Translation of dual in Spanish:


doble, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdjuːəl//ˈd(j)uəl/


  • 1

    (function/purpose/role) doble
    (nationality/citizenship) doble
    dual personality doble personalidad feminine
    • I like the notion of a library as a treasure chest, since it operates as a dual metaphor.
    • Now, can I turn to their arguments and address what seem to us to be their dual aspect?
    • Foster parents should be willing to commute, be bilingual and have dual nationality.
    • Rather, he wanted to imitate a different aspect of Moshe: his dual role.
    • Gavin Hamilton and Gary Fellows have dual roles to play.
    • Byrne said he was hugely impressed by the pupils' enthusiasm and by the various demonstrations and said he was being pragmatic and playing a dual role on the day in hoping to recruit new students for the college.
    • The interesting aspect of this dual soundtrack is that each one presents a noticeably different version of the film.
    • Pavee's attacking sweeper played a dual role as a tough defender and made sleek wing attacks that resulted in major inroads into Big Players' defense.
    • It was these dual aspects of perpetuity which were to assume such importance in America.
    • Inexperienced nurses usually remain in orientation for an average of five months - longer if they are expected to function in a dual role.
    • You combine dual aspects by being ambitious professionally and domesticated in the home and family situations.
    • These critics also recognize the dual aspects of decolonization.
    • But Parkinson, a veteran of three title triumphs during the last two decades, has decided to step down altogether, leaving Lowe to perform a dual role this summer as Darwen prepare to defend their crown.
    • From the beginning his relationship with her has got this dual element to it.
    • Funding dual language immersion programs and transportation programs that shuttle students between school districts can also promote school integration.
    • His current role as executive chairman effectively combines the functions of chief executive and chairman, a dual role which is now frowned upon by institutions.
    • He wants to project that dual role.
    • A word must be said about the office of coroner, which too had something of a dual aspect.
    • Most commonly, acute stabilization of patients with dual disorders refers to the management of physical, psychiatric, or drug toxicity crises.
    • Hopefully, the elimination of the dual mandate will take care of that.
  • 2

    (interest/ownership) compartido
  • 3

    (form/number) dual
    • It has dual number, so nouns and verbs must be learned in singular, dual, and plural.
    • Languages with dual markers have a different plural affix for sets of two than the affix for sets greater than two.
    • Yimas proper distinguishes four numbers in its pronominal paradigm (singular, dual, paucal, and plural) while Yimas Pidgin has only three.