Translation of dude ranch in Spanish:

dude ranch

rancho de vacaciones, n.


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    (in US)
    rancho de vacaciones
    • Last year she used that information to reward the hardworking Mayrose with a weekend getaway at a dude ranch that included several rounds of golf.
    • Later the 30-acre property became a dude ranch for movie stars and the sixteen rooms housed such luminaries as John Wayne, Rock Hudson, and Katherine Hepburn.
    • ‘It's not a dude ranch,’ explains Karen Searle as she serves up blueberry cobbler.
    • However you are seeking to spend a vacation, Montana dude ranches can provide it.
    • At a Texas dude ranch, you can enjoy horseback riding, beautiful scenery, home-cooked meals, steaks grilled over an open fire, and live entertainment.
    • After operating the dude ranch for forty-nine years, the Gleasons sold their two-thousand-acre property to the Nature Conservancy in 1979.
    • There are, of course, more modern reasons to spend time at a dude ranch.
    • During her vacations, she cruised along the St. Lawrence Seaway and visited a dude ranch in Wyoming.
    • Owning a dude ranch means never having to say, ‘There's no room to do that.’
    • At a dude ranch, couples can enjoy a romantic getaway, singles can meet new people, and families can bond with nature, and each other.
    • I'd love to spend a week on a dude ranch in America, camping under the stars.
    • The dude ranch, 35 miles northwest of Santa Barbara, offers a full children's program, including horseback riding, a petting zoo and lakeside activities.
    • As far as dude ranches go, this is the best - a huge log lodge situated in the mountains with cabins scattered around a lake.
    • The Mackay Bar, a fly-in dude ranch, was just three miles down the river.
    • Sometimes people show up expecting a fancy dude ranch, and on the first day they wear their clean white britches and tall boots with spurs.
    • Others congregated in dude ranches or rustic lodges, on houseboats, in tents - even in covered wagons.
    • O'Brien died in 1926 and his wife converted the ranch into a dude ranch.
    • There's a dude ranch available for every kind of guest, and accommodations are as primitive, or posh, as the vacationer is looking for.
    • Their food is unbelievable… it's like eating in a really ritzy restaurant, but you're at a dude ranch.
    • Visitors come and pay for access to a particular slice of rural life, be it a park, a dude ranch, or a historic mining camp.