Translation of drive-through in Spanish:


Pronunciation ///ˈdraɪv ˌθru/



  • 1

    drive-through restaurant (restaurante donde se sirve al cliente en su coche) drive-through masculine
    • drive-through car wash túnel de lavado
    • The bank, with drive-through teller lanes, carries a construction cost of $1.15 million.
    • The plant's six drive-through bays can receive up to 1 million pounds of milk per hour from trucks arriving on a continuous basis.
    • I know this drive-through restaurant that's close to the school.
    • In the future, many of the new stores will be chosen for their suitability as drive-through restaurants.
    • Both his daughters knew that the only reason he didn't use burger joint drive-through windows and make them all eat as he drove was because of the risk of spilling food in the car.
    • The drive-through restaurant was quite empty.
    • Though these drive-through detectors are good for quick scans at busy seaports and border crossings, they don't convey much specific information.
    • They're right beside churches with drive-through confessionals.
    • Taking a closer look, every fast-food restaurant points to its drive-through window as the benchmark for its service performance.
    • I wonder if they have drive-through tattoo parlours.
    • When time is short (or you want to stay in the cool comfort of your vehicle), drive-through windows are an easy way to go.
    • Because fast food restaurants do about 60% of their business in the drive-through window, packaging labels may be preferred.
    • And adding to the quaintness, I noticed that the bank's drive-through teller lanes were equipped with pneumatic tubes.
    • But retail outlets and drive-through restaurants are the wrong way to go.
    • This is not just to ease congestion, but also to track the movements of individual cars for commercial purposes, like figuring out where to locate drive-through restaurants.
    • The drive-through cashiers at different restaurants would share a manager and so forth.
    • Plans show a 6,800-square-foot branch with eight drive-through lanes on 3.27 acres.
    • People living near the site objected to the plans, saying two drive-through restaurants opposite each other was too much.
    • So if you think drive-through coffee shops are a good idea, maybe you should start looking for prospective sites near petrol stations in your area.
    • There's also proposals for a drive-through restaurant, close to the credit union.