Translation of drip in Spanish:


Pronunciation /drɪp//drɪp/

intransitive verbdripping, dripped

  • 1

    (fall in drops)
    water was dripping from the ceiling el techo goteaba
    • blood was dripping from his nose le salía sangre de la nariz
    • beads of sweat were dripping from her brow le caían gotas de sudor
  • 2

    (let drops fall)
    (hair/washing) chorrear
    (washing/hair) gotear
    (tap/faucet) gotear
    hang it up and let it drip cuélgalo y deja que (se) escurra
    • I'm dripping with sweat estoy chorreando de sudor
    • She had a look that spoke for nobody to come by and her entire outfit was dripping with some sort of liquid substance.
    • The outside layer of glass was dripping with different sizes of transparent water drops.
    • She reached for some of the more limber pine needles by her feet, but stopped when she noticed they were dripping with red.
    • When I got back to the car after doing my private business I noticed that the liquid had stopped dripping.
    • I had thought they might not let me in with my t-shirt and combats, which were dripping with tea from where I'd managed to pour a whole mug over them in the kitchen half an hour before.
    • Of course it is miraculous that the view outside my window is a palette of washed browns and greys, dripping with glittering raindrops.
    • By now they had both shed their heavy cloaks and were dripping with blood.
    • His eyes were closed, jaw dropped, and his face dripping with soup.
    • Our kitchen tap drips intermittently, releasing one drop into the pan of water below.
  • 3

    (display lavishly)
    to drip with sth
    • to drip with charm/venom rezumar encanto/veneno
    • to drip with medals/diamonds ir cargado de medallas/brillantes
    • A good comedy movie is also one that is dripping with humour in small doses, so that even a preposition or a pronoun at a given moment seems hilarious.
    • Microsoft is well aware that the Internet is dripping with code leaks, breaches of confidence, NDA violations, and it clearly can't get them all.
    • His voice dripped with ironic sarcasm, as he spared a moment to glance at her.
    • Her voice was dripping with sarcasm and, Cole noted with amusement, jealousy.
    • Her voice was dripping in sarcasm, causing the woman to bristle and stalk off.
    • Her voice dripped with sarcasm as she verbally lashed out.
    • The troupe delivers some great performances and the script itself is dripping with wit like a reading from Bartlett's Familiar Quotations.
    • Sarcasm dripped from his voice, sending an immediate warning to everyone else in the room to mind their mouths.
    • Her voice was dripping with venom; hate filled her pretty brown eyes, Charlotte's eyes.
    • Her voice was dripping with not only sarcasm but something so much more lethal.
    • His voice dripped in sarcasm, but there was a light feeling to it.
    • The teacher's voice wasn't dripping with sarcasm or spite; in fact, the teacher had the best intentions at heart when he had said that aloud.
    • The whole episode is dripping with delicious irony.
    • He does not seem to be dripping with contempt when he looks at us, and I think that has something to do with the coverage.
    • This voice was dripping with determination, and yet at the same time ripped from a deep and demanding voice at the back of his throat.
    • The event will be dripping with patriotic symbolism.
    • Her voice held so little enthusiasm that it was practically dripping with sarcasm.
    • My voice was dripping with sarcasm, however he didn't seem to notice.
    • Sarah's voice dripped with bitter sarcasm and made me even angrier.
    • ‘You really know how to make a girl feel special,’ sarcasm dripped from my voice.

transitive verbdripping, dripped

  • 1

    the wound was dripping blood salía sangre de la herida
    • you're dripping coffee down your shirt te estás chorreando la camisa con el café


