Translation of duct in Spanish:


conducto, n.

Pronunciation: /dʌkt//dəkt/


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    (for ventilation, wiring, liquid, gas)
    conducto masculine
    • For facilities, that means air intakes, ducts and ventilation points are prime targets.
    • The foot-deep wall also holds a mirrored medicine cabinet and conceals a maze of plumbing, air ducts, and ventilation equipment.
    • With their concrete floors, conspicuous air ducts, and metal bridges, they summon the atmosphere of an old industrial building.
    • Its air conditioning system - window walls with glazed ventilation ducts rising from the floor - was noted as particularly progressive by contemporary architectural magazines.
    • The doctor conceded that during his 16 years of occupancy, the air ducts of the building have not been cleaned.
    • At times there was fuzzy growth on grates of air-conditioning ducts and exhaust tubes from cooktops and laundry dryers.
    • Above their heads, concealed by ceiling panels, was a space of perhaps 50 centimetres containing pipework, ducts and cables.
    • The $5 shelters are inflated and heated by attaching a long tube to the heating ducts or steam vents of buildings.
    • Routing the supply ducts from the machine room over unoccupied bathrooms or storage areas provides another 10-point reduction in radiated noise level in occupied spaces.
    • Contamination of the ventilation ducts by micro-organisms was blamed.
    • Gas had built up and seeped through pipes, drains and cable ducts into the bungalows.
    • Dedicated horizontal and vertical cable ducts, and floor boxes give flexible access to electrical and data services.
    • The fire then spread to the upper floors of the building along the air-conditioning ducts.
    • Inverted fruit bushels shade the light bulbs that hang down from exposed ventilation ducts on the high ceiling.
    • The heating ducts may have held fungal spores propagated by bats living in a chimney.
    • The machine had gone in through the air ducts so it wasn't completely known how to actually get into the hallway, but there wasn't enough time for it to find out.
    • It depicts the seedy underbelly of a large building, complete with wires in the air and on the ground, air ducts, tubes, big metal boxes, and other big things that make a lot of noise.
    • Cable ducts, omitted in the £212 million rebuild, are being inserted next spring to cut broadcasting costs.
    • In fact it's tucked away on the roof, surrounded by air conditioning ducts and vents.
    • The people were infected while walking past the ventilation duct in an alleyway.
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    conducto masculine
    • Colic pain is precipitated by spasm of a dilated cystic duct that is obstructed by gallstones.
    • The stroma consists of fatty tissue and ligaments surrounding the ducts and lobules, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels.
    • Allergies to foods can trigger spasms of the gall bladder duct, so you should visit a practitioner who can diagnose any allergies you may have and adjust your diet accordingly.
    • The biopsy specimen showed a cystic tumor arising from a dilated eccrine duct.
    • As the interlobular and septal ducts are destroyed, ductular proliferation may occur.
    • The portion of pancreas had a dilated pancreatic duct but no discrete masses.
    • The urethra and the ejaculatory ducts penetrate the prostate gland.
    • It is comprised of a network of ducts, called lymph vessels or lymphatics, and carries lymph, a clear, watery fluid that resembles the plasma of blood.
    • He was unable to find any duct from this gland and concluded that none existed.
    • Thin-walled, artery-like vessels lacking corresponding ducts were scattered throughout the tumor.
    • It is filled with nerves, blood vessels and lymph ducts which run through it and connect it to your body, making it part of you.
    • The exposed surface of skin is not smooth but creased by flexion folds around skeletal joints, and it is also pitted by openings of hair follicles and sweat gland ducts.
    • The digestive enzymes enter the small intestine by way of a duct shared with bile coming from the gallbladder.
    • The tumor seemed to originate from the main mammary duct, given its close association with the nipple.
    • These structures include the cystic duct, the common hepatic duct, and the inferior border of the liver.
    • Using this procedure, physicians can view these organs and inject dye into the bile and pancreatic ducts to make them visible by x-ray.
    • This is a transverse view of the epigastrium in a patient with a dilated pancreatic duct.
    • The respiratory bronchioles, alveolar ducts, and alveoli occupy the space between the core and septal structures.
    • Cells were not counted if they were in blood vessels, mucous glands, or mucous gland ducts.
    • Here the soft tissue lining the inner ear narrows to form a vessel, the perilymphatic duct.
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    tubo masculine
    • Insects cut veins in plants with arborescent resin canals or in plants with laticiferous ducts that do not reticulate.
    • To illustrate this point it was found that in stems and petioles of several species of the Umbelliferae, such as celery, the antiserum only labelled a layer of cells that line a system of ducts which ramify throughout the plant body.