Translation of drinker in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈdrɪŋkər//ˈdrɪŋkə/


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    he's a heavy drinker es un gran bebedor / un bebedor empedernido
    • she's a moderate/a social/an occasional drinker bebe con moderación/solo en compañía/de vez en cuando
    • I'm a beer drinker myself yo prefiero la cerveza
    • It means police can confiscate alcohol from drinkers and simply tip it down the drain.
    • A large number of individuals who do not meet diagnostic criteria for alcoholism are, nonetheless, heavy problem drinkers.
    • In my experience, most habitual heavy drinkers are well aware that alcohol does not have a beneficial effect on their health, but reminding them of this does not inhibit their consumption.
    • The controversial move is one aspect of a massive drive to get doctors to intervene with heavy drinkers before they become chronic alcoholics.
    • Rates of injury and injury-related death have been shown to be elevated substantially in samples of heavy drinkers and alcoholics.
    • ‘Limiting access to alcohol in underage drinkers is crucial in reducing attempted suicide figures,’ he said.
    • Street drinkers in designated alcohol-free zones who do not surrender their drinks when requested are liable to a £500 fine.
    • Bolton is one of 77 key areas targeted by the government under a summer crackdown on binge drinkers and alcohol-fuelled violence.
    • Police officers are cracking down on underage binge drinkers and alcohol-related violence, with target numbers of licensed premises to visit in a shift.
    • There are exactly two types of heavy drinkers: drunks and alcoholics.
    • We hope the powers given to the police will help them combat nuisance and other problems caused by alcohol and street drinkers.
    • More than a third of drinkers said they got alcohol from an older person while more than a half said they obtained alcohol in a pub, off-licence or club.
    • At the other end of the scale are people who become heavy drinkers often because they get little effect from alcohol and initially also get few side effect or hangovers.
    • Many assumed that heart failure among Western heavy alcohol drinkers was due to associated nutritional deficiency states.
    • Campaigners said the change to larger measures could mean drinkers unwittingly consuming more alcohol than they thought.
    • Off-licences selling alcohol to underage drinkers could be targeted as tough tactics are adopted to stop teenage hoodlums terrorising a town.
    • No-alcohol zones are being introduced as a result of new legislation, which gives police the powers to seize alcohol and charge nuisance drinkers with a criminal offence.
    • On inquiry, the establishment explained that they are indeed sorry for being rude but that there are a lot of problems with under-age drinkers demanding alcohol.
    • Their distributors are fighting back, bringing up arguments such as easy availability of alcohol to underage drinkers.
    • Interestingly, the largest program for problem drinkers, Alcoholics Anonymous, works squarely against shy people.