Translation of dual carriageway in Spanish:

dual carriageway

autovía, n.



  • 1

    autovía feminine
    carretera de doble calzada feminine
    carretera de doble carril feminine
    • Meanwhile, the RAC warned that many motorists could be seriously risking their lives by unnecessarily stopping on the hard shoulders of motorways and dual carriageways.
    • Millions of pounds are spent on wider roads, motorways, dual carriageways and assorted other roads.
    • Since 1996 three drivers have been killed using the gap, hit by traffic on the dual carriageway.
    • The road will be a dual carriageway in parts and will include bus lanes and facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.
    • The warden pounced after firemen pushed the car to the side of a busy dual carriageway to allow traffic to flow freely.
    • The folk of 150 years ago would not recognise Swindon today, with its dual carriageways, fume-filled traffic jams and the Magic Roundabout.
    • There was also no speed limit on many dual carriageways and open country roads.
    • Removal of heavy traffic on the dual carriageway will allow Mowlem to complete the new road layouts at Forster Square and Hall Ings.
    • One of the options they hope the study would look at is upgrading the trunk road to dual carriageway all the way from York to Scarborough.
    • They will usually be on an open road, dual carriageway or motorway, and will be marked.
    • Traffic lights operate at the junction, where the main road is a busy dual carriageway.
    • Until it opens, drivers are having to use the York Outer Ring Road flyover to cross the dual carriageway.
    • The new road will be a six-lane dual carriageway with two-lane service roads on either side.
    • Most traffic was in the left hand lane of the dual carriageway.
    • It had been feared it could be 2031 before the road became a dual carriageway.
    • The dual carriageway is reduced to single lane traffic near the Mannington roundabout.
    • Just before 7am police closed the dual carriageway in both directions.
    • On the other side is a new link road taking motorists to a new underpass under the dual carriageway.
    • The bus will also stop at the junction of the Leopardstown Road and the Stillorgan dual carriageway.
    • The first defendant was driving a coach owned by the second defendant westwards in the outer lane of a dual carriageway in Hong Kong.