy from the Muslim world.

  • 7

    • 7.1(sketch)

      (flower/picture) dibujar
      (line) trazar
      (guidelines/plan) trazar
      • He just draws on everything and smokes cigarettes all day long.
      • The sketches included a self-portrait drawn by the artist in 1937.
      • Then yesterday I was drawing wiggly lines in my sketchbook (like you do) and lo - people.
      • Rose was sitting quietly, absent-mindedly drawing her picture with thick, dark slashes of her pencil.
      • All 280 pupils at the school drew self-portraits in coloured pencil and showcased them in a special exhibition in the school hall.
      • She drew soaring cityscapes in crayon, painted remote-looking girls in watercolor.
      • I started drawing and a piece of paper landed on my desk.
      • Rege drew a diagram to illustrate body placement and its effect on decreasing speed rapidly.
      • When police gave him a sheet of paper, he drew a grand piano.
      • He's an independent filmmaker now working for a Manhattan advertising firm, drawing animated tacos and hating on his boss every chance he gets.
      • Sometimes I go through spells when I just draw, when I just write, when I just paint.
      • For example, a comic book character doesn't really come to life until drawn on a piece of paper or whatever.
      • However the map was drawn in pencil, it had no towns, no villages, no roads, no mountain names, no river names.
      • This incongruity revealed a much deeper problem than inconsistency in drawing racial lines between North and South.
      • China's territorial boundary line is drawn extending around contested islands in the South China Sea.
      • He developed the hemicyclium, a sundial which has the hour lines drawn on the surface of a conic section giving greater accuracy.
      • You can ask the children to create a different ending to the story or draw different pictures to illustrate what they have read.
      • Sara watched from her desk as kids chatted with friends, threw paper airplanes, and drew offensive pictures and symbols on the chalkboard.
      • And even areas where boundary lines have been drawn have not been free of problems.
      • Thus it is impossible to draw the above picture in one pencil stroke without retracing.
      • But to understand and analyze the overall debate, it is useful to draw the boundary lines with broad brushstrokes.
      • A horizontal line was drawn 5 mm perpendicular from the sternum keel of each print.
      • Dodger took another piece of paper and drew a cone with a wide base and a line near the bottom to show the ground; then near the top he put in a small circle connected to the cone by a line.
      • Together, they drew lines, and squiggles, and circles, until the green crayon was exhausted.
      • He was an intelligent man and drew a line delineating that region of South Australia that experienced, by and large, reliable rainfall, from that which did not.
      • But it is also a very attractive subject in itself, since its basic ideas can be understood very easily, and involve drawing colourful pictures.
      • In the 1920s, Ireland had a Boundary Committee that drew the border between North and South.
      • Through that point draw a horizontal line to the intersection with the hypotenuse.
      • Peels were put in slide frames and studied under a binocular microscope and drawn using a camera lucida.
      • He was drawing lines and putting numbers on various areas.
      • A note pinned to the fridge has a hen and a pan on fire drawn on it.
      • My guess is that is he is a good observer who draws what he sees.
      • Deacon draws pictures to illustrate the various ways of getting from A to B.
      • The embodied capacity to write and draw seems to rule over the languid group of objects underneath.
      • It was obvious to me that the woman she'd drawn was real, not just imagined.
      • The main problem is a disagreement about where to draw the boundary lines between the camps.
      • She could never draw properly when she knew someone was watching.
      • Pictures must be drawn in pencil, black ink or charcoal so that they can be copied onto the front page.
      • Each picture was carefully drawn with pencil and then color was added, much as his mature artwork was done.
      • He drew a line indicating the limit of the rainfall which coincided with the southern boundary of saltbush country.
      • Please indicate italics by underlining and indicate boldface by drawing a wavy line beneath the affected characters.
      • If you buy the upgrade package the cartoonist will draw pictures of the characters in your book, talking about you.
      • Lines are drawn on a canvas, either harmonious curves or cosmic chaos.
      • Even just random swirly things suggest that he's got an amazing and steady hand at drawing.
      • He told his comrades that he could draw what was under the canvas.
      • To help rectify this, Council will begin by redefining the city boundary - drawing a line beyond which transport and bulk services will not be offered.
      • In a kitchen in Corringham, he drew a pencil sketch of the logo, featuring a globe flanked by a knife and fork, which he sent away to organisers, who adopted it for their cause.
      • He drew a lovely picture of St. Patrick and he likes sketching.
      • This is part of the Swindon Music Festival and children taking part have been asked to design and draw a picture that represents the festival.
      • This allows the user to draw diagrams or pictures more easily through software commands.
      • An informal boundary line has been drawn between these armed camps.
      • The stuff I draw is a bit weird; it's just another way of expressing myself, it's just for me really.
      • It doesn't take much to chart really, just a program that lets you draw a straight line.
      • A girl at the pub sits next to me, another forward blond, maybe four years old, and takes my paper and pen and draws me.
      • In one of his last cartoons for the paper, Sherffius drew a Republican elephant riding a pig representing pork-barrel projects.
      • We held a competition to see who could draw the best picture of the world showing the links between all the countries of the UN.
      • Only after students have lightly drawn their designs in pencil are they allowed to crack open the watercolor set and splash ahead.
      • Next, the children drew pictures to represent some signs of spring.
      • It is not be the first time these areas have become part of this zone; in 1997 the line was drawn as far north as Nantes River.
      • This time around, you are older, and you probably do not have the desire to draw, nor post your personal art on the family fridge.

