Translation of due in Spanish:


Pronunciation /d(j)u//djuː/


  • 1

    • 1.1(payable)

      the rent is now due hay que pagar el alquiler
      • the payment becomes / falls due on the 5th hay que hacer efectivo el pago el día 5
      • Extortion may particularly go along with insecurity concerning when the next payment is due.
      • Coupon payments are due on January 1 and July 1 each year until maturity on January 1, 2019.
      • Now the choice can be made after the bonus amount is known, provided the agreement has been set up before the payment is due.
      • Please note the balance of payments are now due.
      • Final payments are now due on the parish pilgrimage to Lourdes, taking place from August 13 to August 18.
      • New technology installed in more than 100,000 vehicles offers drivers a friendly reminder when the car payments are due.
      • Please note final payment is due before Thursday, August 15.
      • On the day he left, he discovered Lynne was pregnant with their first child, his mortgage payment was due, and he had just $700 in the bank.
      • Then, a month before his first payment was due, he sold the network back to NBC for $230 million.
      • Closer to your departure date the balance of your payment is due.
      • He glared at the bartender with eyes that could make a heart stop and said ‘You're payment is due.’
      • Lee testified that this meant that payment was due when each of these items was supplied and installed, but I disagree.
      • A reminder to all the ladies travelling to Westport in September that the balance of payment is due on or before the last week in July.
      • The Christmas credit card bills are in and by now payment is due.
      • Yet what happened the day the payment was due was anything but normal.
      • Sudthana said she does not want to pay the yearly fee of 700 baht a card, some of which is due soon.
      • The last payment was due when they arrived at their final destination.
      • Don't forget that club membership fees for the 2004 season are due soon.
      • What prevents the taxi driver from pretending that payment is still due, pointing to the amount displayed by the meter?
      • Unlike Lucent's debt, Revlon's $1.59 billion in debt is due relatively soon.

    • 1.2(owed)

      he is due a pay increase le corresponde un aumento de sueldo
      • due to sb/sth
      • the respect due to one's elders el respeto que se les debe a los mayores
      • the money due to them el dinero que se les adeuda
      • it's all due to you todo gracias a ti
      • it was due to a technical problem se debió a un problema técnico
      • They may be content to register a charge for the tax due on the widow's home and pick up the proceeds after she dies.
      • He has prevaricated over the payment of sums acknowledged to be due, though the sum currently due and payable by way of costs is not alleged to be large.
      • He said he is reviewing legal options to avoid paying the fine, due in 30 days.
      • This will be due tomorrow, I expect your best work.
      • However, a final decision on the plan which was due before Christmas, is now not expected until the end of this month at the earliest.
      • When the company went under, Beggs told the receiver that €3.7 million was due in outstanding debts.
      • Players who have lent money are entitled to add the amounts still due plus unpaid interest.
      • This is the case, even though it was not due and payable until after the assignment.
      • This mortgage was to become due and payable 60 days after the termination of a lease granted to the Mother.
      • Workers cannot secure the liability of wages or holiday pay earned, or, indeed, of redundancy compensation that is due and payable.
      • It also meant that interest on the amount assessed to be due became payable from the date of the judge's judgment.

    • 1.3

      as preposition due to debido a
      • all flights were canceled due to bad weather se cancelaron todos los vuelos debido al mal tiempo
      • she was absent due to illness faltó por enfermedad

    • 1.4(scheduled)

      when is the next train/flight due? ¿cuándo llega el próximo tren/vuelo?
      • the plane/train is due (in) at any moment el avión/tren ya está por llegar
      • when is the baby due? ¿cuándo sale de cuentas?
      • the movie/book is due out in August la película/el libro saldrá en agosto
      • she's due back tomorrow su regreso está previsto para mañana
      • she is due for promotion le corresponde un ascenso
      • the meeting is due to take place at four la reunión está prevista para las cuatro
      • More official tests are due from police labs soon.
      • Then we went back to Aunt Linda's house since Uncle Jack was due home soon.
      • A major collection of new poems, Notes of a Blissful Ghost, translated by Brian Holton, is due soon from the Chinese University of Hong Kong Press.
      • My brother Luca is due home soon, although I must warn you, it's very possible he won't be alone.
      • This was the deciding point, as the bell for end of lunch was soon due.
      • The figures for last year, due soon, are expected to show a further increase.
      • Also next year the European elections are due with both polls expected to go ahead on the same day, June 10.
      • The Earl and Countess of Wessex are also expected today and tomorrow, while the Princess Royal is due at York Racecourse on Thursday and Friday.
      • The broadcaster is due up in court tomorrow on a drink-driving charge.
      • A second novel, Having A Lovely Time, is due out soon.
      • He added this is a particularly dangerous time of year because the sardines have passed by and sharks following the moving food chain are due here soon.
      • Sky Hawks say the next generation of their cases is due out soon and I'll definitely be keeping an interested eye on those.
      • Instinct suggests the downturn is due relatively soon.
      • An announcement of a picket is due soon after.
      • His playing gear was still in our room so I knew he hadn't gone to the court yet, despite him being due there soon.
      • However, it's understood that a second email is due out soon, although there is no indication of what it might say or what new insults it might contain for all those who have dare speak up.
      • Karen's train was due in soon after 2, so I made my way back to the station, having to squeeze through a thick colonnade of cyclists in order to do so.
      • Her second book is due out soon.
      • A special executive meeting of the union, due tomorrow, is now expected to sanction strike action.
      • She had reportedly told her husband Kevin that she was expecting a child, due December 12.

