Translation of dry in Spanish:


seco, adj.

Pronunciation: /draɪ//drʌɪ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(not wet)

      (washing/ground/wood) seco
      she rubbed her hair dry with a towel se secó el pelo con una toalla
      • to wipe sth dry secar algo con un paño
      • store in a cool, dry place guardar en lugar fresco y seco
      • Wipe the screen daily using window cleaner, then polish it with a clean dry cloth.
      • Water regularly during growth and bloom, then keep the soil fairly dry during summer.
      • When cleaning the body of the light, it is recommended to use a dry, lint free cloth for the best possible result.
      • Water the plant when the soil surface feels dry to a light touch.
      • The central glasshouse had two lean-to hothouses, one dry for cacti, the other humid for tropical plants.
      • They also require housing in shelter that is warm, dry and as draught free as possible.
      • Her blue jeans were beginning to grow damp and she longed for the feel of dry clothes and a warm blanket.
      • Katy finally broke free of the dry vegetation and hurried off the path and to the guard rail that separated her from Justin.
      • Strain the yolk through a muslin cloth into a clean dry bowl.
      • Meanwhile, the fire was busy, the wood was dry and free, and his thoughts ran just as freely on future good times until he too dozed in front of the blaze.
      • She climbed onto the rock and patted herself dry with one of the blankets.
      • No single profession has as its duty the obligation to provide a building that is dry and free of mold growth.
      • The affected areas should be kept as dry and as free of friction as possible.
      • If the soil seems too dry or too moist, adjust the controller.
      • She sighed, realizing Hawk was right: she needed to let these clothes dry.
      • She managed to stay mostly dry, but the cuffs of her pants were damp.
      • I got out and wiped myself dry with a white fluffy towel.
      • Traffic constable Paul Davenport told the inquest that at the time of the accident, the road was dry, clean and free from any obstruction.
      • Drain and place the blanched vegetables on an absorbent cloth and pat them dry.
      • In the fortunate first world, we are warm, fed and dry, and largely free of the famines, pains and diseases that brought misery to our forefathers.

    • 1.2(lacking natural moisture)

      (leaves/skin/hair/mouth) seco
      (sobs) sin lágrimas
      (cough) seco
      my mouth was dry with fear tenía la boca seca de miedo
      • I feel dry after all that talking tengo la garganta seca de tanto hablar
      • a crust of dry bread una corteza de pan duro
      • there wasn't a dry eye in the house no hubo quien no llorara
      • I have dry skin, so moisturising is a necessity.
      • If your hair is very dry, damaged or chemically treated, treat yourself to a deep conditioning once a week.
      • Whether your hair is dry or greasy, the following shampoos and conditioners will tame that mane of yours for good.
      • However, I kept noticing things before we left, like my face was too dry, then my hair was too dry, then I had to find lip gloss because my face was looking blah!
      • Recently I have also noticed extremely dry skin on my arms, legs and feet.
      • Next Lisa applies an ‘intensive hydrating masque’ which is oil free and perfect for dry skin like mine.
      • If you have other telltale symptoms, such as brittle hair and nails, dry skin and a tendency to feel cold, definitely get checked out.
      • A regular deep conditioning treatment can also help rehydrate dry hair.
      • In addition, try sucking a throat lozenge as the sucking action helps to keep a dry throat moist.
      • I've always been prone to dry skin and hair, so I really noticed a huge shift when I began adding more oil to my diet.
      • Since there is less moisture in the air, the skin can become very dry and dehydrated, as it fails to replenish the moisture that is exuded naturally into the air.
      • If you can't find a conditioner for black hair, try one designed for dry hair instead as these will have a similar effect.
      • They were recommended by a friend, and helped my hair not be so dry from all of the color treatments.
      • Her palms were feeling extremely sweaty all of a sudden, but her throat was very dry.
      • If your problem is dry hair, first massage coconut or olive into your scalp.
      • That said, men with dry hair should try to limit washings to every three days or so.
      • His voice surged for a moment but it was scratchy, his throat was very dry.
      • Gary said the first warning sign is normally a sore or dry throat, the feeling most people associate with swollen glands.
      • Cold weather and low indoor humidity can cause dry, chapped skin during the winter months.
      • If your hair is excessively dry and it does not respond to the above treatments, you may not be eating enough fat.