    • 7.2(describe)

      a well-drawn character un personaje bien perfilado

  • 8British

    Games Sport
  • 9

    the ship draws 25 feet of water el barco tiene un calado de 25 pies
    • Vessels drawing 22.5 feet of water have also come direct to the quay.
    • A Viking ship typically drew only about three feet of water and they were experts at sailing on rivers.
  • 10

    (fowl/criminal) destripar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to draw close to / near (to) sth/sb acercarse a algo/algn
    • she drew close to him se le acercó
    • to draw to an end / a close terminar
    • as the year draws to an / its end / to a close al finalizar / concluir el año
    • the train drew out of/into the station el tren salió de/entró en la estación
    • to draw ahead of sb/sth adelantarse a algn/algo
    • to draw level with sb/sth alcanzar a algn/algo
    • the visiting team drew level after 15 minutes el equipo visitante empató en el minuto 15
  • 2

  • 3British

    Games Sport
    (in chess game) hacer tablas
    Arsenal drew with Spurs Arsenal empató con Spurs
    • they drew three all empataron a tres
  • 4

    (take in air)
    (cigar/chimney) tirar
    this pipe draws well/badly esta pipa tira bien/mal
    • The chimney was drawing well and the smoke was quickly sucked out of the room.


  • 1

    sorteo masculine
    a prize draw un sorteo de premios
    • when will the draw take place? ¿cuándo se efectuará el sorteo?
    • Two more weeks remain in this league followed by a fun bowling Friday at which time new team members are selected by a blind draw.
    • This was followed by a random draw of names from the entire ship's company to work in that space.
    • The names of all students were entered in a draw and one name was drawn for every $100 donation, says Gallo.
    • For each number on the play coupon that matches the weekly draw, there is a prize to be won.
    • There were 19 names in the draw and the lucky winner was Mariel Campion, Ballyhemmon.
    • Please enter your name for the draw which takes place on Thursday evening.
    • I was told when the last fixtures were made it would be decided in a draw.
    • The two boys will now have their names entered into the draw for participation in the National Finals in Belfast in 2006.
    • The winner will be the first entry selected after the draw closes at midnight.
    • The random draw from November 25 will be closely monitored by the auditing firm Deloitte and Touche.
    • By May 30, the commission will hold a draw to decide the order in which parties will be listed on the ballot.
    • This league will consist of ten teams of three players per team with the team captain selected by the sponsor and the remaining two players selected in the draw.
    • Olympic draws are made at random and the competition works on a knockout basis through to the gold medal bout.
    • With every purchase of the calendar, buyers can submit their names for a monthly draw.
    • The winners are to be selected by a draw of lots on Valentine's Day.
    • ‘I'm happy to have got the win and got our names in the draw,’ said coach Gary Moorby after the victory.
    • The draw to select the winning entries will take place on Friday, 23 January 2004
    • The heroines of the female sport came up with the most innovative fundraising idea of the year when they decided to hold a draw to see who would be their main sponsor.
    • He is also said to have thrown food at away fans, disrupted a lottery draw and had a tussle with Norwich City's director of football Brian Hamilton.
    • The importance of sellers was emphasised when after the draw it was decided to distribute lots of five lottery tickets to all who had sold two cards or more.
  • 2

