Translation of drum in Spanish:


tambor, n.

Pronunciation: /drəm//drʌm/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      tambor masculine
      to beat the drum for sth anunciar / pregonar algo con bombos y platillos

    • 1.2(in band)

      batería feminine
      with Buddy Rich on drums con Buddy Rich en (la) batería
      • Inside the car, the hundred megaton speakers may be transmitting the unique sound of some howling pop star with an ululating mouth harp and a back-up band, heavy on drums.
      • Intensity and loudness increases by the middle of the movement, with some sharp attacks by the strings, with drums and syncopated rhythms.
      • Jazz bands without drums or bass oblige the remaining participants to be extremely industrious.
      • Harmonies come courtesy of three male singers while the percussion, bass and drums ensure the sound is wrapped in the rhythms of their Guinean ancestors.
      • The staples are represented - alto and soprano sax, bass, drums, woodwinds, piano, and, to a lesser extent, the clarinet and some vocals.
      • While the 72nd Sutton Music Festival will benefit from a grant of £300 to enable organisers to set up a new section for drums and keyboard musicians.

  • 2

    • 2.1(container)

      bidón masculine
      • Inside the drum's body is a padlocked hatch into which the money falls.
      • Though barrels may be close to extinct, companies still ship some oil in 55-gallon steel drums.
      • The water is transferred from gutters into black 55-gallon drums via garden hoses, which allows me to switch from one drum to another with ease.
      • Tests on a 55-gallon drum came up positive for mustard gas.
      • Then, overnight, completely saturate it by placing it in a soaking vessel such as an old bathtub or an open-topped metal drum.
      • What tends to happen is that the cords find their way into the rotating drum inside the body of the plane.
      • The mangoes that my parents had picked from outside their window had ripened inside the rice drum.
      • Documents found inside some of the drums, identified the actual sources of the waste - small and medium-size firms from the Veneto region of Italy.
      • As well as 580 litres in the tanks they will carry about 600 litres in drums inside the vehicle: this is certainly no Smart car.
      • He thought something was strange as he looked inside the drums, but had no idea of the hazard as he filled up his backpack sprayer.
      • The cigarettes, with a retail value of £350,000, were found inside drums of pine resin in a container that had arrived in Britain through Dover.
      • But staff giving evidence said they would stand inside a large rotating drum to clean the slowly-moving rollers with an air hose.
      • I guess they figure if you have room enough to store a 55-gallon drum of mayonnaise, well, you have the space to store a coffin until needed.
      • The people who have been on the coast the longest are entitled to more water, and those who are newcomers only have the right to one drum, and that has to last two weeks.
      • Inside these are drums for the mine tether cables that would have been attached to mines resting in the bowl-shaped indentation on the upper side of the trolley.
      • I landed just on the edge of the very last fuel drum.
      • After washing the reel, rinse it off in clean water then thoroughly dry the reel, taking special care of the inside of the drum and the drag area.
      • Research in collaboration with Peugeot has developed propulsion units rather like hamsters running inside a drum.
      • There's more to a chemical or biological weapons program than rusting drums and pieces of munitions.
      • Inside the bottomless drum are mixed items waiting to be sorted, treasures waiting to be uncovered.

    • 2.2(machine part)

      tambor masculine
      a revolving drum un tambor giratorio
      • Sometimes dye will come off new blue jeans and dry on the inside of the dryer drum, and then transfer to the next batch of wet clothes put inside.
      • If dead radio stations have graves, GLR must be spinning like a washing machine's drum right now.
      • Instead they may show excessive interest in repetitive activities, such as lining up their toys or watching the washing machine drum rotate for an extended period of time.
      • In 2000 the Contrarotator was launched, the world's first washing machine with two rotating drums.
      • Mohsan likened clock speeds to the RPM's of washing machine drums.
      • Our baits were stored in large metal washing machine drums that we had shipped out specifically for the purpose, this kept them in superb condition.
      • Good to check dryer drum after load of brand new jeans.

    • 2.3(spool)

      tambor masculine

  • 3

    • 3.1

      tambor (del freno) masculine

    • 3.2informal (brake)

      freno de tambor masculine

  • 4

    tambor masculine

transitive verb

  • 1

    (table/floor) golpetear
    to drum one's fingers tamborilear con los dedos

intransitive verb

  • 1

    tocar el tambor
  • 2

    (sound) resonar
  • 3

    (beat, tap)
    (person) dar golpecitos
    (person) tamborilear
    (rain/hooves/hail) repiquetear