  • 1

    • 1.1(sound, flow of rainwater, tap)

      goteo masculine
      the steady drip, drip of the rain el continuo gotear de la lluvia
      • Everywhere sounded the drip of icewater, rubbing away at banded marble and rough limestone.
      • Ayden listen and there was an annoying drip, drip, drip sound that echoed throughout the basement for what seemed forever.
      • Except, there was the sound of a steady drip and an overwhelming feeling of peace so intense he actually panicked.
      • A tiny stream, perhaps fed by a small spring or an overhead drip, trickled by between the kitchen and the closet toward the entrance to the cave.
      • He couldn't show them that their words bothered him, so he sat silently in the corner, listening to the steady drip of a leak near him.
      • We traveled downwards for a while, as I watched the darkness and listened to the gentle pattering of tiny feet and the drip of water falling into a pool.
      • Colin woke up to the drip of water falling at the end of his bed.
      • The drip, drip dripping sound of water echoed eerily, tensing her nerves.
      • Aside from the soft murmur of the pale man speaking to the hooded one and the occasional drip of some liquid, it was positively silent.

    • 1.2(drop of liquid)

      gota feminine
      place a tray under the roast to catch any drips ponga una bandeja debajo del asado para recoger el jugo/la grasa que pueda caer
      • A few have mottled top layers with splashes of incongruous colors that seem to have come together with the randomness of drips of paint on a drop cloth.
      • Have one in your hand as you fill up your boat to catch fuel drips from the nozzle and the deck fuel fill.
      • The nurse tried to catch drips before they hit the bedspread and wiped his chin after every other spoonful.
      • Take the sponge, run it under hot water, get a drip of washing up liquid (there must be detergent for a thorough wash) onto the scrubby side of the sponge.
      • Was it his imagination, or could he see an image of Helen in the drips of golden liquid that remained in the bottom.
      • Eliminates drips, mess, and pot-life problems of liquid epoxy.
      • To make cleanup easier next time, line shelves and bins with small plastic trays or a double thickness of paper towels to catch drips.
      • Use a cloth to catch drips and when the first trickle of water appears, close the valve.
      • Apply the mixture to your windows with a clean sponge and squeegee off the liquid, absorbing any drips with a cloth.
      • I dropped about half a drip of water from the kettle on my socked foot a few days ago - by accident and I hardly felt it.
      • The segments ready to be painted are lined with paper gutters to catch any drips.
      • Don't forget a tray or saucer underneath to catch the drips.
      • Also pile newspapers on the floor to catch splashes or drips or even better spread a big sheet of plastic and cover it with newspapers.
      • Having failed to make any difference we opt for the traditional leak stopping route, and go and fetch an oven dish to catch the drips.
      • The chickadees like to catch the drip right from the fountain head, but others are willing to drink and bathe in the water below.
      • If our experience with water cooled mainframes is anything to go by, the question remains over where the bucket to catch the drips should be placed.
      • Place a drop cloth below or adjacent to the fence to catch debris and paint drips or overspray.
      • For instance, why not glue or tape a paper dinner plate to the bottom of the can to catch drips.
      • Slowly, I get up and run the back of my right hand under my nose to catch the drips that have collected there and sniff to get the rest away.
      • Its cleverness is in the way the handle is angled to suit the curves of a lavatory bowl, while the top of the holder is slightly dished to catch drips.

  • 2

    suero masculine
    gota a gota masculine
    he's on a drip le han puesto suero / el gota a gota
    • He was taken to hospital for blood tests and given a course of antibiotics through a drip.
    • The mother said her son was unconscious when they arrived at the hospital and doctors put him on a saline drip and monitored him through the night.
    • It means ‘artificial nutrition and hydration’ - otherwise known as feeding through a tube, or hydrating through a drip in the arm.
    • By the time my husband arrived 10 minutes later, he was already on oxygen, a fluid drip and intravenous antibiotics.
    • She has asked that if she get's to bad that they let her go peacefully in what ever form they can, either lethal injection or through a drip, but she does not want us to watch her die in pain.
  • 3informal

    (ineffectual person)
    soso masculine informal
    sosa feminine informal
    • He's a drip, but he's very faithful, you know.
    • He's a bore, he's a drip, he's a sneak.
    • I probably sound a bit of a drip, but I feel I'm in this permanent hallucinogenic state.