Translation of Dresden in Spanish:


Dresde, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdrɛzdən//ˈdrɛzd(ə)n/


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    Dresde masculine
    before noun Dresden china porcelana de Dresde feminine
    • The Maltese is blessed with a hardy constitution, and even though this breed is small, it does not have to be treated like Dresden china.
    • The somewhat dusty display case was an inadequate mirror, holding a Dresden tea caddy crammed with antique ink bottles and salt-and-pepper shakers, but he could make out enough of his reflection to realize Al was right.
    • Purled off with accuracy and ease, it came closer to the ‘Dresden china’ approach than I should have liked.
    • Bookcases line the walls, a fire crackles in the fireplace, Victorian portraits hang on the walls, Dresden china and bric-a-brac clutter the mantelpiece.
    • She shot her a grateful half-smile and descended on their boss with a Dresden china cup.