Translation of dumb in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dʌm//dəm/


  • 1

    • 1.1(temporarily silent)

      to remain dumb permanecer en silencio / callado
      • to be struck dumb quedarse mudo / sin habla

    • 1.2dated offensive (unable to speak)

      she's deaf and dumb es sordomuda

  • 2US informal

    bobo informal
    how dumb can you get?! ¿cómo puedes ser tan tonto?
    • that was a dumb thing to do/say ¡qué tontería haber hecho/dicho eso!
    • I can't get the dumb thing to work no logro hacer que funcione esta porquería
    • to act dumb hacerse el bobo
    • she played the dumb blonde hacía el papel de la típica rubia tonta
    • If they calmly endure his dumb questions and stubborn incomprehension they may end up looking silly, and if they show their irritation they risk coming across as jerks.
    • It's too late to ask dumb philosophical questions.
    • Right away, Andrew knew what a dumb question he was asking.
    • The best answer to those two questions is: those are two really dumb questions; enough hot air has been expended in their name already.
    • Do they consider people they have outsmarted or manipulated as dumb or stupid?
    • She knew she was being dumb and stupid, acting like a little girl.
    • Throughout the years, I've had personal contact with some folks that were heavy dope smokers and I always thought they were just extra dumb or extra stupid.
    • I'll never do it again, because it was stupid and irresponsible and dumb, and I could have seriously gotten hurt or something.
    • It was what had pushed him over the edge, and he was missing now because of her dumb, stupid, irrational comment.
    • And I suppose it's a bit of a dumb question, but why are fewer companies offering this?
    • I asked him the usual dumb question about how he took criticism and reviews, and he gave an interesting answer.
    • He wasn't their guardian by any means, but he wasn't about to let two stupid kids make a dumb decision.
    • I couldn't tell if he was being stupid, dumb, or idiotic.
    • Those briefings you will remember was where we had dozens and dozens and dozens of new reporters come into the Pentagon who were asking frankly dumb questions.
    • They taunt me the most though, they call me stupid and dumb because for my own reasons I pretend not to know the Latin language.
    • I hope next time they call, I will be in, so I can ask them really dumb questions and see how stupid I can get away with sounding.
    • ‘You're so slow and stupid and dumb,’ she grumbled, opening it and taking out a pencil.
    • It was a bit of a dumb question, but she needed to ask it.
    • Don't you get one day of declaring your candidacy for the White House before you have to answer a dumb, horse-race question like that?
    • For some strange, dumb, stupid, pathetic reason, I started laughing.