Translation of drippy in Spanish:


lluvioso, adj.

Pronunciation: /ˈdrɪpi//ˈdrɪpi/


  • 1US

    • I used to hate the ‘weird drippy people,’ but now I'm in awe.
    • I lost sight of Austin when some drippy, gooey slow song started to play.
    • He studied us, two drippy guys with goofy grins.
    • Jake changes overnight from drippy layabout to high roller.
    • But I developed a cocky persona to distance ourselves from the drippy bands of the time.
    • What do you think of that drippy single, " A Moment Like This"?
    • This isn't narcissism, it's not the kind of being in love with myself that makes me feel like gazing into the mirror all day, or erecting monuments and writing myself drippy poetry I'll regret later.
    • The bad news is that my drippy sister is in that class.
    • She's sympathetic without being drippy, extremely levelheaded, and (for a change) her sexuality is understated.
    • Darcy was very drippy but the movie was saved by Hugh Grant.
    • A drippy woman wished me good morning and asked ‘How are you?’
    • While it might seem this could be just another drippy and hackneyed heart-of-the-West melodrama, this made-for-TV movie is actually quite engaging, mostly because of its wholesome approach.
    • I'll try and sober up and be more coherent and less drippy.
    • Mainly they're drippy playground recollections.
  • 2informal

    (person) soso informal
    (novel/story) sensiblero
    (story/novel) sentimentaloide