Translation of drummer in Spanish:


batería, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdrʌmə//ˈdrəmər/


  • 1

    (pop, jazz) batería masculine
    (pop, jazz) baterista feminine Latin America
    (military) tambor masculine
    • The band, consisting of a drummer, a piper and a fiddler, was playing a Torrencian song she knew, and she couldn't resist trying to join in.
    • Each Scottish regiment also has pipers and drummers but these pipe bands are made up of combat soldiers, and are less formal than brass bands.
    • By the time Ted Leo took the stage with a drummer and a bassist as the accompanying Pharmacists all doubt was quelled.
    • During this performance the assembled pipers and drummers will play together in one massed pipe band.
    • They reached their instruments and the drummer gave a drum roll to signify that they were ready.
    • Both the bassist and drummer come from musical backgrounds of hardcore and punk.
    • His presence was really special to me, and it led me to think about my new project dealing with the next generation of drummers and musicians in Cuba.
    • The studios have pianists and sometimes drummers or other musicians who improvise as the dancers dance.
    • Usually a drummer plays these rhythmic ostinatos throughout a section or a whole piece, and then repeats them using improvisatory variations.
    • As legend has it, Cream took their name from a British music magazine poll which saw their fellow musicians rank them as the ‘Cream of the Crop’ in terms of guitarists, bassists and drummers.
    • Despite wearing glasses, the drummer and bassist have very little problem fitting in.
    • Regi and I are greeted at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall by drummers and jugglers on stilts for the Arts and Business Scottish Awards 2001.
    • In my first band, Bored Games, Wayne the bass player already had a bass guitar, and the drummer had some drums.
    • Things go from bad to worse when he and Philip finally unveil their prog-rock symphony to their unimpressed drummer, bass-player and singer.
    • Coleman's second great band was Prime Time, a seven-piece electric group with Coleman on alto sax, two guitarists, two bassists and two drummers.
    • The look of each dance group and each dance is different, but each begins with the drummers tapping on their drum rims and singing.
    • Great drummers understand that drums are not only a rhythm instrument, that they are melodic as well.
    • That's why I can take an orchestral piece and arrange it for four melodic instruments and a drummer, and not miss anything.
    • The ladies rode on palfreys or were drawn on litters, escorted by gentlemen, squires and pages, with trumpeters, drummers and minstrels.
    • Crew members prepare to race in the Dragon Boat Festival while drummers beat their drums.