Translation of dune buggy in Spanish:

dune buggy

buggy, n.



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    (vehículo de neumáticos anchos para transitar por la arena) buggy masculine
    • One of the best levels in the game has a timid scientist driving a dune buggy while you man the rear-mounted machine gun.
    • Lots of plagues, a famine or two, and a giant seven-headed dragon that's not really a dragon but a metaphor for another metaphor for something that may or may not be a mountain or a snake or a dune buggy.
    • The soldier pulls Robert from the scene and puts him in the dune buggy.
    • There are dune buggies and motor bikes for careering over the dunes, a mock Mongolian yurt, and camels and Mongolian horses.
    • We have cars, trucks, dune buggies, motorcycles, rigs and tanks.
    • While it is high-tech in Santa Monica, with helicopters, speed boats, four-wheel drives, and dune buggies, one of the Burntisland lifeguards has brought his mountain bike into work.
    • Instead, it was swarming with motorcycles and dune buggies, punching it over ridges, plunging full-bore down the backside of the dunes.
    • In the US it is staggering how many people ride around in dune buggies, which is fun but is a significant cause of dust storms and pollution.
    • I headed for the attic where I found a dune buggy.
    • Sitting there is a dune buggy and several different weapons.
    • We have also seen many men who are out on their dune buggies, going up and down through the highways trying to see if they spot anything there.
    • We would welcome restrictions on activities in the dunes and see quads and dune buggies doing most of the damage, while some campers are guilty of leaving a mess at times or driving on the grasses to park up or to erect tents.
    • Suddenly a bunch of dune buggies and jeeps come out of nowhere.
    • So he was greeted by dune buggies, which then took him across a lunar landscape for five hours to a collection of yurts, or Mongolian tents.
    • The dune buggy, designed and sprayed to resemble a racing car, is capable of doing speeds of 100 miles per hour, although it will be used for display.
    • How pray tell have we humans managed to put a plethora of dune buggies on Mars but are apparently unable to come up with an effective stratagem for killing roaches?
    • There were no surprises whatsoever and whatever plot there was happened in the background while I was busy fighting crabs in a mineshaft or trying to flip a dune buggy over with a gravity gun.
    • Astronauts would roam the surface in hi-tech dune buggies to search for answers to scientific riddles that continue to baffle researchers.
    • When he attempted to build a dune buggy from an old car, he taught Alan to wield an arc welder to help him do the job.
    • Regardless of whether those folks cross the desert in four-wheel-drive trucks, dune buggies, or hiking boots, they typically don't tread lightly enough to leave desert pavement intact.