  • 2

    • 2.1(proper)

      (consideration/regard) debido
      without due cause sin causa justificada
      • according to due process of law en conformidad con el debido proceso
      • A Pennine Division officer was found guilty at court of driving without due care and attention, failing to stop and failing to report a road traffic accident.
      • I smoke with due care and consideration for other people.
      • Accidents can be avoided if due care and attention is taken.
      • Anyway, I want to assure the public, that since the prime minister has placed me in this new ministry, the police will be given due care and attention.
      • Mr Brennan said accidents could be avoided if due care and attention was taken and he urged all involved in farm work to do so.
      • I also feel that the clean air standard could have been given due and proper consideration.
      • Our message to dog owners is that they must take due and proper care of their pets and of Manchester's environment.
      • All are rendered with due care and attention to detail.
      • That emotional storyline is hurled about without due care and attention.
      • The magistrates heard that he had failed to provide a specimen and had driven without due care and attention at Canvey Island.
      • This week he admitted driving without due care and attention, and was fined £483 with nine points on his licence.
      • He was jailed for five years for causing death by driving without due care and attention, perverting the course of justice and driving while disqualified.
      • A 16 year old from Kempston has been arrested and charged with death by failure of due care and attention and being under the influence of alcohol.
      • I have to wonder whether my critics have truly read it with due care and attention.
      • He was cleared of driving without due care or attention.
      • If the police think you are cycling without due care and attention, they can already stop you and book you.
      • Any business that treats its customers without due care and consideration is not fulfilling its most important role.
      • If you use a mobile phone and you crash your car (or drive without due care and attention) you are likely to be prosecuted.
      • ‘The important thing is that the submissions from both bidders are given proper and due consideration,’ he told the House.
      • But pressing without due care and attention can give away chances and, as Currie looked certain to score again, the course of the game changed direction alarmingly.

    • 2.2(deserved)

      (reward) merecido
      all due credit to her hay que reconocer su mérito


  • 1

    the fort is due west of the town el fuerte está justo / exactamente al oeste del pueblo
    • we headed due north nos dirigimos derecho hacia el norte
    • Paul, my little ceramic penguin in the study always faces due south.
    • Its destination was Christmas Island, an Australian territorial outpost, about 300 nautical miles due south of Sumatra.
    • If one leaves the town by the South Gate, walks 14 paces due south, then walks due west for 1775 paces, the tree will just come into view.
    • Boy, the end of the desert is another two days due south.
    • UC Davis is next to Sacramento, which was eight hours due south of where we were and just as far from Denver as Eugene.
    • Then the car turns around and travels 40 meters due south in 5.0 seconds.
    • A few more yards due south of that, hard by the western approach to the Limehouse Link, there's a little park, perhaps an ex-churchyard to go with the ex-rectory.
    • The house is set into the hillside and faces due south.


  • 1

    give him his due: he is efficient tienes que reconocer que es eficiente
    • Some say the public gets its due with the program itself.
    • Nor do they wish to pay a penny less than the whole amount of tax due from them to the Government.
    • Rathbone argued that motherhood was socially valuable and thus compensable, entitled to the respect due such an important profession.
    • But he knew that this was something he could not automatically expect as his due.
    • As one might expect with due deference to his age his recollection was not always absolutely accurate on the detail of each joint financial transaction over the last decade.
    • Sledge gives the common soldier his just due in eloquent prose that explores the emotions and trauma associated with a brutal war and its consequences.
    • The poor come into the field and take their due from the owners - by right!
  • 2dues plural

    • 2.1(subscription)

      cuota feminine
      • Taxes, ransoms or customs dues were sometimes paid in spices and in France it was once what litigants paid to the judge.
      • These included the payment of salary arrears, the payment of dues of retired employees and outstanding promotions.
      • It was conceded that membership required no payment of dues nor any other participation in the affairs of the organization.
      • Other expenses that qualify include union dues and tax preparation fees.
      • His failure to keep proper records makes it very difficult for him to disprove the inspector's assessment of tax dues.
      • Clubs can elect to charge members a fee to use the kiosk or they can incorporate the cost into the joining fees and monthly dues.
      • Members also pay monthly dues on top of fees to participate in any activities.
      • For the $40 annual dues, members have access to over $700 of deals and discounts.
      • Others say he is driven by the percentage of dues he can reap from large salary increases.
      • They also collected an extraordinary amount of customary dues from the peasantry.
      • The principal medium for the payment of these dues was the denarius or silver penny.
      • Nor can any be compelled to pay even a dime of dues or fees for political activities with which he or she disagrees.
      • No ship could be unloaded without the permission of a Hong merchant, who was then held responsible for the payment of all tariffs and harbour dues.
      • It is time once again for the payment of dues for the Annual Silver Circle draw.
      • The state would compensate the landlord for his lost dues or services to the tune of four-fifths of the capital value of the allotments he was ceding.
      • If dues or registration fees are paid in advance, the recognition of the revenues is deferred.
      • They paid for the first party and solicited dues from the attendees who wanted to see more of the same.
      • The majority of serfs worked on the land, and after rendering their dues could dispose of any surplus as they wished.
      • It had once been the case that a worker who did not wish to join a union or pay its dues refrained from joining and was not obligated to pay dues.
      • The membership dues are the major factor in keeping NACTA financially viable.

    • 2.2

      port/anchorage dues derechos de puerto masculine