Translation of dungarees in Spanish:


overol, n.

Pronunciation /dʌŋɡəˈriːz//ˌdəŋɡəˈriz/

plural noun

  • 1

    (workman's) overol masculine
    (workman's) mono masculine Spain
    (fashion) pantalón de peto masculine
    (fashion) peto masculine Spain
    (fashion) mameluco masculine Southern Cone
    • It has been less than 10 years since the image of organic living involved little more than a Camper, roll ups, dungarees and a diet of endless brown food.
    • Young couples hold hands next to gap-toothed men in dungarees.
    • There was one floor of all matching camping gear so dolly and you could hit the hay in cloned sleep sacks and pyjamas, and then get up, all cosy and co-ordinated, in farmyardy dungarees and cute knobbly lumberjack shirts.
    • I can still see John walking home wearing his dungarees and his lunchbag strapped across his shoulder.
    • There's a funny one she took in Scotland where I'm about one year old, and I've put on one of her bras over my red dungarees, and I'm cold and crying.
    • With his dungarees, red neckerchief, beard and constantly oily hands, I couldn't help seeing him as a displaced U-boat skipper - or perhaps my imagination was working overtime.
    • Say the word ‘hemp’ and most people think of hippies dressed in dungarees.
    • This is a traditional and fun race meeting and we shouldn't feel guilt ridden by social conscience and all wear dungarees and cloth caps.
    • There's an old guy in the queue wearing dungarees, and headphones with a huge long aerial sticking out of his NY Giants baseball cap.
    • This led to new modes of dressing: young women in particular adopted breeches for agricultural labour and loose cotton trousers, boilersuits and dungarees for work in factories and the mines.
    • Three or four years ago the complaint was that the only maternity clothes in existence were dungarees and black trousers.
    • Dozens of airmen have been to see her since last Tuesday to get their name tags and ranks sewn onto their flying suits, dungarees and combat fatigues - a sure sign they are preparing for action.
    • As we got out of the van we half-expected to see some old boy in dungarees with skin like a sun dried prune, sat in a rocking chair playing blues harmonica.
    • It's a pity the photo doesn't capture the tighty-whities visible through the open sides of the dungarees - those really drew the whole costume together.
    • Oversized dungarees and long-sleeved shirts were the most practical items to put on in the morning, especially since the majority of girls, unused to farm tools, preferred to do their jobs by hand.
    • Transparent red, orange, yellow, green and blue chiffon wafted around the flower-decked marquee for the day as well, tucked under denim dungarees or over a black bra as a shirt.
    • He was found by divers on the gutting deck of the vessel wearing orange waterproof dungarees and a gold necklace.
    • The 35 students donned dungarees and bought the paint from student funds to brighten up Medlock Primay in Ardwick, Withington's Moativate Community Centre and Burnage Community Centre.
    • She would pick him up by the straps of her dungarees and sniff his breath.
    • So when you people wear dungarees and no shirts, don't the metal clips get hot against the skin?
  • 2US

    vaqueros masculine
    jeans masculine
    • I think I may have worn a pair of the double-knee dungarees for six or seven hundred days straight.
    • The sun was hot and his jaw clenched; one round finished a bandit, who collapsed; the other six-gun flashed and the shot missed the attacker, who steadied his dungarees and moved his stocky frame up the ladder.
    • On this school day, Matt was wearing dungarees and a cute baseball cap, the hat perfectly shading his blue eyes.
    • The other spots are set on a city street and in a suburban neighborhood, and showcase two young men, one wearing carpenter pants and the other in loose-fitting, five-pocket dungarees.
    • Slowly, shivering and frozen from head to toe, he slipped his top and dungarees back on - he couldn't find his water bottle.
    • He went to the bedroom to grab a quick shower and then dressed in a pair of dungarees and an old sweatshirt.
    • He was in dungarees and loafers and wore a gray sweatshirt with the sleeves pushed up that had NAVY emblazoned across the front.
    • All he needed were his beloved pair of dungarees - the only skinny pair he'd kept, secretly - and a couple of sweatshirts.
    • The business grew and they got into men's ready-to-wear and, in the 1960s, added such stylish items as dungarees during the denim revolution.
    • In a trompe l'oeil manner, the artist mixes painted renderings of the seated and standing figures with such affixed elements as a pair of suspenders, dungarees, a plastic bouquet and fabricated wood heads and arms.
    • I rebelled slightly against the styles of the day, wearing my thick golden blond hair falling loosely down my back and whenever I was able, donning black slacks and dungarees as my favorite attire.
    • A baby's bib and miniature dungarees lower down.