Translation of drug in Spanish:


droga, n.

Pronunciation /drəɡ//drʌɡ/


  • 1

    droga feminine
    estupefaciente masculine formal
    hard/soft drugs drogas duras/blandas
    • to be on drugs drogarse
    • I don't do drugs yo no me drogo
    • success became a drug with her el éxito se convirtió en una droga para ella
    • a drug on the market un artículo del cual el mercado ya está saturado
    • drug habit drogadicción
    • drug pusher / peddler conecte
    • drug traffic tráfico de drogas
    • drug trafficker traficante de drogas
    • drug trafficking tráfico de drogas
    • Crack cocaine is a potent hard crystalline form of cocaine, the addictive drug derived from the coca plant and used as a stimulant.
    • The use of illegal drugs like marijuana, cocaine and heroin has increased exponentially, most dramatically among the young.
    • The self-confessed drug addict admitted possessing heroin with intent, but claimed that he was only looking after it for another person.
    • He was a crack cocaine addict and sold drugs to support his £200-a-day habit.
    • His team are using fruit flies to study the genetics of cocaine and other addictive drugs.
    • The bill would impose an excise tax on marijuana and other currently illegal drugs.
    • I have also struggled, fought and cried because of my addiction to drugs.
    • Social work staff say they are overburdened with casework and worried about not being able to give heroin addicts in the drug court enough support.
    • The canine cops were introduced in a bid to prevent drug abuse as well as possible trafficking of illegal drugs on in-patient units.
    • The alternative treatment for heroin addiction is the drug methadone which is taken in tablet form.
    • Six cannabis plants were seized along with a quantity of cannabis resin and the hallucinogenic drug LSD referred to on the streets as magic mushrooms.
    • The drugs confiscated included heroin, cannabis resin and cocaine.
    • It is grown to produce the narcotic drugs hashish and marijuana, made primarily from its female flowers.
    • At the time he was desperately trying to pay of debts he had built up through his drug addiction using heroin and crack cocaine.
    • Sport is an all-encompassing drug, more addictive than crack cocaine.
    • To begin with, new users to addictive drugs cannot be addicted very quickly.
    • These areas also are activated by addictive drugs, such as cocaine.
    • Suddenly her daughter was a drug addict riding high on crack cocaine - and prostitution was the only way she could finance her habit.
    • The 28-year-old heroin drug addict is banned from the city centre and from begging inside the outer ring road for five years.
    • In a radical move, the country has decriminalised the use of not just cannabis, but all illegal drugs, including heroin.
  • 2

    medicamento masculine
    medicina feminine
    fármaco masculine formal
    she is on / takes drugs for her heart está tomando / toma medicamentos para el corazón
    • they took him off that drug and put him on another one le dejaron de dar ese medicamento y le empezaron a dar otro
    • He claims that with his new drug developed from traditional medicinal herbs, one need not undergo surgery.
    • While travelers to malarial regions can take prophylactic medicines, these drugs are too toxic for long-term use for residents.
    • Slattery eventually hauled himself back from the brink with the help of a clinical psychiatrist and medicinal drugs for his mind.
    • Lower doses of the drug result in analgesic effects, while increasing doses will produce amnesic effects.
    • This disease can be cured but medicines and drugs are beyond the means of most of the villagers.
    • The retailing of antibiotics, anti-virus drugs and herbal medicines capable of reducing heat skyrocketed.
    • Medications may range from allopathic drugs to alternative medicines to kitchen shelf remedies.
    • Doctors treat malaria by using anti-malarial drugs, such as chloroquine or quinine.
    • However, laws governing medicinal drugs are either obsolete or not enforced.
    • In these patients consumption of aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is common.
    • Antidepressant and sedative drugs gave troublesome side effects and only temporary relief.
    • Most of modern medicine's prescription drugs grew out of traditional herbal remedies.
    • In the more severe cases, tranquilizers and antidepressant drugs have been reported to be of benefit.
    • Physicians often try various drugs and dosages to see what works best for each individual.
    • This drug is often used initially to treat postoperative pain in France, before a switch to oral analgesic drugs.
    • Lavender has sedative effects comparable to drugs such as Valium.
    • They rarely developed new drugs or used foreign medicines.
    • Steroids and immunosuppressive drugs have been used for acute flares.
    • More conclusive evidence on the relative risks of herbal medicine versus synthetic drugs is scarce.
    • This is closest to modern orthodox medicine as many traditional drugs such as aspirin are derived from plants.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (animal/person) drogar
  • 2drugged past p

    she was kept drugged to relieve the pain la mantenían drogada para aliviarle el dolor
    • a drugged sleep un sueño pesado
  • 3

    (add drugs to)
    (food/wine) adulterar con drogas