Translation of drop zone in Spanish:

drop zone

zona de lanzamiento, n.



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    zona de lanzamiento feminine
    • Upon return to Kalaikunda, the banner is dispatched by the aircraft into the special drop zone and taken away for analysis.
    • If you were lucky you landed in the drop zone and made a good rolling fall, then quick-released your parachute before it could drag you and break your neck.
    • If the streamer lands one mile south of the drop zone, she jumps one mile north of it.
    • This looked to be one of the most popular acts with the crowd, with a definite surge of people towards the drop zone.
    • The whole experience lasted six minutes, from leaving the Hercules to hitting to the ground in, or around, the drop zone marked out in front of the screaming young fans.
    • However, it is known that he had an anti-Nazi uncle in Salzburg, who owned land that would have provided an ideal drop zone for the Foxley sniper team.
    • Sadly, we had given the last of our supplies out at our previous drop zone.
    • The team of five Red Berets jumped at 6000 feet above the stadium, looking for the red smoke flare billowing up from the field to indicate the drop zone.
    • They would fly a few feet over the drop zone and then deploy the cargo using a small drogue parachute.
    • Despite learning all this, I still eagerly set off to make my second attempt at skydiving, this time going to the drop zone closer to home.
    • Once under canopy, the beginners steered themselves back towards the drop zone before descending gently for a perfect tip-toe landing.
    • As we slowly glided towards the drop zone, landing softly back on solid ground, I began to wish we could have stayed up for longer, but gravity will not be denied.
    • He and his comrades were under fire from the moment they left the plane above the drop zone at Ginkel Heath, about eight miles east of Arnhem.
    • After our chutes opened, we would be guided into the drop zone by Woodford, standing with his own radio on the ground.