There are 2 main translations of drill in Spanish

: drill1drill2


taladradora, n.

Pronunciation: /drɪl//drɪl/


  • 1

    • 1.1render_form_group(subsense).blank? span.form-groups = render_form_group(subsense)

      taladradora feminine
      taladro masculine
      • The clatter of hammers, drills and sanders drown out the voices of the workers.
      • Normally, firing an assault rifle was like holding a pneumatic drill.
      • Doctors say his symptoms are typical of the hand-arm vibration syndrome seen in industrial settings when people repeatedly use tools such as chain saws and drills.
      • If you choose terracotta or concrete pots without drainage holes, using a drill that has a special masonry bit works well.
      • Two drills and other hand tools were taken from a white transit van parked in Layer Road, Abberton.
      • The solution was then mixed thoroughly into the liquid supplement using a cordless electric drill with a paint stirring attachment.
      • Though all the passengers may be very careful not to damage the hull, if one of them takes a drill and begins drilling holes under his own seat, the ship will sink, and all will drown.
      • Modern tunnels are usually round because drills make round holes, but generally, those dug with spades have arched roofs because arches are strong and are better for holding up rock.
      • It's funny, my grandfather's tools were objects that have been around in one form or another for hundreds if not thousands of years, like hammers, drills, screwdrivers and nails.
      • A mammoth 126-tonne drill continuously sheers salt away from the rock face and on to a conveyor belt to be taken for crushing.
      • A complete system often can be installed using an electric drill and other ordinary hand tools.
      • They took lawn mowers, strimmers, chainsaws, as well as drills and tools totalling about £3,000.
      • She could hear the beat of a diesel engine and bursts from a pneumatic drill.
      • I had my cordless drill with attachments, flat tip screwdriver and a claw hammer.
      • A workman below was using a pneumatic drill to break up some concrete which had already been laid.
      • No tools more complicated than a handsaw, drill, hammer, and screwdriver are needed.
      • The drills were boring huge holes in the cavern walls, and hundreds of thousands of the glistening jewels were spilling out into several mine carts.
      • Mothers kept a grim vigil yesterday while workers with power drills bored through slabs of concrete and fallen masonry at a high school in a desperate search for 15 trapped schoolchildren.
      • Most of the project requires basic wood-working tools - a circular saw, a saber saw, an electric drill, a hammer, and a nail set.
      • Use an electric drill to punch holes of various sizes in vegetable and coffee cans.

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      taladro (manual) masculine

    • 1.3

      Dentistry torno masculine
      Dentistry fresa feminine
      • My dad's a dentist who uses drills, explorers and sucking tubes.
      • It's difficult to be in the dentist's chair, hearing the whine of the drill, and be grateful for everything that teeth do for you.
      • Your dentist will remove any decay or old filling from the tooth with a drill.
      • Then your dentist removes any decay using a drill.
      • Some of the surrounding bone can then be removed with a drill to lift the tooth out in one piece.
      • A cup of tea a day will keep the dentist's drill away.
      • A similar thing happens to many humans - as soon as you detect the excruciating high-pitched whine of a dentist's drill, it sets your teeth on edge.
      • Laser technology, too, is developing and in time may replace the drill in restorative dentistry.
      • Special mineral toothpaste then helps the tooth to repair itself without the need for fillings and, more crucially, the dentist's drill.

    • 1.4Mechanics Mining

      perforadora feminine
      barreno masculine

    • 1.5(drill head)

