Translation of droopy in Spanish:


mustio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdruːpi//ˈdrupi/

adjectivedroopier, droopiest

  • 1

    (leaves/flowers) mustio
    (mustache) que cuelga
    (mustache) colgón Spain
    • Fifty years after his death, his shock of white hair and droopy mustache still symbolise genius.
    • Make sure the ferrules are tight fitting, the cane isn't soft, droopy or bent like the hind leg of a donkey.
    • He looked at the man to see him slowly falling over, his eyes droopy.
    • The common name red-hot cat-tail describes the fluffy, maroon-red, droopy spikes that hang from the plant throughout summer.
    • Just remember your regular waiters will be attired in lantern hats, pig tails and thin, droopy moustaches!
    • They sounded great, but unless denim, leather, Afghan coats, long lanky hair, mutton chop sideburns, and droopy moustaches are your thing, they probably aren't the best looking band in the world.
    • Big soppy puppies with droopy eyes and long wet tongues come to mind.
    • His thick, droopy mustache and oversized shirt hid his youth.
    • She yawned, her droopy eyes fell on the scene that was in front of her.
    • I pretended to agree with him, even though I knew that the bushy droopy moustache and the peaked cap were certainly not in the dress code of any postal organisation I was aware of.
    • The man had long hair, big glasses, a droopy mustache and a flowery wide tie.
    • A droopy country-and-western singer's moustache had been left to grow, unrestrained under his nose and, when he spoke, it was in a barely audible murmur.
    • Kay's face dropped, her eyes looked droopy like a dogs.
    • Some one pops up the question, ‘What are those long droopy moustaches called?’
    • The day he stepped down he quit cutting his hair, grew a long, droopy white moustache and gave his suits to Goodwill.
    • It's impossible to believe that a programme was ever meant to be set in the future when the technology being used is still the size of a 1995 mobile phone and all the actors have droopy moustaches.
    • His presenting skills in the BBC coverage of the African Nations Cup have so far been laid back to say the least, and his droopy, bloodshot eyes make it look like he could drop off at any moment.
    • It can't have come very far, although it is looking a bit bedraggled and its tail is very droopy.
    • But in this corner, the binge drinking and the droopy drawers are seen as a coarsening of society and it's time to take a stand.
    • ‘When I bought it, there was nobody out there,’ says Dube, 40, who sports a white snap-button shirt and a droopy mustache.