Translation of dress in Spanish:


vestido, n.

Pronunciation: /drɛs//drɛs/


  • 1

    (for woman, girl)
    vestido masculine
    • An abiding memory for me will be the girls in their colourful dresses sitting on the lawn as they wait to leave, laughing and singing.
    • The chief bridesmaid Sheryl Chiffin and bridesmaids Clare Scott and Amy Smith wore ballerina-length ivory silk dresses edged in plum pink.
    • She also hit the mark with her black silk flower print strapless dresses with their asymmetrical handkerchief hemlines.
    • The one thing you know about every single female character in Weiner's books is what dress size she wears.
    • All the dresses and garments were well made, but I just can't see the theme of this collection.
    • I've seen guests wear black dresses at weddings and thought nothing of it.
    • She wore a black sleeveless dress and a black hat.
    • Women wear one-piece calico or cotton dresses, or loose blouses and skirts.
    • And Suzy has to wear a bridesmaid dress the like of which has not been seen since 1983.
    • Others appeared to float in broad tutu dresses worn with matching gossamer-light chiffon veil coats.
    • This just shows white dresses don't have to be boring and can vary a lot.
    • Some designers showed fur as a trim - around the necklines or hemlines of dresses, or on the collars and cuffs of sweaters and jackets.
    • The girls were all in simple woollen dresses and white linen smocks, their hair tied mostly in ponytails.
    • Her figure expressed itself entirely through her flashy, expensive dresses and garments.
    • Leoni wore a gold silk evening dress and silk top hat, while Deborah opted for a jacket, waistcoat, gold cravat and black trousers.
    • Casual wear, evening dresses, classical gowns and avant-garde bra-style tops are all denim.
    • She wore a long dark blue and light blue striped collared dress with short sleeves.
    • Chiffon was the fabric of the night: everything from asymmetrical tops to strapless panel dresses was made in chiffon.
    • The bridesmaids wore Hawaiian-print dresses, a fashion mode echoed in the groomsmen's shirts.
    • I have a new spaghetti-strap dress I want to wear to our family Christmas party.
  • 2

    (clothing, style of dressing)
    the local dress el traje típico del lugar
    • they arrived in formal dress llegaron vestidos de etiqueta
    • actors in period dress actores con traje(s) de época
    • they adopted Western dress adoptaron el modo de vestir / la vestimenta occidental
    • he took great care over his dress se preocupaba mucho por su atuendo / su indumentaria
    • she has good/no dress sense tiene buen gusto/mal gusto para vestirse

transitive verb

  • 1

    (put clothes on)
    to get dressed vestirse
    • I'm not dressed no estoy vestido
    • she wasn't dressed for the occasion no estaba vestida de forma adecuada para la ocasión
    • she was well/badly dressed iba bien/mal vestida
    • a smartly dressed woman una mujer elegantemente vestida
    • he was dressed in white/rags/uniform iba (vestido) de blanco/con harapos/de uniforme
    • she was dressed in a kimono llevaba (puesto) un kimono
  • 2

    (provide clothes for)
    she's dressed by Balmain la viste Balmain
  • 3

    (fish/chicken) preparar
    dressed crab cangrejo preparado masculine
  • 4

    (salad) aliñar
  • 5

    (wound) vendar
  • 6

    (skins) adobar
    (skins) curtir
    (stone) labrar
  • 7

    (topsoil/field) abonar
  • 8

    (Christmas tree) adornar
    (Christmas tree) decorar
    (shop window) arreglar
    (shop window) decorar
  • 9

    (company/troops) alinear

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (put on, wear clothes)
    he always dresses in black siempre (se) viste de negro
    • she dresses very well (se) viste muy bien
    • to dress to the right/left calzar a la derecha/izquierda
  • 2

    (dress formally)
    we don't dress for dinner no nos cambiamos para cenar
  • 3

    dress right! ¡vista a la derecha!