      broca feminine
      Dentistry fresa feminine

  • 2

    • 2.1Military

      instrucción feminine
      • They disdain combat re-enactment, opting instead to show authentic training skills, precision marching and parade ground drill, to Latin commands.
      • Reorganisation, forays, drill and discipline marked the ensuing winter months.
      • My classmates at West Point were matched with one another so that, aside from classes and ranks for drill or parade, whites and blacks were seldom in close contact.
      • He sought to use military drill and discipline for the religious and moral improvement of the boys.
      • The major shook our hands as if relieved from the duty of explaining drill and ceremony and invited us to stand in the detail formation.
      • The perfection of the troops' training was revealed when a display of parade-ground drill helped to extricate the army from a trap in the Balkan mountains.
      • Boys and young men with pretend guns were being given military drill and taught blood-curdling, screamed chants.
      • Every Monday night, I put on my uniform and head for reserve drill.
      • Each team was also assessed on drill, dress and bearing for the Regimental Sergeant Major-Army trophy, won by the SA team.
      • The hours of perfecting drill and ceremony and sitting in large lecture-style classes have been slashed.
      • The climax shows all the friends in military uniforms doing drill.
      • Training of farmer militiamen involved mainly military drill and volley fire, often on the village green or nearby field.
      • She recalls once, when Gary was only 5, how she came home from weekend drill and a friend remarked on her uniform.
      • Instead, parade ground drill became a means of teaching soldiers about the value of organized, unitary action.
      • Military drill and discipline, as well as seamanship are still part of the book.
      • Observers of the operation were awed by its precision and discipline, which some likened to military drill.
      • We marched outside after being taught basic military drill.
      • This alerts us to the idea that military drill embodies a number of values.
      • As a soldier-worker he has drill, inspections, and guard duty, and does work such as road building and dredging.
      • Further training included briefings, company drill and the opportunity for the volunteers to walk through the period encampment and talk to the re-enactors.

    • 2.2school

      ejercicio masculine
      spelling drills ejercicios de ortografía
      • This drill is designed to develop leg strength.
      • In this mode, the computer can be used to teach the learner through tutorials, drill and practice, games, simulations or a combination of any of these strategies.
      • Athletes practice techniques, run through drills, and even do a little weight training in order to stay at the tops of their games.
      • After two hours of repeating the same drill over and over again, it was time for riding.
      • Practice this drill on skates and then on the ski slopes.
      • Wearing full pads during one of the drills, he ran forward to mow over the biggest of the three blockers.
      • And Coach Mackie does every drill and exercise with his players, not because he has to, but because that's the way he has always done it.
      • The drill can be practiced daily, especially early in the season.
      • Both versions of this drill will help you develop excellent control and concentration as well as just getting loosened up.
      • I use this drill to practice staying behind the ball.
      • The players then took the court for agility and sprinting drills, followed by a vertical leap measurement.
      • Do 20 repetitions of this drill on your left leg and then repeat it on your right leg.
      • Thus, problem solving and analysis replace drill and practice, and calculators replace paper-and-pencil computation.
      • By repeating this drill, the swimmer should be encouraged to complete the second kick in order to generate enough power to recover the arms.
      • Within an eclectic array of language activities, drills and other such exercises have their place.
      • Once these two-handed exercise drills are mastered, the athlete is progressed to one-handed drills.
      • A problem-solving approach was effective with another student who had problems with math drill and practice.
      • The basketball coach or the music teacher needs no convincing regarding the value of drill and practice on fundamental skills.
      • For example, a soccer player may return to the field and practice ball-handling skills and passing drills.
      • We ran lateral agility drills like linebackers, over and around a line of duffel bags.

    • 2.3(rehearsal)

      fire drill simulacro de incendio masculine

    • 2.4British (correct procedure)

      what's the drill? ¿qué se hace?
      • I don't know the drill for making a claim no sé qué se hace / qué hay que hacer para presentar una reclamación