    • 1.3(dried-up)

      (river/well) seco
      the cow has gone dry la vaca no da más leche
      • his inspiration had run dry se había agotado su inspiración
      • In Australia, salt is produced by solar evaporation from sea water, saline lake waters, underground brines and harvested from dry lake beds.
      • Most of the time, they have to walk for kilometers or dig holes in dry ponds just for one or two pails of dirty water.
      • Hughes also notes that the aquifer runs beneath two dry lakes in the area, Cadiz and Bristol.
      • A surge of water was barreling down on him from the far end of the dry river bed.
      • We swooped along a dry river bed to land near the Settlers Arms Inn, in St Albans.
      • The dams were empty, the creek was dry, all I had was two bores.
      • Almost all of these are away from major rivers, dry creeks, and sagebrush flats, where recent sediments tend to cover the older rocks.
      • Residents have turned to the murky pond for their water supply, as truck- and pipe-borne sources have been almost dry.
      • Scientists hope that some of those rocks contain sediments that will reveal information about past conditions in the crater, which could be a dry lake bed.
      • The area consists of steep mountains rising to around 1,500 metres with flat valleys, and the area is peppered with sand dunes and dry lakes.
      • The chase cars began because we were using a dry lake bed for initial training before using the paved runway.
      • Since then, one of the wells used to supply the community with water has gone dry.
      • On a typical summer day, several dozen dust devils spin across the dry lake bed in Nevada's Eldorado Valley.
      • When water from a nearby active stream flooded into the dry watercourse, the nests and eggs, like those on the flats, were inundated with mud.
      • On an old, dry river bend stand the ruins of an ancient chapel that Jordanians say is the site of Jesus' baptism by John the Baptist.
      • Bessie and Randy were making their way out of the dry river bed that was sometimes Kiowa Creek.
      • They began some 190,000 years ago when a major volcano blew its top, spewing molten lava into nearby dry river beds.
      • During the summer, the river was dry from its source near Kemble to Cricklade and the water basin at Ashton Keynes was waterless for two months.
      • The riverine woodland diminishes daily and most rivers are dry for some of the year.
      • Will there be an end to exports from the country as tax makes most of the oil supply go dry?
      • Hesaraghatta lake, one of the biggest sources of fresh water supply to the city, went dry quite sometime ago.
      • The withered trees and dry streams portray the grim situation.
      • He pulled his horses to the edge of the highway, above a stupendous array of mountains, dry rivers, scrubby hill crests.
      • From the next bridge one can see some more sculpted rock, and round the corner the river was dry in this wettest of seasons.

    • 1.4(not rainy, not humid)

      (climate/heat/weather) seco
      tomorrow will be dry mañana no lloverá
      • When temperatures drop, so does the skin's moisture level - a direct result of dehydrating cold, dry air.
      • The drought belt of Africa has had almost two decades of exceptionally dry weather.
      • Ghana's subequatorial climate is warm and humid, with distinct alternations between rainy summer and dry winters.
      • Testing during extremely dry weather or when the ground is frozen may be less desirable.
      • During the growing season, keep the roots moist in dry weather and take care when weeding, as blackcurrants are shallow-rooted.
      • The cold winters and dry climate would stress the animals all across the Northern Hemisphere.
      • There is seldom a long dry spell and rainfall is abundant.
      • But Scotland and Northern Ireland will see the best of the weather with mostly dry spells.
      • Overall, the climate is humid and cool, with very wet winters and dry summers.
      • During the summer, keep them moist in dry weather, apply a liquid feed every three weeks and, if necessary, give the plants a support to prevent damage by wind and heavy rain.
      • Their shade reduces evaporation and keeps the soil moist during the dry season, and their roots protect the banks from erosion.
      • On my first visit to the short grass plains of the southern Serengeti, they were as parched and dry as any desert.
      • It was a dry month, with rainfall being only 47 per cent of average and reservoirs only 59 per cent full.
      • If they have good root systems they can withstand severe dry spells without injury.
      • It was lovely weather and we had an indoor BBQ since there was a ban on any outdoor burning because of the dry weather we have been having the last couple of weeks.
      • While very little rain falls during the dry season, the amount that does fall is more variable than during the wet season.
      • Saturday and Sunday looks like being drier at the moment with the chance of a light frost overnight.
      • The polar continental is usually a dry air mass, having little distance to travel over the sea.
      • New South Wales has entered an early bush fire season, which is being exacerbated by extremely low levels of rainfall, dry winds and high temperatures.
      • In the winter, the winds reverse and blow in a seaward direction, which is the reason why Indian winters are so dry.

