Translation of dunghill in Spanish:


estercolero, n.


Pronunciation /ˈdəŋˌhɪl//ˈdʌŋhɪl/


  • 1

    estercolero masculine
    • Instead of counting dunghills, researchers have set up an array of microphones that record calls for three months at a time, yielding rich data about the animals' movements and communication.
    • Police have whittled down a long list of suspects to just a handful in the hunt for the killer of a schoolgirl whose beaten body was found on a dungheap exactly 40 years ago today.
    • Beyond this court the second passage led to a second square court, occupied in the same way by its dunghill; and from this court there was yet a third passage leading to a third court, and third dungheap.
    • If we neatly dispose of our bodily waste products, we more easily forget that we are made of stuffs that end up on the dungheap.
    • The yard was deserted except for an adolescent boy, apparently an imbecile, sunning himself on a dungheap and greeting imaginary travelers with sitting bows and words of welcome.
    • Humans have always lived in a variety of types of site, from dungheaps to palaces, and it is an important aspect of archaeology to determine what kind of settlement people occupied.
    • His body was later thrown on a dungheap, while the remains of the Inquisitor were given a ceremonial burial at the local church.
    • The clothing and bedding of plague victims are particularly dangerous, as are wooden buildings, earthen floors, rubbish heaps, and dunghills.
    • He loved crowds, and smoke and glare, and soot and dust and dunghills.
    • In 1648 his remains were disinterred and buried under a dunghill, but after the Restoration they were restored to their original resting place.