Translation of drizzle in Spanish:


llovizna, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdrɪzəl//ˈdrɪz(ə)l/


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    llovizna feminine
    garúa feminine Latin America
    • Even the rain seemed to lessen, becoming fine drizzle as opposed to a downpour.
    • The clouds that were grey in the morning were now black and a light drizzle of rain fell on her face.
    • The light drizzle had become a steady, lukewarm rain, and footing on the stony beach had become treacherous.
    • Light drizzle was falling at the start, but halfway through the rain stopped and a cool breeze kicked in.
    • At about half race distance light drizzle started to fall and the pit teams prepared the second bike for each rider with rain tyres so that the rider had a choice.
    • Weather forecasters said today would be cloudy with some patchy drizzle throughout the morning.
    • It was dark out, and a steady drizzle of rain fell upon them as the numbness wore away.
    • A light drizzle of rain fell, gradually picking up speed and fury.
    • For this reason, thick drizzle, or even light or small droplet rain, may either not be adequately represented, or not picked up at all!
    • The night was quiet with a slight drizzle of rain falling on the windows.
    • This effect occurs because of air rising on the windward side of the mountains, causing rain and drizzle.
    • By mid-day the soft drizzle became a steady downpour, a rain that fell through sunset and then created damp clouds of fog under the street lights.
    • A shallow gabled roof covered with translucent fiberglass shelters the area from rain and drizzle without blocking the light.
    • It's also good in drizzle or light rain, as it is sheltered in most parts by the trees.
    • For me, the worst scenario was a light misting drizzle or light snowfall, combined with a hard uphill push.
    • Light drizzle is falling, but the players stay on court.
    • Throughout the day the weather had threatened rain throughout, with only light drizzle to dampen the surface, not enough to warrant a change in tyre choice.
    • Glancing toward the window, he noted that the light, steady drizzle had not abated.
    • He lifted his eyes to the streetlight and watched the fine drizzle fall in its beam of white, and sighed.
    • By this time, the light drizzle had become steady rain.

impersonal verb

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    garuar Latin America