Translation of drum kit in Spanish:

drum kit

batería, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈdrəm ˌkɪt/


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    batería feminine
    • Some of them sound like a drum kit submerged in water.
    • Similarly Todd Trainer strikes his drum kit with the consistency and power only available to precision machinery.
    • These drumbeats maybe metronome-steady, but that's only because the man is doing nothing on the drum kit.
    • Jessie was sitting at the drum kit with a saxophone hanging at her side.
    • Behind us, Pat began warming himself up on his drum kit, executing a quick succession of flurried beats.
    • Kurt threw himself into his drum kit and everyone was rocking out.
    • Two stacks of speakers were on the platform, along with a drum kit and two guitars.
    • Now you're wondering if a broke musician in a cover band who bought his first drum kit last year is really worth your time.
    • As soon as Lucas tapped the crash cymbal on the drum kit to end the song, Sonya let go of the microphone and ran out of the room.
    • The sounds of short beats on the drum kit and guitars being tuned reached the ears of the customers.
    • The drum kit becomes a blur, shaking from the machine gun and cannon sounds emanating from within.
    • I stood and stared for what seemed to be an hour, and then Sam's mates started up their music - one of them on a drum kit, one on lead guitar and another on bass.
    • Pat Wilson took his place behind the drum kit minus his glasses.
    • Her stand-in guitarist seems less impressed and removes it placing it diplomatically on the drum kit, out of harm's way.
    • A variety of suspended cymbals is made for the drum kit.
    • Shortly after this photo was taken, Simon enthusiastically smashed his guitar head on the drum kit putting it hopelessly out of tune.
    • In the center of the stage was a drum kit, and a bass and guitar sat in stands on either side of the stage.
    • Her poster on the wall behind her drum kit had been removed and her drumstick bag was gone.
    • It took an hour to set up the oddest-looking drum kit Jack had ever seen.
    • We can put a microphone in front of a drum kit.