    Games Sport
    empate masculine
    the game ended in a draw Sport el partido acabó en empate
    • When enough people on both sides have made enough mistakes the game is over, except that this is England so it's probably started raining by then and the game is therefore a draw.
    • In the rain, they could not restore their composure and the match drifted to a draw.
    • They won all their games in the final round of matches to finish the campaign with 16 wins and two draws from their 18 matches to finish eight points clear.
    • The game looked set to end in a draw as the match ticked over into time added on.
    • An inspired batting display by South Nutfield was not enough to defeat North Holmwood on Saturday, as the match ended in a draw.
    • They will probably be joined by Schalke who have two victories and two draws from their five games to date.
    • The under-12s girls team had an extended programme and ended their marathon with five wins and a draw from their six matches.
    • Was the Indian camp happy with batting out for a draw?
    • But despite his efforts, it's not enough: the points are still even and the match is a draw.
    • They beat Newcastle United in a replay at Old Trafford after the first match between the two teams ended in a scoreless draw at Crystal Palace.
    • Four out of the six games have been draws and the pitch has become great to bat on even on the fifth day, as we saw a couple of years ago when New Zealand were here.
    • Stamford Bridge missed the chance to go second as they were held to a scoreless draw by Fulford United in an even game spoilt by the wind and a bumpy pitch.
    • Pakistan needed to take ten wickets while India needed to make 358 runs on the final day to win or play out six hours to ensure that the game ended in a draw.
    • We always feel we're able to win, but we end every match in a draw.
    • Would you believe it, the match was declared a draw?
    • After a great match a draw was probably a fair result in the end.
    • Both boys hoped for victory, but the match was a draw and they settled for an ice cream and chocolate instead.
    • The second team does not wilt and also puts up a big score… and the match is a draw anyway.
    • In the series City have won 26 times with 12 draws and scored 91 goals to 41.
    • There was a goalless draw and the match gave die-hard fans who had come to see the stars quite a few moments to cherish.
    • The important thing would be to reward those who play positive cricket, so that even in games which were likely to produce a draw, both sides would be forced to attack with bat and ball.
    • By this time, the game was certain to be a draw, with only four sessions of play left.
    • This season the Berkshire club have lost only four times in 21 games, with seven wins and three draws from 13 league matches.
    • A short-rising ball from Farmer was unplayable by the batsman and the match ended as a draw with the scores tied.
    • I divided them into three groups and told one group that one team would win, one group that the other team would win, and the third group that the match would be a draw.
  • 3informal

    gancho masculine informal
    atracción feminine
    • At a time when anti-corporate documentaries are big box office draws maybe it is unnecessary to wrap a political message in old clothes.
    • Luck of the Irish perhaps, but it is a powerful draw.
    • Promising to be the big draw of the festival, it features an intricate weaving of different conversations taking place in a city.
    • The skill and fitness levels have gone up many notches and very impressive attendances now pay into the finals, so the occasions are big draws with plenty of hype.
    • No, not a state where everything is free, although that would surely be a powerful draw to citizens of the other 49.
    • Although the movie will screen out of competition at Cannes, it's bound to be one of the biggest draws of the festival, partly because of the innate Frenchness of the story.
    • Documentaries aren't as big a draw as feature films or made-for-TV movies.
    • Celtic are a famous club and will be an attractive draw for our fans.
    • The puffins are the biggest draw but a vast array of other seabirds including tens of thousands of guillemots and razorbills are there during the spring and summer.
    • Handicrafts and handlooms exhibitions are always a big draw.
    • An exhibition of geological data and samples organised at the Museum auditorium has turned out to be a big draw for school children in the city.
    • All of these hallmarks of the American dream are a powerful draw.
    • Books on self-improvement have been a big draw at book fairs.
    • To say that fantasy movies have not been a big draw at the box office is to understate the matter.
    • There were good entries in all sections but it was the equine classes which proved to be the biggest draw with competitors up by 50%.
    • Those things are all big draws and I appreciate them immensely.
    • The dump is a big draw to gulls and crows and I'm sure I'll see something good in the gull department.
    • One of the bigger draws, for me, is the character of Canon Black.
    • Having spent years working and living in London and across Eastern Europe, the solitude and beauty of the landscape offered a powerful draw.
    • This was one of the biggest draws at of Lollapalooza.
  • 4US

    (on cigarette, pipe)
    chupada feminine
    pitada feminine Latin America
    calada feminine Spain
    • She takes a hand-rolled cigarette from Travolta and has several draws.
    • He took a deep draw at his cigarette, trying to calm his nerves.
    • I don't think its fair that smokers have to huddle outside in the winter to grab a quick draw, but then again smoker's breaks always seem to be an extra perk on top of their tea breaks.
    • More and more, she sounds like she took one draw too many!
    • Leo was shaking his head and taking long draws from his cigarette.
    • After taking a long draw from the cigarette he removed it from his lips and exhaled a cloud of smoke that wafted away in the wind.
    • She took a long draw from the cigarette between her fingers and savored the smoke a moment before letting it from her lungs.
    • Roy looked at the man curiously, making his way over to him as Vincent took another draw from the cigarette.
  • 5

    (of handgun)
    he had / was the fastest draw in Texas era el pistolero más rápido de Texas