  • 3

    dril masculine
    • Cargo pants are available in all kinds of fabrics, from cotton drill to pale pink satin, and, frankly, they're none the better for it.
    • Four years ago, I bought a beautiful purple trench coat in heavy cotton drill.
    • The fabrics include drills, denims, discharge prints, and embroidered material.
    • In the British army, khaki uniforms exist in a variety of shades and cloth, pale khaki drill for wear in hot climates and dark khaki barathea for the service dress of Guards officers being two examples.
    • Virtually every book published is a library-bound hard cover edition, side-sewen and reinforced with cotton drill.
    • Curriculum and uniform remain firmly those of the English public school of the 1930's, with khaki drill and the works of John Buchan still very much de rigueur.
    • The firm makes denims, drills, general protective clothing and gaberdines.
    • The bags are made of heavy cotton drill and have a top cover that's easily removable for washing.
    • Dressing utility does not mean cotton drill in shades of khaki, thanks to the innovation of our favourite denim lines and designers.
    • White drill and other cotton materials were available for men's shorts and shirts, and African tailors would quickly run up any required clothes on their hand or treadle sewing machines.
    • They are issued their DFCE kit, which includes a uniform of khaki drill.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (hole) hacer
    (hole) perforar
  • 2

    (metal/wood) taladrar
    (wood/metal) perforar
    (wood/metal) barrenar
  • 3

    (tooth) trabajar con la fresa
    (tooth) limpiar con la fresa
  • 4

    (soldiers) instruir
  • 5

    she drilled them in the use of the passive voice les hizo practicar la (voz) pasiva
    • to drill sth into sb inculcarle algo a algn
    • it was drilled into him that ... le habían inculcado que ...

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer perforaciones
    to drill for oil/water perforar en busca de petróleo/agua
  • 2

    (soldiers) entrenarse

There are 2 main translations of drill in Spanish

: drill1drill2


hilera, n.

Pronunciation: /drɪl//drɪl/


  • 1

    hilera feminine
    surco masculine
    • Choose a sheltered, sunny spot with a fertile, well-drained soil and sow the seeds in 1in-deep drills.
    • Parsnips are not available as seedlings in garden centres, so sow seeds directly into drills in the garden bed according to the instructions on the packet.
    • These last few days they are blessed with the fine weather which dried out the drills and ridges and left the soil fine and easy to work.
    • If it is very wet and you must sow, add some fine sand to the base of the drill.
    • Select an easy-to-grow variety, such as ‘Joi Choi’, and sow the seeds in ½ in-deep drills.
    • In the early days of the industry, that aspect was quite labour intensive as the seed was sown by hand into fertilized drills.
  • 2

    sembradora feminine
    • If they aren't too terrible, you might be able to reseed them with the use of a no-till drill or pasture renovator.
    • Hoe drills with wider row spacing are preferred under dry conditions because they can build a bigger furrow and plant deeper.
    • The fine straight lines radiating outward are remnants of the little furrows left by a seed drill or an air seeder.
    • Grass drills can be calibrated to meter different types of seeds and seeding rates.
    • Both wheat and soybeans can be planted with the same drill.
    • Deep tillage or applying anhydrous ammonia with knives can dry out the soil, so it could be impossible to place the seed in firm moist soil, even with a hoe drill.
    • Three legumes were seeded in late February 1995 with a no-till drill.
    • Many European farmers put the drill behind a harrow with a basket roller to avoid this stand loss.
    • The floater or air seeder then spreads seed much faster than a drill.
    • We could spend a lot of time talking about precision adjustments for plows, tillage implements, grain drills, and combines.
    • They also wonder if they should use a planter or a drill to plant these crops.
    • The seed can be broadcast and harrowed, lightly disked, or seeded with a grain drill.
    • However, many producers in Nebraska don't own a drill and use their corn planter to plant soybeans after the corn is planted.
    • In order to sow the seed, you could use a grain drill.
    • You might also consider getting a no-till drill and direct seeding the hay into the field.
    • The selection of medium or small seed when using a grain drill will improve metering and stand uniformity.
    • Others operated the plows, seed drills, binders, and other implements hitched behind the engines and tractors.
    • All planters, drills and air seeders need to be cleaned out.
    • Adjust the drills to place the seed one-quarter of an inch deep.
    • Seeding with a disc drill in a loose seedbed almost guarantees disaster and should probably be delayed until there is moisture.