Translation of duel in Spanish:


duelo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈd(j)uəl//ˈdjuːəl/


  • 1

    (with pistols, swords)
    duelo masculine
    to fight a duel batirse en / a duelo
    • to challenge sb to a duel retar a algn a duelo
    • Their betrothal is interrupted by an argument between their fathers and Guido has to defend the family honour in a duel, killing Lotario.
    • As late as 1838, members of the American legislature were engaging in duels to settle disputes.
    • Any civil disputes, in future, will be settled via a duel.
    • Men had to defend their wives' honour in duels and sometimes ended up having to shoot their best friend as a result of a harmless (by today's standards) misunderstanding.
    • He quickly apologized, but the rather impetuous soldier demanded that the matter be settled in a sword duel.
  • 2

    duelo masculine
    contienda feminine
    • Chess' popularity was boosted in the 1980s by championship duels between Gary Kasparov and Anatoly Karpov (both from the former USSR).
    • In 1972 the two had fought out an epic duel for the Open championship at Muirfield.
    • The pairs contest was an exciting duel between China and Canada.
    • Their semi-final duel with Banbridge at Rifle Park was always going to a special day and the Banbridge men made sure that all the stops were pulled out to impress both on and off the pitch.
    • He turns aggressive and a verbal duel follows, shattering any semblance of peace that remains.
    • Falvelon's victory in the Sprint came after a testing duel in the final furlong with American challenger Morluc.
    • Such long-winding queues are not without their liberal dose of verbal duels about who jumped the queue or who ought to pay first making onlookers wonder who is better at it - children or parents.
    • But almost always, awards result in controversies and verbal duels.
    • He likes to take on the bowlers and it is not averse to verbal duels if required.
    • The President won a clear victory in the second encounter - the month-long duel of the political conventions.
    • He entered into a verbal duel with his officer and later opened indiscriminate fire at him.
    • History would always lend its own edge to modern duels between these two clubs.
    • To take the gold, Carter engaged in a head-to-head duel with his countryman, world champion Bevan Docherty.
    • This contest produced a thrilling duel between the Rosewell House winner and Full Cream but Smullen did his work well and increased his lead at the top of the jockeys table.
    • When fighting out an epic duel with Courier in the Australian Open a few years ago Sampras appeared on the verge of collapse from cramp.
    • For Mickelson, the next decade will bring a lot more excitement, majors and, we hope, head-to-head duels with Woods.
    • Crowds flocked to world championship duels on the Wanganui River, in Sydney and on the Zambesi River.
    • In three head-to-head duels with Ben Hogan, including the 1954 Masters playoff, Snead won them all.
    • We entertained ourselves with a talent show, boxing matches and tug-of-war duels.
    • The ruling is incapable of ending the duel between the opposition and the ruling party.

intransitive verbdueled, duelled, dueling, duelling

  • 1

    batirse en duelo
    batirse a duelo Latin America
    to duel with sb batirse en duelo con algn