    • 1.5(using no fluid)

      (cell) seco
      he had a dry shave se afeitó en seco
      • a piece of dry bread una rebanada de pan sin mantequilla
      • Recommendations resulting from the meeting included the use of dry sanitation facilities in informal settlements.
      • The modernization will change the cement-making process from the wet, slurry-type process used now to a state-of-the-art dry process that will increase production about 40 percent.
      • Calvert points out that the floods triggered by the recent storm surge had demonstrated the eco friendly nature of the dry latrines.
      • His duties consisted of grooming the magistrate's horse, cleaning out the stable, cutting firewood and keeping clean the dry earth closet out in the yard.
      • Under this Act construction of a dry latrine and its manual cleaning was made an offence.
      • But even where activists have successfully sealed dry latrines, the fate of the people is pathetic.
      • The camp has solar panels, revolutionary dry latrines, a whole lot of candlelight and kerosene light, and a mandate to be good to the land and people.

  • 2

    (prohibiting sale of alcohol)
    (county/state) seco

    donde está prohibida la venta de bebidas alcohólicas

  • 3

    (not sweet)
    (wine/sherry) seco
    (champagne) brut
    (champagne) seco
  • 4

    • 4.1(ironic)

      (wit/humor/remark) mordaz
      (wit/remark/humor) cáustico
      • His voice sounded dull and dry to him, without depth or meaning anymore.
      • A dry skepticism likewise informs her views on the art world, and on the varying fortunes of Duchamp's work and reputation within it.
      • I have a dry sense of humor, which the girls love me for.
      • He will be remembered for his quick wit, his one-liners and his dry sense of humour.
      • I always love the incredibly dry, spare tone of the Times when it approaches ultra-weird subjects.
      • Marty flails about on stage for a while, desperately trying to drum up some enthusiasm and energy for what is a dull, dry performance.
      • He had a very dry sense of humor that made her think of her father.
      • The rail workers are blessed with a down-to-earth sense of humor and dry wit that is more than a match for any managerial staff.
      • The dry, silent male mourning seemed much worse than the noisy grief of the women.
      • Kev's dry wit and quiet sense of humour was much appreciated.
      • So any construal of forgiveness that seems flat or dry is obviously lacking.
      • The show was hosted by a young woman who also injected a dry sense of humour into her performance.
      • The politician's agenda does tend to be as dry and unemotional as his personality.
      • Dr. House has the perfect dry wit to deal with his rather depressing field of work.
      • She has a very dry sense of humor, much like mine actually.
      • He had a great sense of humour and a ready, dry wit but he embodied a certain kind of simplicity and humility.
      • Given the vantage point of 35 years, LeWitt's art scarcely seems emotionally dry.
      • As a result he is often referred to as a philosopher of art, giving the impression of being dry and detached from the world around him.
      • His sense of humour was dry, he could be irascible, and he was razor sharp.
      • In contrast to what he sees as the dry formalism of his forbears, Morrison offers a self-consciously passionate response to the play.
      • Many found his manner abrupt at times, but his sardonic humour and dry wit were much enjoyed.
      • Subtle jokes and dry humour set up some nice character development, backed by worthy acting.
      • But viewer beware, a dry sense of humour is needed to enjoy this movie to its fullest.
      • It's made me laugh from your dry humor and weep for the victims of corporate crime tactics.
      • Add to that the invention, intelligence and dry wit this title contains, and it deserves to top the charts.
      • ‘Is that a problem?’ she asked in a dry tone that I thought I may have imagined.
      • It stays true to its roots of biting satire and dry wit and avoids becoming nonsensical.
      • Each page of The Finishing School is alive with her customary ironic, dry wit, and yet she somehow leaves the reader thirsty for more.
      • ‘What an elaborate scheme,’ a dry voice commented.
      • I wanted to think this was some kind of dry joke, but 3 years of servile apologetics from some broadcasters prevent me.
      • There is a fine line between dry wit and wicked sarcasm.
      • There are really dry jokes throughout the whole thing.
      • His comments were made in dull, dry tones, suggesting he'd rather be anywhere else.

    • 4.2(lacking warmth)

      (greeting/laugh/style) seco

  • 5

    (dull, boring)
    (lecture/book) árido
    just the dry facts, with no embellishment la verdad a secas, sin adornos

transitive verb

  • 1

    (with cloth, heat)
    (clothes/crockery) secar
    to dry oneself secarse
    • to dry one's eyes/tears secarse las lágrimas
    • dry on a flat surface secar extendido sobre una superficie
  • 2

    (fruit/fish/meat) secar

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (become dry)
    (dishes/washing/paint/concrete) secarse
    you wash and I'll dry tú lavas y yo seco
    • I hung it out to dry lo tendí para que se secara
    • to hang sb out to dry abandonar a algn a su suerte
  • 2

    dry up


  • 1

    come into the dry entra