Translation of dwell in Spanish:


morar, v.

Pronunciation /dwɛl//dwɛl/

intransitive verbdwelt, dwelled


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    morar literary
    • The light made her squint and cower back, like some animal that had dwelled in caves for all time.
    • The guilt that dwelt so deep within him had surfaced again.
    • She pleased the many tourists that flocked to see the gypsy caravan that dwelt in the forest.
    • Avarii never dwelt in these lands, and our relationship with them, on their infrequent visits, was always friendly.
    • An astonishing diversity of life dwells in the crystal-clear pools that format low tide along America's Pacific coast.
    • The belief behind this dated back to when they dwelt in Faerie.
    • The screen then goes blank, and through an animated fog we arrive at the gates of the SWV Graveyard, a place where evil dwells.
    • David, do you, by any chance, know where that warlord dwells?
    • The fish dwells deep in the ocean and travels long distances to spawn above seamounts in the Southern Hemisphere.
    • The clearing had not emptied as usual, but instead grew more crowded, as news of a visitor spread to those that dwelt nearby.
    • I was sure that the Graymen had not built it, and was haunted by the thought that at one time, normal people had dwelt here peacefully.
    • This was where the people I truly considered my kin dwelt.
    • There they dwelt for weeks, constantly spying on the Dark Lord's army.
    • Herdsmen dwell in large tents made of canvas or woven yak wool.
    • Shyness, performance anxiety seemed never to have dwelled in him.
    • They believed that he dwelt far beneath the earth, forever sustaining the lush growth that surrounded his followers.
    • She dwelt with her brothers at a place now called Ballycolane - then Ballykilbawn.
    • She and her grandson dwelt in the attic of the building, which had been converted into a fairly modern little apartment for them.
    • In some texts, they say he dwells in a cave far from the reaches of the curious and greedy.
    • All manner of sea life dwells in this remarkable sanctuary, but the most exciting and abundant are the resident grey nurse sharks.