Translation of dry run in Spanish:

dry run

simulacro, n.


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    simulacro masculine
    • The pilot study is a dry run to illuminate and resolve many scientific, clinical, and logistical issues that will be faced during the pivotal clinical trial.
    • A platoon of 16 soldiers can conduct this training to standard in approximately 3 hours, which includes walk-throughs, dry runs, and live runs.
    • If driving, prior to the interview, map out your travel route and perform a dry run.
    • Then again, it was just a charity preview and a dry run for the real thing.
    • At Chelsea, nurses conducted a dry run of the procedure on their own; other members prepared by reading the manual, and the surgeon did not participate in any team practice.
    • I think he called from Athens and I think he was suggesting that the marathon route is along a freeway so it is not readily accessible to the athletes currently and in fact the first dry run they will have is on the 26th of this month.
    • She had seen all or at least a few during the 3 dry runs that had been performed earlier that week to check out how long the show would be approximately.
    • This was a dry run for the General Election, a chance at little real cost to try out tactics and campaign strategies for the main event.
    • The collaboration was such a test for them that they had a dry run at writing a screenplay first.
    • In July he went to Israel for 10 days in what security officials suspect was a dry run to test the security measures of the country's national airline, El Al.
    • Named in celebration of Charlie Watts, the documentary of the group's Irish tour of 1965 was intended as a dry run for a full-on cinematic debut that never happened.
    • But as a dry run for his undoubted masterpiece, Arcadia, it is interesting.
    • In the dry runs we didn't have to worry about changes to the Netscape Server.
    • This is the dry run for a one hour keynote I presented last week.
    • It seemed a good idea at the time, but a dry run quickly established that folk who are entitled to be the holders of OAP bus passes are not best suited to the general hubbub of places where the average age of the diners is nearer 25 than 65.
    • Now, we reported that investigators believed that hijackers did a few dry runs.
    • Mock drills or emergency dry runs - where you initiate a scenario - are good ways for staff to keep their skills sharp, enabling them to react to real and possibly dangerous situations.
    • I decided to use this as a dry run to get the right tension on the shoe laces and mark a safe distance for traffic and passers by with a white plastic bag.
    • ‘I liked the idea that you could have dry runs and get used to the games without spending any money,’ she says.
    • The Hoteliers Association need to determine how it can take advantage of this potential windfall and treat the situation as a dry run for the Cricket World Cup in 2007.