Translation of dust cover in Spanish:

dust cover

funda, n.


  • 1

    (for furniture)
    (para proteger del polvo) funda feminine
    • If you can find a copy with a dust cover, all the better as these are particularly rare.
    • The dust cover was missing, and there was nothing written on the spine.
    • Still, the hoaxiness of the dust cover is weirdly appropriate, since the core of the book is a long critical essay about a ‘legendary’ cult documentary that was never actually made.
    • Even though the book didn't have a dust cover, the opening bid was a ridiculously low £10.
    • There are also some funny moments when he describes people carrying his book around in another's dust cover.
    • I usually don't like the dust cover because it always gets in a way when I read a book so I just take it off every time.
    • Between the dust covers of our favorite volumes are well-thumbed verses, quotations and simple lines that bring us peace and, sometimes, the needed release of tears.
    • It's a large volume, and heavy, so I shall wrap it carefully in stout Manila paper to keep the cloth binding and its dust cover in good order.
    • I bought a dust cover and put this edition in it, as I plan to keep this magazine for the rest of my life.
    • When I had finished the book to the end, including the Acknowledgments and the inner back dust cover listing his other publications, I felt embarrassed at having found the story so hard to persist with.
    • Removing the dust covers can often make the books look more appealing.
    • If you're more of a casual fan see if your library has it, at least so that you can revel in the glowing dust cover, which underneath (by the way) does indeed have the words ‘Don't Panic’ in big friendly letters.
    • As of October 9, 2004, to my knowledge, besides the six blurbs written by respectable scientists and mathematicians and placed on the dust cover of my book, there are 50 other reviews of my book available.
    • His name doesn't ring a bell, so I show her his picture from the dust cover of a book.
    • To quote from the dust cover: ‘Is the barrier between one time and another merely a constraint of perception originating in the human mind?’
    • Her book recommendations are still slapped on dust covers.
    • He noted that the variety of dust covers is a method of forward marketing.
    • Hello, I am trying to find information about the artist who did the dust cover for this book.
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    (hard cover) tapa feminine
    (flexible cover) funda feminine
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    (dust jacket)
    sobrecubierta feminine