Translation of duke in Spanish:


duque, n.

Pronunciation /d(j)uk//djuːk/


  • 1

    duque masculine
    the Duke of Argyll el duque de Argyll
    • The duke and duchess met key figures involved in the building and running of the health centre, before being taken on a guided tour of the facilities.
    • Since the titles of dukes and marquises were restricted, earldoms became, in practice, the senior title.
    • In one of the American cities she came across a man who was boasting because occasionally British dukes go to the States to find wives.
    • Pop stars, TV soap actors, footballers and celebrity chefs have taken the places of dukes and earls in our modern social pantheon, for better or worse.
    • They all had expensive appointments and untold luxuries for the knights, lords, dukes and princes who served the king.
    • We're all expected to be there, and all the nobles will be there - lords, ladies, counts, viscounts, dukes, duchesses, barons, baronesses, and marquises; all of them.
    • But despite the commanders, the dukes, marquises knights and princes it is the common cateran who has left his mark.
    • Membership was limited to 600 and included five dukes, five marquesses and 20 earls, and the clientele would bet thousands at the tables.
    • She was also introduced to several lords, dukes and soon to be counts and barons, who were her age.
    • Barons owned land, while dukes and duchesses (usually close relatives of the king) supervised the barons.
    • But while England had nobles, it did not have a nobility; legally, the son of a duke or marquis could be only a commoner.
    • What would you expect from a man whose ancestors were barons and dukes?
    • Besides, the duke and the duchess still had much to discuss with each other.
    • Similarly, the authority of marquesses, dukes, earls, barons, counts, and other nobles had long existed side by side with royal and imperial authority.
    • Even now I hardly care who it is whether it be a baron, a duke, an earl, or a lowly serf.
    • The dukes and earls have been sent packing from the House of Lords.
    • He was suddenly attacked by dukes and duchesses and lords and ladies, all wanting to speak to him.
    • The castles of the rebellious barons were razed and the nobles never challenged the duke's power again.
    • For most of my life I had assumed that some old feudal butchers who we lovingly refer to as earls and dukes had sanctified their bloodlust with the smell of flowers in the hope of perfuming out the stench of corpses.
    • The servants of a duke or marquis had seven rows of curls on their state wigs, six on their house wigs and five on their carriage wigs.
  • 2dukes plural
    dated, slang

    puños masculine
    • I've had my moments in the past - fortunately on very few occasions - where I've had to raise the old dukes as a means of self-defence; but I've always used force purely as a deterrent.
    • There are things for which you have to put up your dukes and fight.
    • Then he began to push me about, so I said I would not go at all if he put his dukes on me.
    • She said a custodian at their building noted that when Affinity first moved into its current home in 1998, the women had one of two demeanors: They were visibly frightened or had their dukes up to fight.