Translation of dross in Spanish:


basura, n.

Pronunciation /drɒs//drɔs//drɑs/


  • 1

    basura feminine
    • Blast furnaces are used to recycle slag, dross, and residues from other processes.
    • It was my delight to watch and speak with some of the old-timers there, and one chap used to astonish me by washing his hands, scooping the dross from the surface of some molten metal, then splashing his hands in it!
    • Secondary smelting is a related process used to recover nonferrous metals and alloys from new and used scrap and dross.
    • Parts coming off the machine typically do not have dross or slag left over from the cutting process, which means less time in the electropolishing postprocess.
    • Johannesburg's two rivers are also considered unsafe, primarily because of untreated human waste and chemicals leaching from piles of mining dross.
  • 2

    (on molten metal)
    escoria feminine