Translation of duration in Spanish:


duración, n.

Pronunciation /djʊˈreɪʃ(ə)n//d(j)ʊrˈeɪʃ(ə)n/


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    duración feminine
    these rooms will be locked for the duration of the conference estas habitaciones se mantendrán cerradas mientras dure la conferencia
    • The only time in the duration of the interview when she stopped smiling was when she almost burst into tears.
    • While lengths and durations change, there is a particular mathematical combination of them that does not.
    • The signals will automatically respond to the jams and allocate the required time durations for clearing such traffic jams.
    • A club is for life, not just for a season, nor a spell of success, nor the duration of a new fashionable strip.
    • Treatment durations and number of replications were the same as in the leaf shading experiment.
    • The decision to decrease the duration of water supply by two hours in a day is a double whammy.
    • There were no significant differences in ages and durations among groups.
    • The session may be defined in a number of ways, possibly in terms of a time duration or a number of uses.
    • To obtain the total of the eight reign durations, the scribe would have used the tallying method.
    • Therefore, remaining interactions would be expected to be normal in terms of magnitudes and durations.
    • Call-centre workers often have strict targets on call durations, number of calls answered, etc.
    • The duration of incubation depended on the tissues under study and the stage of plant development.
    • The intervals and durations of rhythm communicate timing, he adds, which influences firing patterns in the brain.
    • But there are countless solar systems, each has its own day with different durations between planets and solar systems.
    • The time frame for our study was 4.7 years, the mean duration of patient follow up.
    • Everyday, they are bothered about six times for durations of 30 to 45 minutes.
    • And several states that impose term limits allow much longer durations.
    • Training programmes would be of different durations and selection would depend on the current skill level of the student.
    • Flight durations were within minutes of each other, by the way, and the food is probably equally bad on all the flights.
    • The duration of the growth response was evaluated on elongation rate graphs.